Monday, January 23, 2012


-----well, lets start this. i really don't know how i got the opener. i still think musselman or fulton should of had it. i remember feeling really awkward when this was on the screen. i mean the first part sets the tone for the rest of the video. i still remember saying to brian " i hope i don't have the first part." he just kinda looked away. still to this day i don't even know how i got on the team in the first place. i just skated with these guys all the time. then bam i am making a video part. as i look back 12 years into the past, i just think of all the good time we had. so as powner keeps uploading them. i will chuck them up here for everyone to see. feel free to heckle the ex-mongo pusher from ukiah.

-----you can take the boy outta ukiah, but you cant take ukiah outta the boy.

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