Tuesday, January 17, 2012


-----one of my buddies put a vhs to dvd from 1991. i wanted to use this decoding program and i figured i would try it out on this. so this is in my hometown of ukiah. it was on the cusp when street skating took over. right before the whole big pants little wheels days. i know alot of people that wont admit that they pushed mongo. i personally have no problem. i got my first board in 1986 i think. so that is how i learned. go ahead and laugh, i know i did.... needless to say i can see a little bit of what would become my skate style in this. cuz in a few years, all my friends start bands or move to santa cruz, and i decide to make the move to santa rosa. so after that most of you know the rest of the story.......or just wait till i get a hi-8 player and find out.

----straight outta u.k. town

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Anonymous said...

hell yeah!

line with the varial flip to kickflip to fucking up but just keep going was diesel. It's funny to see little hints of your current form/style/movements/whatever come through despite the big clothes.