Friday, September 27, 2013


-----i know i didn't post on the last forty ounce friday. i was pretty busy. as a matter of fact i got a bunch of posts to get done. but as you all know dad life takes up a lot of my time. but, thanks to the homies, marlon, and nards' and ol' drewfus. they emailed me this pic. thanks my dudes. so everyone feel free to email me some pics. it makes it a little easier on me when i can't get out to take pics. crack the cap everyone! forty ounce friday is here.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


-----so if you didn't make out to catch the new brotherhood video sunday night. one of the highlights was the promo to the highly anticipated video by brian henderson in his awesome weeak vids collection. so enjoy the promo.............and yes i have been lagging on posts. got plenty in the works stay tuned.

-----by the way, hendo claims the full length will be the final installment. enjoy, my dudes.

Saturday, September 14, 2013


-----i got a call from the ruska today that we were gunna pic up jon miner. then meet up with charlie. and also kerry. so long story short. dad life was in full swing in the middle of nowhere.

-----monte rio park.

-----the ruska. 5-0 to switch crooks.

jon. backside ollies monte rio's version of j's hip.

-----kerry. lip sliding.

-----charlie. ollie over to back tail slide. this shit barked so loud, that all the dads realized it was time to end the session.

Friday, September 13, 2013


-----i wish i was here on forty ounce friday the 13th. bowl trolling and cracking a cap.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


-----so the 2nd annual tony evjenth skate jam went down last saturday. lots of people showed up and everyone had a good time. it was a pretty family orientated gig, so you could bring the kids. there were lots of sponsors donating for the cause. raffles and prizes were all to be had. it was good to see some old homies from the early days at the park. after the sun went down everyone went to see mike, jesse, hague and tony play some tunes. hair was swinging and beers were flowing. thanks to everyone that came out to support eves'. i know where ever he is he is stoked. last but not least i wish i got more pics. cuz, i swear i am missing alot of them. but then again sam's lady dropped my camera. thanks again to josh, brian and jeff for all their hard work. see you next year!

*****on a side note. no forty ounce friday post tomorrow,the dirty 30's kicks off. see you on the road

-----board auction.

-----crowd life.

-----master of ceremonies. josh powner.

-----famous hips.

----trujillo.(eric g. pic)


tone' loc.

-----unknown boneless.





-----family action.

-----laura and mav's. (meg pic)

-----the trujillo's.(meg pic)

-----the bouchard bro's.

-----taco bill and his swellbow.

-----rylie and lisa.

-----the law's

-----eric and shoko

-----brandon and brian.

-----charlie, saif and lu lu.

-----handsome men everywhere.

-----som and ash.

-----nacho's happy family.

-----gabe and marlon

-----brit and munz.

-----the chalkers.

-----sam, getting ready for c.a.s.l. to take the rosa park off it's no contest list.(inside joke)

-----the silver surfer and brook

-----casey and gary.

-----mikey and his family.

-----migs and xtina'

-----mr and mrs foopa.

-----bromance everywhere.

-----the nards's

-----jared and essie

-----sergio, robbie, and chels'

-----these gals were skateboarding here way before you. el reya and ria'

-----o.g. rosa ripper eric sweet.

-----dos hendo's

-----lohne star and capri

-----it was a good turnout. thanks everyone.

-----the unofficial reunion, before the official reunion before the after party.

-----ariabes kicked it off.

-----trial by combat hit the stage next.

-----the long awaited reunited u.s.s.r.


-----hair farmers unite!

-----the ruska gettin pics.

-----buttafukko and the ruska

-----getting scummy

-----kev, gets a scratch (josh powner pic)

-----instagrammed @joeyd1477 @badshittrix

-----da hague!

-----goodnight santa rosa!

-----bite it you scum bonus jam., from the palamino days. (josh powner photo)

-----we all miss you brother. till next year.

-----sky cam.