Monday, July 17, 2017


-----on fathers day, some of us got a pass to go skate. the crew was UG, klaus, jakkerz, one eye willie and myself. the plan was to skate fort miley, grab some tacos and hit a lil' diy spot before heading home for dinner. i had a bunch of random photos on my phone. i figured it would be easier to leave them on here. than, on the gram. if i would have known i was gunna be getting back to the chronnies, i would have taken way more skatepics.

-----dad mobile, via klaus.

-----dont wake a sleeping dad.

-----never leave home without it.


-----miley graf.

-----ug jumps.

-----tacos and tall cans


----- UG DIY

-----its been a good one.

-----dads on parade.

Monday, July 10, 2017


-----so the homies in streetbbreaker got to do a interview with jim and tom over at the phoenix theater. take a listen. plus they filmed a couple of songs with it too. press play and listen to some punkers/skaters/rockers.

----interview with jim and tom.

----acid book

-----never look into my eyes.

-----rudy's song.

-----piner's prtotection.

-----suicide song.

-----uncle terry.

Sunday, July 9, 2017


-----last week i hopped on the bike and met the boys over at the west ave park. its got a QP, rail and a ledge. not much but enough to cracka couple of coldies and do some trickery with the homies. i am pretty stoked to be back on the chronnies. instagram is cool, but you dont get the complete feel. you need shitty pics and crummy links to make it more fun. see you on the road!

-----bob acting shady.

-----the ruska coaching stu on the lens.

-----weed vision.

-----must stop, taco shop. el farolito as i still call it.

-----new diy spot?????? grab a shovel and a broom.

-----we out here.

-----video chronnie. music by johnny rad.


-----its been a long while since i have been fired up to get on the blog. but thanks to my new cruiser bike i got from the bike peddler vi mr chris wells aka the crizzle. so, hopefully i will just put more stuff on here that doesnt need to be on the instagrams. thanks for stopping by. see you on the road!

-----proper holding position.

-----mandatory pbr palcement.

-----video styles. music by mcrad.