Tuesday, October 28, 2008


i was scopin some haloween costume photos on google images, to see what was goin on. but i came across this gem. i think it speaks for itself.


so i remember this song from about 10 years ago, i thought the lyrics were so fukken good. this shit is on some r.kelly type level. yo niko! this shit right here is real talk, before real talk. so anyways, i heard this cover and reconized the words but with some sick ass distortion. i think the band is called far. and the og version is by ginuwine. i always like to check out covers to hear what sounds other bands can make out of it. so listen to em both and see if you dig.


Saturday, October 18, 2008


lets face it. i am not gettin any younger. and in most countries families want to have boys to carry on thier traditions and family names. but my bloodline has been drawn. and we all know victor and dustin(my brothers) are not gonna have kids. so my birth name shall perish to the sands of time. but wait what is that. you have forgotten about the chalker legacy. that shit is real son. when me, vic, and dustin pass on, it will be up to rylie and mayson to keep the chalker name in "full mutha-fucken effect". and by the looks of it, the chalker name will be heard by generations to come.

Friday, October 17, 2008


even the asians know whats up. i hear they can't wait for the ussr crew to come blowin thru thier country.


G.G. went out with bottles of jim beam in hand. and i wanna go out with......... well you know. and to be buried in this.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


there is a lot of crazy ramp tricks now, but hosoi still owns the styliest one out there, the mutha fukken rocket air.....circa the 80's

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


so i entered a contest for some rowley crap on thrashermag.com, i thought i wouldn't even get close. but apparently i placed in the top whatever. i didn't win. but the commentary they left to my poem, is way better than winning. check it--------------

Isaac Chalker turned this shit in like late homework he did on the bus. It’s got an honest, no-bullshit quality, however.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


-----for a brief moment last winter, we had a little spot to hang out on rainy days. i wont disclose any info but those who got to go, you know who you are and we had some good times. this spot has been shut down for quite some time.i ran across this old tape that lewis had so i made another little commercial..... sorry these aren't hammers but these were a few of the barneys that had some fun.


and you thought there was nothin good to come out of ukiah. here is the game of all games to play. this one is called hide the dook. are you ready here's the rules.
2-hide in where someone will find it later.
let it be known that vic chalker is the master at this game. he once crapped on a plate and left in the back of someones fridge, with some tin foil over it. imagine the look on their face when the realized that someone hid the dook. you can also play this game with porno mag clippings, urine, and tampons. so ther it is. and if you think just cuz you poop in the top tank of a toilet is playin the game, well you better step it up. that is amature type shit. vic had also crapped on a plate at a party, put it in the microwave, turned it on and left.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


i found a cassette the other day and i was thinkin. i can't believe that literally you don't even need shit to play your music. if you got an i pod and some speakers......it's on. you don't even need to go to the music store anymore, just hit up i tunes-- plug in your pod and go. i can remember wanting to leave ukiah to go to berkley, just so i could find new music. but now all i need is a hard drive and a cold beer. and then it got me thinkin. about the evolution of music. from wax to hard drive. from that it was my evolution of sound. i mean i really think about what i listened to from the point when i got my first board. i was a fukken hesher, but from there i learned the ways of punk. then some good ass rap from the 80's and from that point i heard social d. rockabilly had changed my style, that was untill i got the best of both worlds. psychobilly! that shit is punk witha dose of rockabilly swing. hell's yes. so you can say my shit has evolved.

Monday, October 6, 2008


fukk i don't even know where to begin. so someone had an idea of a revolution/freedom skateshop mini tour. it took us from rosetown all the way to santa cruz. anyways some how vic chalker, had become more than the legend than he already was. and brian got to watch us argue. so now he knows what it is like to hang with him and jeff on a trip. many tricks went down. so you will have to wait for the new revo video. and if you wanna see any more photos fro the trip than cut and paste here here: