Sunday, April 15, 2018


-----i have been pretty stoked on the dad cam lately. i know its not a cool as a go pro or that new iphone. but it still records to tape. and the best part is, it don't matter what trick you do. you just gotta skate. so the crew went to the ukiah town and goofed off. me, stu and gabe met the trujillo's and just goofed off. these are the best days. so, get out and skate!

-----ukiah park.

-----dog days

-----tales from florida.

-----a boy and his dog.

-----way-man. rock fakie. check that arm steeze.

-----dad cam in 480p/mini dv.

Saturday, April 14, 2018


-----the boys over at the 1030 club just put up a new vid. check it out. they consist of klaus, one eye willie,jakkerz, eric the barber and special under 30 member mike aka nards. the first 4 minutes are muted cuz heaven forbid some old dudes cant have a jimi hendrix in their video. so enjoy some over 30 guys that skate after 10.

-----video goodness.

Saturday, April 7, 2018


-----tony has been riding for anti-hero for quite some time. over the years he has managed to save some boards and other trinkets. so, why chronnie it up and take a trip down memory lane. i'm sure many of you had some of these boards over the years. this was only part of his stash. just wait. there will be a few more installments of this segment in the future. if you wanna see a bit more hit up tony's insta @antihero_wakebladez or click the button on the side panel to take you to the chronnie insta. later dudes.

-----whats in here.

-----kill hippies.

-----still the sickest logo.

-----lords of bong-town.

-----151 team board.


-----wendy o.


-----wheel stacks.

----71 mm ?????

-----obey. buy. consume.

----- h street.

-----had to use the other dad cam. i-phone jammer.

Saturday, March 31, 2018


----so, the idea of heading out to monte rio was tossed in the hat. i got swooped up in the trujillo mobile and it was a go. we met up with kelly, jason, randy, ian, stu, cyrus adn my dude eric g. a couple of cold ones were drank. a bunch of dogs were in the way. some skateboard tricks were landed. everyone had fun. i mean thats what its about right? dad cam caught a couple of pics. enjoy.

-----we are the road crew.

-----cyrus the virus. kickflip inot the junk.

-----ian. nose bonk.

-----fucking kit.

-----jason. up and over

-----randy, grinding the corner pocket.

-----dad flip

-----mom grind.

-----kelly. frontside flipper.

-----chalker. roll on grinder.

-----dad jams.

-----eric. front 5'r

-----stu times two

-----booze cruz

-----no t bags?

-----i did a florp trick.

Thursday, March 29, 2018


-----bailey cam thru with a new edit with a ton of the homies. peep it.

Monday, March 12, 2018


-----i have had this idea for a while now. if you have been on a skateboard trip with me, then you know the deal. i fart. when i was a kid i held them in and had to go to the e.r., the doctor told me not too, otherwise it would damage my insides. i havn't ever since. don't get me wrong. there is a time and a place. and the place is now. album dropping.

-----full blown l.p.

Monday, February 26, 2018


-----i heard the van was calling so i had to take my seat. it was a small crew of one-eye willie, lohne-star, orion, and myself. we met up with sinath, mike, pierre, stu and sole-wax at the spot. as we roll up i noticed that some tweekers have taken up residence. thats a big no-no if your trying to keep a spot on the hush. so, the tweekers got delt a hard eviction notice and skateboarding resumed. i didnt film anything cuz some stuff might be going into the next oulk video. i chose to go with the old dad cam point and shoot. here is what i got. click the pics for maximum pixalage.

-----tweeker den #1

-----tweeker den #2

-----here is your eviction notice!

-----let's resume some skate styles.

-----lohne star with a tre bomber

-----dude broke 2 boards.

-----o ru filming.

-----mike got worked on this big spin. slammed hard. as i have always said, "a slam is jut as good as a make"

-----stu butt

-----stu in the cut

-----pierre chilling

-----pierre got worked on this one. as i said before. photo to sweet not to run.

-----todays youth knows whats up.

-----sinath got hesh and learned front rocks!!

-----chalker keep on trucking

-----never forget joe hyland and tony evjenth grinder.

-----sole wax took a digger on this one. see statement above ^^^^

-----dont worry. stu got all the angles.

-----we left to hit a street spot so o-ru could get a trick. for the record this is not it.

-----one eye wille. cave man board skidder.

-----you thought that was first try? yeah right!!