Friday, September 18, 2015


-----where to start on this magical dvd that one eye willie shared with me. its a edit of all this footage from santa rosa legend kevin "the hitcher" knight. so, add the factor that i havn't done a 40 ounce friday post on here since i got on the insta, and bam! no better reason to bring it back with the hitcher. normally i add a bunch of crazy links for fun, but i don't think i need to today. so, grab a 40 and enjoy the hitchers greatest hits!!.....oh yeah before i forget look close and you might catch a glimpse of a young tony trujillo and tony evjenth, plus a couple more. spots include, hitchers ramp, greer park, rosa park, boomers ramp, street, snow, sand and yuba city. enjoy!!

-----hitcher on dvd.

-----part. one.

-----part two.

-----if you made it thru the last 2, then see if you can pick him out in this old thrasher edit from the dish in hunters point.

Saturday, September 5, 2015


-----so a couple of weekends ago i got my cherry popped for a ride in mikes rv. aka ss.nards. the crew opted to set sails for the west county or the monte rio park for you skater folk. good times were had, beers were cracked. i wanna thank nards and marlon for helping with the dad cam. brian and munz for shredding. i also added marlons edit for a second hand view. also if you wanna see his pics from this day as well click here.


-----such a shame. a bar next to the park and its closed down.

-----vacation wonderland. i hope you have one of these mister kerry.

-----oh look they made a plaque from a photo they snaked from my site. at least i could have got photo creds. but since i have broke every rule, i will call it even.

-----munz. pole dancing.

-----marlon. west county tweeking.

-----best buds.

-----best buds.

-----best buds.

-----sleepy time.

-----keep it strange, west county.

-----dad life.

-----skating on a prayer. dad cam styles.

-----marlons edit. iphone. hd. cali-hot-boyz style.