Monday, May 31, 2010


----------i was cleaning up my computer area when i found this deep in the drawer. shit is from 2001. damn has it been that long? my buddy john steele shot this. bowl to bowl transfer at the ol' alemeda skatepark.

Friday, May 28, 2010


so it has been raining like a mutha fukker here in santa rosa. finally we get some sun-shine, just in time for forty ounce friday. our subject this week is my dude anthony. aka tone' loc. fool be hella good at the flipity doo hicky thing on his board. love to skate with this guy. always super fun, some how we just end up laughin the whole time we are skating......... damn that forty be lookin hella crispy. gotta go.

----- i might be a punker on the outside but a art fag on the inside. tone' loc caught in the 40.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


yeah so i went to an art show the other night. these were the ones i enjoyed the most. i thought i had a photo of my buddy's som's paintings as well. but i guess they are not on my camera. sorry som. i know your shit rules and so does everyone else. no worries they will be on the oulk website soon enough.

-----the wild, wild west.

-----welcome to california

------mj before he got all wierd

Monday, May 24, 2010


when i was out and about today i spotted this mural on the side of a mexican food joint. it got me thinkin about all these lame ass companies, that use skateboarding to sell their shit. i mean really? real skaters don't use this shit they try to seduce us with million doller ad's with half dressed ladies..... let's use energy drink's for an example. who drinks a tall of monster then goes out and skates all day? NOBODY! that's who. i mean why buy a tall of a energy drink when a tall brew is half the price. the companies that we back should take notice and force these lame-asses out of the market, so real skate products can take over. here i will give you a few examples, that real skateboarders use. TIGER BALM (got sore muscles, this shit works). DICKIES PANTS (best shit ever to skate in). WET WIPES (like a shower in a box). BOTTLED WATER (not only to rehydrate but in case you got a bag of cement to make a spot in a hurry). last but not least PABST BLUE RIBBON (if you skate and are not straight-edge this is the beer of choice) back to the mural. skaters will back this cuz we all love a good-ass burrito. not only that if, you eat it too fast it might give new meaning to the trick "BACK-SIDE DISASTER".

------can someone please tell me what the fuck this has to do with skateboarding?

Saturday, May 22, 2010


what started out as a simple can left in the frame while filming some skateboarding, turned into a idea all in itself. if you are familiar with the b.g.p. aka back ground props then you can see where the idea kind of spawned. if you don't know what a b.g.p. is then click here. now that we are all in the know. enjoy the crap that we call the chalker chronicles. oh yeah we got a new camera. thanks go out to ashley from the midwest. i guess that means we are back in buisness.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


------i was cruzin thru oakland when i came across this. i literally screamed "holy fuck!-that's the rail cardiel 50'd". i just stopped the truck in the middle of the road with traffic behind me as i gazed at piece of metal not ment for skateboarding. if you have no clue who john cardiel is, you better go to VBS and watch all of the epicly later'ds. one of my top 5 skaters of all time for sure. he could take a slam like no-one one else and pull the most hairball shit all in the same line. one of my favorite memories is when me and my buddy tony hooked up with morford and j.r. neves in the city. the next day we headed out to sacramento to meet with cards. i was so stoked. we just hit up all these spots it was so sick. he was so chill but ripped so hard. i just remember it made me try to go as fast as him just to get that feel. card's if you read you gave me one of the best memories ever. which brings me to this tangent of the story when tony was telling me he made a song about cardiel. when he played it i was so hyped! it summed it was basically the anthem for everyone who skates....."ALL HAIL CARDIEL!"

-------this is no skatepark rail, shit is waist high and crooked.

-----cardiel's sight unseen part with the rail.

-----card's talk's about his sight unseen part.

------all hail cardiel! by that band as we know as "BAD SHIT"

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


------hendo sent me this link. if you grew up skateboarding in the 80's. more than likely you watched one of the early powell video's. i am talking about the search for animal chin, , the bones brigade video show and of course, future primitive. this just gives me that good ol' feel of just skateboarding. no bills, no worries, and no responsibilities.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


if you call yerself a true hesher then you know the name "dio.". if not this man was one of the true pioneers of metal. i remember... me, jesse and mexi-matt went to a show with-- dio, maiden and motorhead all on the same bill. the shit was so fucking epic. i remember when they broke into "holy diver" the hair on my arms stood up. this dude was small as shit but had the biggest voice i have ever heard. i was so hyped i went home and learned to play it on my bass..........words cannot explain how bummed i am. kinda like after joey ramone passed. life will not be the grab a lighter and hold it in the air, for one of the true legends of metal-------MR. RONNIE JAMES DIO!

the most epic metal song ever.....


what do you do when all yer skateboarder friends are artists? you just have a do it yourself art show. who needs a gallery when you got an apartment.

