Monday, January 30, 2012


-----i knew if i put up this pic of one eye willie, you would think it was a bail. so i filmed it too. old guy doin a old trick. no really click the pic. that back foot is crazy!

********on a side note horseshoes and handgrenades willl resume on fri or sat. cuz i know some people prefer vimeo to you tube. i want it to go up at the same time. we blew out all the vimeo mega bytes on powners channel for the week. so you gotta wait just a little bit longer. sorry. maybe it will get done on friday if i don't drink too many 40's.

-----check the back foot.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


-----after some technical difficulties. powner gave me the mini dv tape. the only drawback is some of the quality is lost, but those are the breaks. also it seems that there is a upload limit to vimeo. we cant put up anymore videos to powners channel till next sat. so i may be switching to my channel for the week then back to powners. until its all loaded. but eventually have it all on powners channel after it is all said and done.the next three parts that are up are orion mussleman, josh powner, and erik sweet. grab a tall can and meet me back here. cuz the year 2000 can be put on pause.

-----orion mussleman aka oru'. you have seen this dude many times on the chronnies. still killing it as one of the founding members of the dirty 30's crew. i still think this should have been the opener but what do i know. apples and oranges right? anyways oru' will break out the fresh freestyle rhymes in the back of the van on long trips and probably drive you to a rap battle. but that is why we love this guy. oru' flowin thru.

-----orion mussleman.

-----josh powner aka uncle josh. this guy was one of the first dudes i met when i moved to rosa. not too ashamed to admit he as well pushed mongo. i seen this dude do a nollie heelflip outta one of those bowls. i dont need to tell you were powner is now. just go pick up a board at brotherhood boardshop ang ask him "when you gunna land that sal flip outta maiden" he will now what you are talkin about. powner could manual the shit outta the park. so sit back and watch the madness.

-----josh powner.

-----erik sweet is one in a million. this guy did the longest grinds and slides. a fun dude to kick it with. skating with this guy was like a bigfoot sighting. you knew if you saw him skate it was gunna be cool. now you can find him on the golf links and if you see him skate, its just like a stated before.

----erik sweet.

Friday, January 27, 2012


i just got off work and man o man is it nice outside. i mean why drink a forty inside when the weather is so good outside. i know some of you may not have the same weather as us here in santa rosa. so, if it is too cold, grab a forty and pretend. my buddy ron getting sunbaked. oh yeah, on a side note. we have had a bit of trouble witht he horseshoe and handgrenades uploads. so started tomorrow the video posts shall resume. thanks everyone and happy 40 oz fri!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


-----the next part up is.... the one, the only. adam bulger aka the bulge. one of the younger guys on the squad. he was he the master of the duck fart and the only guy to beat me and big poppa, back to back at arm wrestling in taco bell. (did i mention he was still in high school.) i miss kickin it with this guy.i am sure the others do too. nowadays you can find him behind the lens shooting photos of famous people down south. hopefully one day he will bless us with more than a 24 hour visit.

-----adam bulger

-----99 percent of skate vids has a homie part. without your buddies skateboarding would not be as fun. right? you should be able to recognize a bunch of these guys from previous chronnie posts. big poppa is up in here gettin all tech. killa hoe, the pizza chief and zappy just to name a few. also some of the seattle heads pop up in here as well.

-----the homies part one

Monday, January 23, 2012


-----well, lets start this. i really don't know how i got the opener. i still think musselman or fulton should of had it. i remember feeling really awkward when this was on the screen. i mean the first part sets the tone for the rest of the video. i still remember saying to brian " i hope i don't have the first part." he just kinda looked away. still to this day i don't even know how i got on the team in the first place. i just skated with these guys all the time. then bam i am making a video part. as i look back 12 years into the past, i just think of all the good time we had. so as powner keeps uploading them. i will chuck them up here for everyone to see. feel free to heckle the ex-mongo pusher from ukiah.

-----you can take the boy outta ukiah, but you cant take ukiah outta the boy.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


-----everyone keeps askin when this video is gunna be put up on the web. i mean shit, it came out in the year 2000. i guess after 12 years, it is time. as each part goes up i will add some commentary. skateboarding has changed alot since then as well. even though it has, we are still friends and try to skate as much as we can. you may recognize many of these dudes from the chronnies. only a little older. this was also around the time when the santa rosa skatepark was poppin' off. skateboarders from all over the world came to hit this place up. it had its own scene. you never knew what team or pro was gunna roll thru. i really don't know what to add here. this video was filmed and edited by powner, the hendo brothers. i also wanna thank powner for getting this up since my computer wasn't up to the task. enjoy!


Friday, January 20, 2012


-----its official. the rain is finally here. it seems, that forty ounce fridays had a good run this winter with lots of sun. so what else to do? but, to go indoors. oh well i guess we need rain, in order to survive? right. too bad it doesn't rain beer. where the hell am i going with this? i don't know. the rain oh yeah. our buddy stu sent me this. it seems that things are lookin up for 40 ounce fridays this winter. hopefully i will get to shred that that thing soon. crack that cap everyone and enjoy!

****p.s. i fixed the settings on the pics. so you can click directly on them now, so they enlarge without that wierd shadow box.

-----quick. get outta the rain.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


-----my buddy drew sent me this link. its about a minute and a half long. so rad. don't get me wrong i love all styles of skateboarding. but for some reason i still associate skateboarding with being a hesher.

-----wish my high school had a skatepark out back

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


-----one of my buddies put a vhs to dvd from 1991. i wanted to use this decoding program and i figured i would try it out on this. so this is in my hometown of ukiah. it was on the cusp when street skating took over. right before the whole big pants little wheels days. i know alot of people that wont admit that they pushed mongo. i personally have no problem. i got my first board in 1986 i think. so that is how i learned. go ahead and laugh, i know i did.... needless to say i can see a little bit of what would become my skate style in this. cuz in a few years, all my friends start bands or move to santa cruz, and i decide to make the move to santa rosa. so after that most of you know the rest of the story.......or just wait till i get a hi-8 player and find out.

----straight outta u.k. town

Saturday, January 14, 2012


-----what is it about skateboarders and motorcycles? it seems like it is just another extension of freedom for us. i mean if you look at it like this. we like to hunt for spots to ride on our boards. and if you are on a bike you are looking for the that sweet ass cruz just to open up your bike on. know what i mean? i mean you go to a skate shop get the products that you would think that would make the sickest board to ride. the same goes for building a motorcycle. just take a look at the loach. he shreds on a skateboard. but he also has a passion for motorcycles. i once heard some one say, "skateboarding is more than just skateboarding." makes sense right. anyways check a couple of pics i shot with my point and shoot that is on it's last leg. oh shit, i wanna give a shout out to powner cuz the pic above of the loach he took. later skater.


-----grab some parts and put on some jams.

-----get busy

-----getting closer.

-----daily driver.

-----what are you awaiting for?

Friday, January 13, 2012


-----not only is it forty ounce friday. it is forty ounce friday the 13th. i couldn't think of a more proper dude to hail it than, mr. jason voorhees. all though i must say i am a fan of slasher films. none of them shall beat my favorite slasher. happy forty ounce friday everyone!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

80'S MIX

-----so the idea of filming a modern day 80's video came up. all 80's gear. riding 80's boards and doing only 80's tricks. so we kinda got the ball rolling just farting around. so the crew was hendo, stu, big poppa, gabe, and me. big poppa and gabe didn't get geared up, but that didn't stop them from getting down. anyways, it was a nice start doin some shit in a ditch......and for the record, i must say i don't still get how the hell we rode those things. go out and pick one up and see what i mean.


-----hendo in sweats and airwalks doin the ol' judo stall.

-----billy gabe sergio zavalla rockin the jason jesse "guadalupe" board with a feeb stall

-----i couldn't let this cool pic big poppa took go unused. chalker. boneless.

-----big poppa witha sylee carve

-----stu is mid boneless over the channel.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


-----so i hopped in the van with some dudes and headed out o the bolinas skatepark. where is bolinas you say? out in the middle of nowhere. and let me tell you the local inhabitants like it that way. so the crew consisted of ian, forrest blair, big poppa, bobby, trevor and myself. then later on a suburban shows up with one eye willie and johnny. i didnt any footage of them cuz by that time it was beer thirty. so check the vid. the place is cool as shit. no cops, no pads and no worries. just watch out for the local hippies. cuz you cant get that smell out of your clothes. no matter how many washes.

-----showed up and some guy was riding and o.g. santa cruz slasher. suck it ebay junkees. this dude is still killing it on a set up worth more than most peoples cars.

-----blair and skylar. surf style vs. skate style

-----eve's will always be with us.

-----bolinas park.

Friday, January 6, 2012


-----do you need a reason to be excited? what about forty ounce friday? as you can see paula is super stoked. grab a 40 and crack the cap off the first one of 2012.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


-----i miss the tangable slap mag. know what i mean? the one you could take to the spot and show all your friends what was going on. don't get me wrong i aint hatin' on the internet. i just miss looking at that mag in my hands. i mean, it wasn't just all in your face like thrasher. it was more of a lifestyle vibe. so before i take a trip down memory lane. i was over at my buddy tim's house. who used to do stuff for slap back in the day, had some issues in a box. these were still newspaper style. so sick! look at the covers and see if you recognize any of them. when i opened them i havent heard many of the names in years. which sparked another idea just wait. so raise a tall for a good mag that was ahead of its time!

-----click on the side of the pic so you can enlarge to your styles.