Monday, April 29, 2013


-----how was everyone's week-end? good i hope. was it as good as my dude ian's???? we can usually find ian, shredding on the ol' skateboard. that and holding it down with his tattoo styles but then i guess every artist needs a little down time right?......well on a side note and if you clicked on that last link. my dude marlon put up a post of our little trip down to santa cruz for casey's birthday. happy monday and welcome back to the grind.

Friday, April 26, 2013


-----well it seems that cold weather is almost behind us. melanie aka nards better half. is seen here with this years hottest fashion accessory. c'mon ladies you know nothing makes your look complete than a little pabst blue ribbon, on a forty ounce friday.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


-----it was my dude casey meyers surprise party gathering. so a few of the homies from rosa decided to head down to santa cruz. it was me, marlon, drew, ian and christina. we started at novato and then headed to santa cruz to be there in time to surprise him. before i bail, i wanna thank ian and christina for driving. i also wanna thank my dude gary o. a true skate rat/party animal for letting me use his pics. click here to see his web page. i have always been a fan of your stuff homie. and to drew, "i get dem digits" and my dude marlon, we had a good time...last but not least happy birthday casey! we had a blast!

-----drew. doing what he does best. fatty to flatty.

-----thanks mom and dad for driving us down here. aka daddy ian and momma tina'

-----party peoples.

-----just wait.


-----birthday chug.

-----i dont normally drink hard booze. but, when there is a bottle of jack and you are wearing a gg allin shirt. you kinda have to.

-----the next morning, i was hyped to get marlon on my sunday breakfast styles. a 24 ounce bud light chelada' and a breakfast burrito from, safeway. just under 5 bux. damn!


-----ian, got a nose blunter sequence. click on it!

-----marlon. airwalk.

-----happy birthday, brotha!

--------party vid.

Friday, April 19, 2013


-----well according to a comment left on the last forty ounce friday and i quote. "Food for thought: you seem to take no accountability for the influence older skateboarders like yourself have on promoting drinking while skateboarding."........ well it seems the young ones need some positive role models. i am gunna put my dude uriah aka U.G., up for a positive role model. lets see, he is married. has two kids that he takes care of. works 40-60 hours per week. last but not least, he owns his house....WHAT! WHAT! WHAT!!!!!! no way??? a scummy ass dude that not only shreds on the skateboard, but handles life. sounds like you kids have some pretty big shoes to i guess drinking brews while skateboarding seems like a good vice for a man, who handles more shit before noon than most......and yes i used this pic before but sometimes you gotta go back to the archives to make a valid point. T.G.I.F.O.F.

-----video proof.

Monday, April 15, 2013


-----i have been laggin on this post for a couple of weeks. i hopped in the van with some homies as they were filming for the upcoming brotherhood video. i actually skated street for a whole day(yes kids a 40 year old man in the streets).. so fun..... i don't wanna spoil it, so here are a few pics. i wanna thank my dude, brian henderson for sending me the pics he took on the same day.....everybody shredded and we all had a good time.

-----lohne star. big flip. he stomped a few on this day.

-----nick. switch backside flip. he was close but no cigar.

-----sinath. nollie late flip. he landed on a couple and got bucked off.

-----marlon. bush crook

-----tone'. three flip footplant.

-----hendo, proper street technique. he learned from the master hedgemen.

-----desmond. big ol' ollie. (hendo pic)

-----chris, eye's the drop.

-----hendo's version.

-----nick. back-smith.

-----sinath. crooks

-----dez. nosegrind.

-----me, chalker. trying to get a 50-50.(hendo pic)

-----yea! i made it!

tone'. back tail.

-----hendo pic.

-----lone star. nose bonk.(hendo pic)

-----the story behind this pic, is the old lady was really stoked on watching jon skateboard. she wishes she could have learned how to ride one in her day. so jon said if he lands the trick, she has to take a pic with him. she was totally down. so rad. a good ending to a good day. (hendo pic)

Friday, April 12, 2013


-----it's forty ounce friday. do you know where your kids are. just type in #40ouncefriday on the instagram and i bet you will find them.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


------you have seen my dude ian seager featured here on a few occasions. as of late he has been a intern over at slap mag. anyways, he made this sick little vid from the point of view, of your back truck. skate and create my dudes......and for the record hendo took the pic above.

-----so good.

Monday, April 8, 2013


-----the last time we saw our boy evan aka dookie trousers was almost a year ago. he bailed out to study in thailand. thankfully the powers of the internet can keep us all connected. the boys back home miss you evan. but by the looks of it, you are doing pretty good.

------click on this. sequential action!

-----dookie is still killing it. watch the video.

Friday, April 5, 2013


-----gotta say i am pretty hyped that 40 ounce friday is here and by the looks of it, so is andrea. looks like she is getting the middle finger salute for her performance. dang. the girls really like the 40's of mickey's

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


-----so i found some old clips on my hard drive. i had this idea of making a all street video. so long story short, every time i was in the van, either brian was getting clips for his full length weeak vid. or lohne-star was gettin stuff for the brotherhood video. i didn't want to get in the way. so , thats why alot of my posts are pics. i don't mind. cuz both those video's are gunna be sick. so enjoy a realistic look into the day of riding in the van. later my dudes.

-----get a seat.