Friday, May 14, 2010


i have heard alot of talk about, "who can drink the fastest?" well if you can drink a forty like this man let me know. cuz i will film the shit outta it and put it on forty ounce friday's.....c'mon i know some of my scummy ass friends can beat this dudes time.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


so today thanks to our new pal sleeper. yes that is his name. we are gonna learn about the railer tattoo. basically it is a really cruddy tattoo. it was a term that originated in the good ol' ukiah town at our old hangout known as the crappy. thanks sleeper for helpin out all our readers. and for the record sleeper is a pretty cool ass guy.

------sleeper shure loves dem pizza pies. jeff hendo is gonna love this one.

-----this is the is known in the ukiah town as a railer-ass tattoo

Saturday, May 8, 2010


this is my buddy teto. this dude can rip. he was a transplant from wisconsin. made it out here to santa rosa. he was one of the original ussr dudes, and lived in the infamous benton house back in the early 2000 era. after killing all the spots he went to, tito blew out his knee. he eventually married had some kids and bought a house in reno. so needless to say he hadn't been ridin for a while. so i hear he is town and force him to go to the windsor park. and after 3 tries this goes down. you wish your dad was this cool.

-----this is from the sloppy seconds video

Friday, May 7, 2010


what you thought forty ounce friday's was just for men? shit, ain't nothin hotter than a lady lookin all good witha big-ass beer in her hand.

-----what could be hotter? yeah i know it is in a mug. but look how fukkin big it is.

-----how many blondes does it take to unscrew a forty cap?

-----vic chalker 40 ounce magnet

-----subliminal message.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


so it just so happens to be cinco de mayo and mexi-matt call me up to scoot around on the ramp on the side of the house. so the next thing i know the loach and brain hendo show up and we are farting around. matt had the idea of taking the wide angle lens of his video camera and trying to shoot some photos while holding it over the lens of my crappie point and shoot. here is what we got. oh yeah it's time for another coldie. who needs the fifth of may. when you can drink and skate and just say "hey".

-----add a fish eye from the video camera to your crappy point and shoot and you are semi-legit

-----mexi and the loach

-----hendo celebrates cinco de mayo para agua

-----chalker grabbin a pull on that quart of sol'

-----mexi-matt, frontside hurricane pivot thingy

-----mexi-matt, front rocker

-----chalker, keep on truckin smith

-----the loach on the last half of a blunt to 5-0

-----the loach, butthole shot

Monday, May 3, 2010


if you are reading this and are thinkin to yourself, "where did that similar entry go?" well i deleted it cuz it did not seem right to me. this one kinda bums me out cuz my video camera took a shit. we were filming the usual chronicles nonsense when the pop out screen died. well i took it home to dissect it and it flat-lined in my lap. so i was left to extract the tape out. i got it out but when i looked in the camera i noticed it was all fukked up. so too all my homies that were on that tape i am sorry. i mean you can go out and re-film shit and make it still look cool. but here at the chalker chronicles, we live in the moment. you just can't replicate that shit. so if memory serves me correct here is what was on the tape.
-----a segment i was gonna call "fukk your couch." we were actually skating a old couch from the scum pad. with ian harper, steven tran, myself, eddie munz, marlon, drewski, and bummed.
-----some pole jam footy with pat "patty cakes" gould, nacho, U.G., and ol' j-rod
-----fremont ledge butter shit with tone loc, may-nards, eddie munz, and synath
-----crellins first feeb's to fakes at the windsor park
-----that rough ass gap that tony can switch front-flipped and nacho biggie spinned.
-----not to mention to footy i got of these lame-asses getting arrested in front of my house.
-----as you can see one 60 min. dv tape can hold a ton of shit, when you are filming for the chronicles. so to all those names listed above, i am sorry. at least here you get full praise for your efforts. but i am still totally bummed. i think what hurts the most is that i have filmed so much crappy, sloppy, cool as skateboarding with that camera...but when i broke it out every wanted to get some footy. everyone knew that it was no vx1000. but it showed friends, that skated together and had a good time. we even nicknamed it the "dad cam." shit we are gonna miss you......will some one please pass me a forty.