Friday, July 25, 2014


-----its almost to hot to skate on 40 oz friday. i said, "almost." which brings me to the pic above of josh powner. he claims he doesn't like beer. but, when the outside temp is too hot he will swoop your cold beer and chug the shit outta it. i have witnessed it numerous times. any who's grab a 40. go skate and blah ba de blah blah!

-----powner, hot steppin' back in the day.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


-----with todays technology, the dirty 30's have been filmed with that new camera shit. no tapes, just memory cards. its almost been a year and this just popped up. so sit back and enjoy. and if you need to revisit last years trip, click here. or to visit any of the older ones click the pics on the left hand side.

-----lost van wolf clips.

Friday, July 18, 2014


-----so another 40 ounce friday is upon us. with that in mind the HQ got a little addition in order to make things that much more fun. beers, boards and bro's. crack a cap and do some grinds.

----video 40

Sunday, July 13, 2014


-----so last weekend, i met up with nards and we skated over to jakkerz wooden ditch. then one by one some dudes showed up. we skated a school yard, took the extension off the ramp and made a wall ride. even got some little street gaps in. nothing like a fun day of skateboarding with the homies. no frills all thrills.





-----mike doing his best dan drehobl impression

-----jakkerz insta feed.


Monday, July 7, 2014


-----the santa rosa skatepark hit the 20 year mark a couple of weeks ago. hard to believe all the shredding that that place has endured over the years. sorry i only took a couple of pics. i got some video shit too, but i am saving it for a idea i have. so, go hit the park and make some memories.

-----spot check.

-----steven. nose blunt slider.

-----moe. getting lippy.

-----uriah. back tail slider.

-----brown steve. doing brown steve stuff.

-----ginger boots. cruzer front blunt.

-----nards. front 3. chronnie shitty sequence


-----pierre. blurry ass method.


-----the rosa park tradition handed down to the next generation.

Friday, July 4, 2014


-----i know i have been lagging on some styles. i have been super busy at work. i have had this pic of cromer and robbie for a few. i was holding on to it just for today. i knew 40 ounce friday fell on the 4th. i thought you can't get more american than this pic right here. so grab a beer and raise the flag! its 40 ounce friday fourth of july.

Saturday, June 21, 2014


-----i almost forgot that i had some monte rio clips. so yeah. watch it. grab yer homies and do the same.

-----stu. skatepark skidder.

-----nards. smith.

-----video effort.

Friday, June 20, 2014


-----i have been pretty busy lately. it seems that i have skipping a few 40 oz friday posts. sometimes its easier to post a insta pic. but, the drawback is you dont get any crummy links. so back to this post. i get super hyped when dudes send me pics. i hope more of you do. so this is our resident scumbag, ian. he sent this pic all the way from brooklyn. fucks yea! stoked.

Sunday, June 15, 2014


-----well it seems like it has been two years in order to complete this task. but, the hour is upon us. the new QP is finally done. sometimes when your a working class skater, married with kids, things seem to take a little longer to get done. i put up some pics of its metamorphosis into its cocoon. so this means in 28 days its sheds and turns into a beautiful barney quarter pipe........before i forget thanks to everyone that lent a hand. this would not have happened without you.

-----og hq ramp.

----------crv. cinderblock routing vehicle.

-----ready for the party.

-----fuck it, i drive a bucket.


-----side view.

-----done deal.

-----see you in 28 days.

Saturday, June 7, 2014


-----so what happens when you send a couple of barneys to a street mission? well let me tell you. a whole lotta tricks not involving ollies. there is more fun to be had when you just dork off with your friends. leave the big tricks to the young guys.

-----stu. not even in his mid 20's. full blown barney.

-----one eye wilie. street boneless.

-----barely north of the equator.

-----drew. trying to get to the barney zone, by getting that truck extra loose.


-----willie barney drop in challenge.

-----ginger boots doesn't want to be a barney. so he takes it up a notch.

-----off the top.

-----barney frame.