Monday, December 15, 2014


-----i really don't know if i have shared this before. maybe in a link. i was looking for one thing and found this. classic 90's styles filmed by none other than o.g. dirty 30's homie , zeke gifford. too many names to name. challenge yourself and see how many styles you recognize.....and if i have shared this before i am pulling out the i am old card.

-----classic 8.

Saturday, December 13, 2014


-----as many of you well know, its the rainy season. its getting harder to find spots to skate the older you get, even if you have a 1/4 pipe on the side of your house. especially if its on the side of the house that gets no sun in the winter time. its not like after working a 10 hour day i feel like even trying anymore. so, now i figured i would spend the energy at least trying to dry off the side of the house while i am doing dad shit. so, one-eye willie, mexi-matt, som, sovann, and som got some grinds in before the storm flooded us all out. enjoy.

-----it's dry enough for some grinds.

Saturday, November 22, 2014


-----me and one eye willie decided to hit the windsor park up for a bit and dork off. then crellin showed up. followed by munz, moe and sole wax. but as soon as we got warmed up all the suburban moms and dads dropped off their little scooter kids and headed to the wine bar. so, with all lines blocked we goofed off in the parking lot. turning lemons into margarita's.

-----no worries, my dad is on the city council.



Saturday, November 15, 2014


-----so, the scumbags wanted to hit up the st. helena skatepark last sunday. once we had it all figured out we piled into the vehicles and headed over the hill. lot's of good skateboarding went down. the mic on my camera went down as well. not sure why? but, it works fine now. i guess we will have to see if it goes ghost again on the next sesh.

-----skinner. nose pick.

-----pierre. fsa.

-----munz. pool grindy.

-----orion. scum set bacon strip.


-----mic, checka'

Saturday, November 8, 2014


-----well, the crew of scumbags decided to head over to the coast. the bolinas skatepark was on the list. a very small town of extreme localism. they even cut down all the signs pointing to the town. but, we already knew the way. enjoy.

-----pierre, frontal board fuck you.

-----kallen. front crooks.

---- smith.

-----skinner back smith

-----party's over.

------video goodness.

Saturday, November 1, 2014


------another year, another halloween jam. good times. good friends. cold beers and dudes skateboarding and dressing up.

-----video dress up.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


-----so the idea of heading to the benicia park was in swing. car #1 was me, nards, stu, o-ru and pierre. then tone' showed up, followed by zeke, moe, jakkerz, and o.g. teto. it was hot as fuck that day. we had a party atmosphere and dudes shredded. that's why i wanted to morris day and the time to edit with, and no buddy better talk shit about morris day and the time......kinda bummed that you tube has no features of the purple rain version. so enjoy the video and grab a coldie, cuz its party time. before i forget, a special thanks to the popeyes chicken parking lot for tall can's and good eats. the best after sesh spot in the v-town.

-----nards. spread eagle grind.

-----o ru. he grew up skateoarding in the 80s. so that's why this pic looks 80s.

-----stu. popping both tops.

-----pierre. mid 360.

-----out of focus, upside down.


-----party mode.

Sunday, October 5, 2014


-----it almost didn't happen this year. it seems that something that was created to get all the old dudes together and skate is almost bigger than itself. no one had enough time to get the day off or kids or life or etc. so, with a skeleton crew of dudes, it happened. i wanna say no one has ever puked on the dirty 30's? but this year it had 3. myself, brown steve and fulton. like true skateboard dirtbags we hopped back on the saddle and skated. because you only get one shot a year for a trip like this. you don't wanna fuck it all up. i wanna thank saturday for the floor space and the jam room. adam and bubba for the pool styles, justin for cooking and all my fellow vanwolfs that showed up and skated and for the couple of pics i swiped. the video is probably the longest one yet. i hope other old dudes start doing the same thing we have been doing for years now. we are just out skateboarding. pushing ourselves to stay moving. we might not be getting buck in the young kids eyes. but, getting out of the house and skateboarding is buck to us. its like jay adams said: "you didn't quit skateboarding because you got old, you got old because you quit skateboarding."..........words to live by. thanks again to all my fellow dirty 30s homies.


-----ready for action.

-----lohne-stars foot is ready for the trip.


-----pit stop.

-----one eye willie. mvp. most versatile passer-outer.

-----picturesque spot.

-----the crew.

-----lohne star.


-----tag team sleeper hold.

-----fulton lights out.

-----a little slice of heaven.

-----lohne star. backside over the hip.

-----flatbottom dwellers.

-----street life.

-----fort bragg park.

-----u.g. rollercoasting.

-----sole wax.

-----clip stacker.

-----we rocked this spot.

-----enchanted forest.

-----night swim.

-----just a little dip.

-----midnight buffet.

-----tent city.

-----the next morning.

-----blair. top rope.

-----bubba. rock and roll.


-----u.g. drop in past the stairs.

-----sole wax got all hesh.

-----senior portrait.

-----ukiahtown cook out.

-----old dudes skate hard and nap harder.

-----season 5.