Tuesday, May 26, 2015


-----so, me and a couple of the homies decided to head out to the sonoma skatepark for the day and meet ol' joey butta-fukko. in tow was, one eye willie, tone loc, o-ru, and sergio. got to use that old technology to capture a couple of flicks and some pics. enjoy sans iphone.

-----one eye willie. 5-0 up the ledge.

-----jared backside ollie.

-----tone'. lippin the rail

-----o-ru. fontside ollie.

-----josh, gappin'

--------trv-27 styles.

Saturday, April 25, 2015


-----the majority of us have been in a group text. now thanks to technology we can add video. this is what my phone looked like around 10 this morning. it was too funny not to share. we have all been here. trying to one up one another and thats when shit gets funny. thanks to sam, blair, stu, and bertalino for providing the comedy.

-----join the text.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


-----so, last sunday me and the boys hopped in the van to get some clips for what might be in the next brotherhood video. we just stayed in our own zipcode and making things happen at spots that people forget about. it was super fun. with no expectations and a solid crew some shit went down. i got some pics and a crummy vid. but some how i forgot to get a pic of my duder munzie. he did a trick i guess you will have to wait and see. i guess that what i get for trying to skate........enjoy.

-----the only pic i got. thanks jordan. this was the best spot in the van.


-----austin. 50-50 to ollie to 50-50.




-----natural habitat.







-----this is where my point and shoot took a shit. thanks goodness for the iphone.




-----the ride home

-----so the rest of these pics are by my dude jordan. he is a super rad filmer, photographer and of course skateboarder. if you wanna check out his full photo/video styles. head over to his site at jordan bunce photo.



-----a couple of clips.

Sunday, April 12, 2015


------so, chronnie corespondent mr. mike "nards" and his fellow companion mr. skinner went on a little road trip. something by the name weed mountain. watch the video and get stoked on the road.

-----visual formation.

Monday, April 6, 2015


-----i have been getting asked recently about what is "mummyfart?" basically its just some fun ideas that me, hendo and the loach decided to make into something visible(old dudes farting around)..... also, everyone has been asking about my black-eye. so, now you get a two for one deal. watch the video for the black eye and click here for mummyfart. i also made a button for easy view to the instagram on the side bar. anytime you are on the chronnies. follow and heckle. you know the deal.

-----bruise cruise.

-----tranny 1, me 0.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

JOE JAM 2015

-----a couple of sundays ago we had the annual joe jam in honor of our fallen brother joe hyland. everyone came out and had a good time. check marlons blog for all the awesomeness that he captured as well. also we got to use the lastest dad cam.....and yes it uses mini dv tapes. still keepin' it grimey. thanks again to all that showed up. we love you joe!

-----pics on pics.

-----it was willies birthday too

-----never forget.

-----new dad cam footy.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


-----with the trv 900 down, i broke out the original dad cam and filmed, one eye willie with a quick clip from rosa park......on a side note i have been really busy. trying to get more skate stuff up. also on a high note. even though the trv 900 took a dump and the original dad cam back up. i got a new dad cam to film with. so, the og dad cam goes back into its resting place.


Sunday, March 15, 2015


-----so the homie phil took us to a little back yard playground. he made a little edit take a peep. ps thanks to the good folks of the property that let some skate goons get on down. not the backyardigans but the back yard a goons.

-----back yardings.

Thursday, March 12, 2015


-----so a couple of weeks ago the the ruska hit me up to skate the monte rio park. luckily for us, jared was there with his bbq. so the rest of the squad met at my house. the loach, squints, gypsy kev, killa hoe and the duff man and his buddy cameron. so basically, mike took out his camera and took some candid bbq shots. no skateboarding pics. just whats its like when the sessions settles down.