Wednesday, February 10, 2016


-----so a little while back hendo made his video filmed entirely on a flip cam downloadable. so you can burn it to disk and watch it on a tv or to your device and stream it how ever you want. point being you can watch it on your couch. the perfect spot for hecklers hill. so, enjoy an bunch of homies goofing off. and thank hendo for making it easy.

-----to download this. just click the blue title and it will take you to vimeo and open up a tab for downloading.


-----it has been a while since i have done a 40 ounce friday on here. to be quite honest i am more busy than ever. the current void has been filled by just going straight to the insta acct. and note the day. its wednesday. its only because i got some time. anyways, i tried the new e-40 beer and its really good. so i made a clip and put it up. i got the seal of approval from mr. flamboyant himself. so, before the clip ends up in the middle of nowhere. at least i know it will be archived here for eternity.

-----insta lame.