Sunday, December 11, 2016


-----most of the time social media is a ocean of shit. but, sometimes you come across a island of awesomeness. i don't know who the gentleman is that compiled all this footage of jason monroe. but, sir. i raise a cold one in your honor. the top pic was shot by rosa shredder mr. charlie watts. so enjoy a slew of jason shredding pools, parks and ramps. miss ya homie. never forget jason monroe.

-----shrine from the goat bowl.

-----timeless style.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

1030 CLUB

-----so a few of my fellow skate-dads have started up a little crew. basically they put their kids to bed and skate at night. they call it the 1030 club. they have made some edits. check them out. old dudes and a couple of young ones out at night while everyone else is slumbering. wish i could join up, but 3:15 am creeps up way to fast. enjoy.

-----tall can's and corndogs tour 16'

-----1030 doo doo

-----no country for old men.

Saturday, November 19, 2016


-----as the rainy season gears up here in santa rosa. its always a good time to go thru stuff when you cant skate. for example i found some clips on my hard drive from the dad cam. so what better to do? might as well put them to use and make a mini edit.

-----rain board.

-----rain bored.

Sunday, October 30, 2016


----mike was telling me about his interview with it looks like its gunna be a two-parter. to scope the whole deal with some pics and his interview on soundcloud, CLICK HERE. or go straight to the interview so you can listen to it in your car or at work, CLICK HERE. its time to get nostalgic with so break out the cut-off cargo shorts. oh yeah. top pic by gaberman.

-----the ruska in review.

Sunday, September 18, 2016


-----we all know how stiff a new pair of dickies can be. so, here is a little tip from a old, barney-ass, skate dad. i am no martha stewart, so bear with me.

-----the visual.

Sunday, August 14, 2016


-----well its been awhile since i broke out both dad cams. so long, i forgot some of the settings. yeah. working 12-13 hour days will do that i guess. so, any who's the crew decided to head out to west county. monte rio skatepark was the destination. it was a family day. wives, kids, homies and skateboarding. lots of yea's and beverages consumed. but the outcome was the best. everyone had fun and went home with a smile. too bad the new state of skateboarding will never show you that. thanks for stopping by and check the video styles.

-----motivational speakings.

-----motivational fuel.

-----stealth bombing.

-----met up with the crew.

-----this is danny, your monte rio skatepark ambassador. make sure to toss him a beer when you are rolling thru.

-----teach em' young.

-----taco bill.


-----mrs. tom brokeoff aka ang'

-----jasper sighting.

-----j dubs.

-----johnny and his vegan treat.

-----taco bill doing that rock to fakie truck jammer.

-----nards. fsa.

----dad cam in full swing.

Sunday, August 7, 2016


-----man its been awhile since i have been on this thing. too much work. i need to get back. anyways, my skate buddies bertalino and tony walker formed a skaterock band. so, no better time to dust off the dad cam and make a video. the band is called streetbreaker
the song is "piners protection." its all about the santa rosa skatepark. the video is of the homies doing what we do. just hangin out and having fun skateboarding.


-----full album.

-----dad cam back in action. mini dv. no hd. 420p

-----gary o. version

Sunday, May 1, 2016


-----so, while the majority of us where sleeping. on the other side of town over by my old work. a little skateplaza popped up. its not much. but, its better better than nothing. its got a ledge, a manual pad and a qp. its a fun time with the homies. check it out.

-----stu. manpower nose manual.

-----my best hosoi interpretation.

-----i don't think i got close.

-----me and lonestar skated the crap outta this though.

-----the roseland park. its in the middle of marlons edit.

Friday, March 11, 2016


-----so, my buddy ben hit me up a couple of weeks ago to check out his podcast. he knew i kinda have been wanting to do some sort of show featuring my friends and skateboarding for a while. next thing you know im getting swooped up to talk about baseball and beers. along the ways we did some sampling and heckling. you can check out the episode here. i couldn't find the embedded version of the player to listen on here. just click the link and head over. play it while your cleaning the house or driving home from work. thanks ben and brad for letting me crash your show.

-----the set up.

----beer tasting

-----ex coach of the niners tagged up the wall

Sunday, March 6, 2016

43 IS THE NEW 42.

-----so today is my 43rd birthday. we filmed some stuff on my 42nd. my goal was to do 42 tricks in 42 mins on my qp. i worked 10 hours that day. the homies rolled thru after work. we skated and drank beers. it only took a year to edit. cuz, we basically forgot all about it. so here you go. maximum barney styles in a 8 minute time frame. i wanna thank everyone for the good times, heckling, boarding and beers.

-----screen grabs.


Wednesday, February 10, 2016


-----so a little while back hendo made his video filmed entirely on a flip cam downloadable. so you can burn it to disk and watch it on a tv or to your device and stream it how ever you want. point being you can watch it on your couch. the perfect spot for hecklers hill. so, enjoy an bunch of homies goofing off. and thank hendo for making it easy.

-----to download this. just click the blue title and it will take you to vimeo and open up a tab for downloading.


-----it has been a while since i have done a 40 ounce friday on here. to be quite honest i am more busy than ever. the current void has been filled by just going straight to the insta acct. and note the day. its wednesday. its only because i got some time. anyways, i tried the new e-40 beer and its really good. so i made a clip and put it up. i got the seal of approval from mr. flamboyant himself. so, before the clip ends up in the middle of nowhere. at least i know it will be archived here for eternity.

-----insta lame.

Sunday, December 13, 2015


-----so, its the rainy season here in the rosa town. before it started to rain i had a few hours before my wife booked me for an engagement with friends. i grabbed jakkerz, and stu. we met crellin, luke and bill at windsor park and our dude sergio rolled thru. i have been too busy to break out the dad cam, but with the new tech shit i got some clips on the iphone. i put up some clips on the insta. but, you dont get that full barney vibe. plus, i have been lacking posts. hopefully i will get some more chronnie clips up sooner than later. enjoy.

-----dad cam in h.d.(aka iphone) aka martin scumsese

Monday, November 2, 2015


-----well another halloween is here. that means another oulk jam at rosa park. i wish i could have stayed longer and got some more footy and pics. but, dad life was a callin' so, i put up what i got and grabbed some pics from the homie phil philms for a more overall viewing.......oh yeah, the vx diddnt glitch out but, the ring around the lens was fully visible. still working out the kinks. enjoy the video.

-----nard shark.

-----beetle juicin'

-----al and peg.

-----tone-loc. straight outta locash.

-----randy aka superman.

-----sovann as the joker.

-----billy idol and the hammerman.

-----eddie and brit, ahh, real monsters

-----the juice tiger and his lady friend.

-----all these pics were taken by phil philms. you should check out his other pics. click here and head over.

-----still learning the vx footy.