Sunday, July 19, 2020


-----I was forwarded a pretty cool little piece of sonoma county skate history. I wanna thank Jon "food" kosorek for digging this up. it features Matt kehoe, Jesse palmer, the hitcher, Tony Trujillo, mike rusczyck, Kelly clark, Joel Fogleman, bubba from Ukiah, and myself. on the mic was Aaron Fogleman and Jason farthing. I don't remember who won, but it definitly was not me. I was still learning the transition styles for sure. the quality is pretty crappy. its hi 8. so, grab a cold one and take a trip down nostalgia street and see if you can recognize any of the homies.

----hi 8 styles.

Thursday, April 23, 2020


-----I was in the local haunt by my house, when I came across this thing. the Pabst blue ribbon wild berry stronger seltzer. had to swoop it and give it a shitty skate dad beer review. enjoy or don't.

-----visual taste test.

Sunday, April 19, 2020


-----with all the crap going on and the skatepark being closed. I am trying to do my part by not having any human contact. I decided its much easier to skate stuff alone. I did it in the late 80s when all my friends stopped skating. so part of me is totally used to it. well thanks to modern technology you can kind of self motivate yourself and others by capturing the tricks on your phone. a digital skate trick trading card if you will. this is my last edit from the instalames. yeah, so get out and get some while there is no one around. look for that untouched curb that usually has a car parked in front of it. lastly just be safe, don't do dumb shit. hopefully I can chill with the homies soon enough.

----lone wolf in the streets.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020


-----since this whole pandemic has the majority of us stuck inside, I thought it might be fun to share our little skate zones. I know some people like myself that just hold on to all their stuff for the memories within. while there are those that just collect boards in the hopes of cashing out someday. I'm more interested in those that have a good tale about a worthless little toy with a graphic on it. so, here is mine. a collection that is worth nothing but, the memories are worth millions.

----stroll down memory lane.

Thursday, April 9, 2020


-----I forgot to add this little project Phil was workin on. due to recent events I will be home for the next 3 weeks so who knows what I will be adding. so, I guess keep checking back. cuz, the fact that we are pretty much confined to our homes but at least the chronnies might get up dated a little more know. thanks for stopping by.

-----vx lookin good,


-----unless you live under a rock chances are you have seen the tiger king documentary on Netflix. shit is wild. so, I got in on the fun and made some edits. I added these to you-tube without telling anyone. I am still shocked by haw many views there are. more than the skate vids. what the heck. but I guess its all in the key words. anyways, enjoy a good laugh.

-----ruff ryder

-----who is to blame for my missing beer?

Sunday, March 1, 2020


-----so the treasure island skatepark was having a 3 year anniversary celebration. some of the homies bands got invited to play, so why not make a day of it. it was a day of skateboarding and punk rock music. what more could you ask for? the bands were, life's prisoner (see a couple of posts back), grave dodger, drunk do and the roaches (a personal favorite of mine), elderly abuse, and bad shit. I hitched a ride up with the Ruska and Sergio. as soon as we got there life's prisoner was setting up and about to play. after that I decided to get in the hectic skate mix only to slam on my first run of the day. I called it a day after that. so we went on a little walk to find something a bit quieter and have some fun. after that we headed back for some beer and burritos from the taco truck and watch the madness. I took a bunch of random pics for you guys to enjoy. you might recognize some of the faces from here. skateboarding is the best.

-----life's prisoner.

-----lemmy forever.

-----stu, cy and ben

-----this was some serious foreshadowing of the rest of the day.

-----left hand, off shore and crusty wave.

-----ruska tucked barrel.

-----Sergio backside boogaloo

-----chalker (me) squat side ride.


-----party signs.

-----headed back in time to catch grave dodger.

-----ray and bronco take in the shreds.

-----random radness.

-----taco time.

-----the Ruska going ham.

-----ben is stoked.

-----when hot boi's get cold. Ian and dan.

-----ray and Tommy g.

-----myself with Arco and Eric j. watch sick boys and the anti hero yellow cow video for stokage of these dudes.

-----drunk dom and the roaches getting it going.

-----Eric helping out.

-----the curbing out.

-----fuck I gotta find a pee spot to unload these beers. looks like a photographers wet dream.

-----heckler's hill is filling up.

-----Tony with a alley oop back 3 over the gap.

----gap guys.

-----waylon, boneless.

----behind the bank the well is running dry.

-----elderly abuse. smashing thru their set.

-----went to the other side of the park to get some pics.

-----sal flip to fakie.

-----Eric j front rock on some steep tranny.

-----the other Eric. gap to fakie rock to me fucking up the pic(sorry bud)

-----the sharkey's showed up for a bit.

-----julien stranger sighting.

-----Wyatt showed up too.

-----drunk dom.

-----me and the gut.

-----this dude was on fire all day, like literally he caught fire.

-----and this was the fire.

-----bad shit shut it down till there was no light left.

-----the Ruska and josh. thanks for letting us hang out.

-----never forget.

-----the days events in video form.

-----thrasher mag version.