Sunday, December 9, 2018


so saturday rolls around and the dudes wanna go skate. we all kinda figure st. helena woud be the destination of choice. its only 45 mins away and it maximum fun. plus with the new napa park close by its like a ghost town. just your friends and a empty park.....perfect. it should also be noted that my dude stu had a old camera he wanted to test out.(see photo above.) anyways, the crew consisted of myself, stu, ian and cyrus. joey buttafukko ended up rolling thru as well as danny c, wyatt and their homie damon i believe.not to be left out my dude jaques comes outta nowhere with a quick after work stop to shred with us. good times were had by all. if you saw some of the insta-stories, you got to catch a glimpse. so enjoy the pics. i took most of the pics and stu snapped a few too. so ya, stu discovered a light leak when developed the film in his garage. why am i still rambling. go out with your friends and fart around on your skateboards.

-----title shot.

-----the crew.

-----jacques. front board.

-----you cant delete film.

-----timing is hard too.

-----there it is.

-----jacques christ pose.

-----joey d. bailslide.

-----joey got a pretty mean bean-plant.

-----cyrus was a bit hesitant to drop in on a bowl with a foot of tranny and 3 feet of vert. but after the crew hyped him up he put it down. another notch in his hesh belt has been added.

-----stu jah rehab carve.

-----wyatt. rail styles.

-----wyatt and danny doubles carve. this is one of the drawbacks of shooting film. you gotta get to learn your camera from trying it out. i leaned that you need to compensate for the viewfinder by bringing it up a hair. otherwise you will cut off the top of your homie mid trick.

-----danny frontside d. see statement above.

-----chalker(me), stu snapped these

-----frontside fat grind.

-----back d.

-----ian. deep end slashing.(check that light leak for maximum photo styles)

-----backside tail skidder.

-----last shot on the roll. ian's sweet beer(d)

Sunday, October 7, 2018


-----what started out earlier in the week was a plan to go check out the new bolinas skatepark additions, turned a bit sour when the rain showed up. it was a simple plan. ian driving the wormburban. stu, sergio, pierre, dan and myself. so i grabbed my board and skated towards brotherhood boardshop where we always meet up and it starting raining on my way. all of us wanted to skate. so we decided to just head south until it was dry. when found ourselves at the petaluma diy spot for some good times. only to find out the city is starting to take it out for homes. we skated the remains and had fun, we didnt care. then we got word that it was dry in bolinas. we all hopped in the wormburban and headed west. we were rained on the whole way. saw a flipped over car, a jacked up coyote and shit was looking grim. when we got to the spot it was pretty dry and blair rolled up to join the sesh. we skated till dark. met baby chrett, ate some corndogs and drove home. life don't get much better than that. you can look for the answers to the universe all you want, but it already comes in a tangable form known as skateboarding.

-----rain delay.

-----luma diy last days.

-----stu out capturing angles.

-----stu's angle.

-----sergio put on some vans and got hesh.

-----myself. crusty d.

-----these vans are a so good to skate in.

-----ian wrecking whats left.

-----back t


-----sergio and danny checking the weather.

-----the only light beer that matters.

-----gotta get that insta story clip.

-----bolinas got an upgrade

-----pierre was bonelessing the shit outta this thing and got hurt as soon as i broke out he dad cam. check the height on this before he folded mid air.

=====these are all stu's camera.

-----blair slashing.

-----frontside hawaii 5-0

-----pierre back lip skidder.

-----when pierre feebled around the corner of this thing i was so hyped!

-----ian frontal rocker.

-----sergio on the digital while stu shoots him on the analog.

-----pierre grabbed sergios cam and got one of me tail schooching, thanks bud.

-----solid day. solid crew.

-----welcome to the skate life baby chrett(his nickname)