Saturday, January 14, 2012


-----what is it about skateboarders and motorcycles? it seems like it is just another extension of freedom for us. i mean if you look at it like this. we like to hunt for spots to ride on our boards. and if you are on a bike you are looking for the that sweet ass cruz just to open up your bike on. know what i mean? i mean you go to a skate shop get the products that you would think that would make the sickest board to ride. the same goes for building a motorcycle. just take a look at the loach. he shreds on a skateboard. but he also has a passion for motorcycles. i once heard some one say, "skateboarding is more than just skateboarding." makes sense right. anyways check a couple of pics i shot with my point and shoot that is on it's last leg. oh shit, i wanna give a shout out to powner cuz the pic above of the loach he took. later skater.


-----grab some parts and put on some jams.

-----get busy

-----getting closer.

-----daily driver.

-----what are you awaiting for?

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