Friday, March 30, 2012


-----don't you hate it when you go to a party and its a total sausage fest? you walk in the room to a bunch of dudes sword fighting. well fuck? whats a guy to do? i suggest pack it in. grab some 40's and kick it with your buddies. just like blair, bill and skylar. just be careful and dont cross the streams.

Monday, March 26, 2012


-----so forrest aka hector wanted to go check out a bus over in the sacramento area. he decided to make a day of it and grab some dudes to go skate. since my lady was outta town for 3 days with the kids, i had the green light so skate all day and party all night..... needless to say this crew unded up as forrest, tony canaveri, stu, brown steve, casey, taco bill and myself. we hit up the street plaza over by mathers field. then it started to rain. stu knew where there was some ramps under this big hangar. sorry i didn't get no footage of it. but needless to say that TC handled buisness after killing one board at the first spot. so next time i will get something on tape. we all skated up a storm. got sweaty and celebrated like mad men.....see you guys on the road for the next one.

-----load em up

-----we didn't get the memo.

-----TC and bill checkin the lines.

-----get in the van

-----on the way to the next spot, we spotted some weirdness on the street.

-----is that a skatepark?


-----who wants to go bowling?

-----had to fuel up before the ride home.

-----pabst plus jamison. i guess we're making P.B.&J'S

-----tortillas and turkey. sounds like dinner

-----i guess we are stopping by the gun show before we get home.

-----van life.

-----since it was st. pattys and we skated all day, we had to stop at the 440 to celebrate.

-----st. pattys fun.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


-----so i hooked up with the ruska last sunday after st. patty's day. needless to say we both were pretty wrecked. we both wanted to skate. so we decided to take it one step at a time, get sweaty and work it out........before i forget, i also got some st. pattys van life skate footy i will hope to have up by monday.

-----start witha couple of little tricks to get back in action.

Friday, March 23, 2012


-----every had one of those weeks, where you were just waiting for it to be quitting time on friday? just iching to punch out! cuz you know what that means. two whole days of freedom, without punching a time clock. justin didn't even want to take off his work clothes. PBR ME ASAP! oh yeah TGIFOF!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


-----lets face it. the web is freaking bigger than we could ever imagine. i was looking for one thing when i came across this. mad max and motorhead mash up. just grab a cold one and enjoy.

-----this works so good. kinda like peanut butter and jelly.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


-----so yet another van live mission went down. lots of cool shit went down too. this one had quite a variety of members. lohne-star, baby boots, stu, TC, nacho, tone' loc, austin spunk, oru, casey, drew and myself. i believe some of this will end up in the upcoming brotherhood video. so i just took pics. i didn't wanna ruin the good stuff. so enjoy some pics from around marin.

-----T.C. frontside five-o to yank out.

-----after all that he decided to go five-o to fakes.

-----austin. footplant to fakie.

-----nacho. wall ride.

-----stu. cess slide.

-----lohne star. all up in it.

-----casey. 50-50

-----break room.

-----austin. butt slide. so we rolled up on this hubba. one push was all you got. so i tried to do the ol layback front board but i couldn't get my carcass up on it. so austin took my idea and ran. oh yeah he kickflipped into this as well. and if you got this far, lohne star nose slid it. that's right on that ron allen board. i know i suck cuz i missed the photo. so you gotta watch out for it in the next vid.

-----nacho. 50-50 across. this ledge had skate stoppers on the sidewalk side. but was free and clear on the big ass dirt gap side. so i guess it was poor planning on their part. cuz skaters love a challenge.

-----tone' tries to go the distance

-----casey, switch hardflip.

-----tone loc'. kickflip. after this he proceeded to back 180 flip and frontside flip this thing.

-----lohne star three flipped it, bolts then board bummer on the big spin. h-street just needs to sponsor this dude already.

-----stopped in to see the crew over at triumph skate shop before we set sail.

-----spotted this gem as we rolled out.

-----van life.

Friday, March 16, 2012


-----ahhh amore'......what could be better than sharing a forty with the one you love. eddie and brittany showing us how to properly dink with your better half. cue cheesy song here.

-----play this as you look at the picture.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


----i am really shocked no one has spotted this one yet. my lady was watching reese witherspoon in legally as i peeked up i saw her and a co-star drinking some pbr's. so i gotta screen grab up on that shit! anyways now you can share the joy of seeing something before the rest of the web world takes off with it. oh yeah, if you want too see her in a real gem just check out this one.

Monday, March 12, 2012


-----i had some clips hangin' out on my hard drive. so i figured i would put em' out so you can enjoy. check it! just some homies having a good time.

-----fun times ahead.

Friday, March 9, 2012


-----its my buddy stu's birthday. not only that but his twenty first. toss in a forty ounce friday and a little q.p. action and it sounds like the start to a good one. happy birthday stu. and a happy forty ounce friday to all of you!

-----birthday boneless

Thursday, March 8, 2012


-----so i wanted to hit ukiah the other day. it was gunna be me and a couple of other dudes. the next thing you know we got a van full of guys and you know what that means.....yep van life. so we stopped at the healdsburg skatepark. then a little stair spot in cloverdale. then closed it out in ukiah. i only took a couple of pics. i was jonsing to skate.

-----austin funk aka spunk. ollie out to 50/50

-----3.2.1. impact

-----front board.

-----lohne star, flip


-----arsty moment of forrest's hair with tone' in the background.

-----tone' loc backside flipped this thing, then got bucked off. i am pretty sure he going back and putting it on video for you all to see how buttery it looks.

-----stu, going for it

-----safety meeting.

-----forrest aka hector back tail skids past the crew.