Thursday, March 31, 2011


-----there are few video's on you tube that i will give the time of day to watch. it's not that i am a dick. but it is too saturated with junk. i don't have the time too weed thru the junk too get to the treasures. but heavy metal pizza guy. fuck yes. 5 dollar hot n ready. so there.


-----i was at the park the other day and my buddy jakkers shot this. i must admit. this too me a few tries too long. when i turned 38 i didn't realize that skateboarding get's a bit harder if you haven't skated in a while. you also don't pop outta shit like you used to. so enjoy.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


-----check out this video that o-ru and lohne star colllab-oed on. pretty good. it has a little somethin for everyone. also many of these dudes you have seen featured here at the chronnies.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


-----after everything that has happened. i think we just need to remember that we all love skateboarding and each other. so with that in mind ol' drewski put together another sick edit with tony c. enjoy his mullet and american inflenced style. now that the sun is out, lets go and have some fun.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


-----today is a very sad day. one of our good friends joe hyland aka scum joe has passed on. from what i understand he got hit by a car, riding his skateboard home after a little session. i am at a loss for words. joe was a pretty epic guy. he would only ride those little zip zinger boards, and could to some rad shit on it. this isn't spos'd to happen to skateboarders. we are a different breed of human beings. we should all be at the retirement home talking about who did what, at what spot. arguing, who had a better kick-flip and just dying of old age. this just sucks. so take a minute when you are skateboarding with your friends to realize how rad skateboarding with all your friends is. so later on tonight after you have a fun session with your homies, raise a tall for our buddy joe. he was one in a million.

-----his art will forever hang on the walls of the chronicles h.q.

------joe, we love you more than you will ever know.

Friday, March 25, 2011


-----here at the chalker chronicles head quarters, power moves have been known to go down. buy low, sell high and making sure to fax over that t.p.s. report. . lou-dog at the h.q. showin you how you work a forty ounce friday into that business call. steve jobs ain't god shit on this.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


-----i was in the store getting some stuff for my dog, when i saw this. dog treats with a picture of a dog doing a slob stinkbug. i kinda giggled to myself. this is when i realized people were staring at me. so fuck it. i snapped the pic and bailed. when got in the car to leave i had this flashback.

-----lance gets dogged.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


-----when i took this photo i thought it would look kinda cool. but when i put it on my computer. it kinda looked like an ad or somethin for creature skateboards.

-----see what i mean.

-----all you gotta do is toss in a couple of logo' you see it now? maybe i need help. or another beer.

Monday, March 21, 2011


-----the loach needs no introduction. we all know him as that little rockabilly, motorbike ridin skateboarder. i went over to his house the other day, to check out his new project. he told me he swooped it up for 250 bux. oh yeah the photo above i snaked from the pleasant skateboard site. also the photo credit needs to go to adam perez. sorry adam i couldn't get a hold of you to ask. i owe you a beer. i just thought it would go good with this little post.

-----ride on.


-----dual gauge.

-----skateboarders and bikers have one thing in common

Sunday, March 20, 2011


-----the other night when were skating the ramp in my buddy's warehouse. scum joe slid out and hit his face.(see above) i think we all as skateboarders have been down that road. i have hit my face and head a few times. skateboarding is not for everybody. you better be ready for the worst.(watch below) as for joe. at least he won't need that botox injection any time soon.

-----when you roll the dice sometimes you gotta pay the price. being a bro may not be worth it after all.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


-----my buddy ponts has been shredding on a skateboard for quite sometime. he is a road dog for sure. we have rolled on many a roadtrip and i can tell you it was only a matter of time, before word got out of how epic this dude is. he has been on the cover of thrasher. and now he is the cover for the t.v. show flying wild alaska. you should watch this show. cuz if you are a skateboarder, you can tell that he is the real deal. not some fake ass dude trying to get famous. ponts is still a fucking scumbag, and is still holding it down.

-----depontez air shredding.

-----some skate footy.

-----a few members of the united scumbags of santa rosa.

Friday, March 18, 2011


-----it is the day after st.patricks day. it just so happens to be 40 ounce friday. how many people do you think called in sick to work with the irish flu? annie is gonna make it a green weekend, witha 40 of mickey's. speaking of which. who has my house of pain cassette?

Thursday, March 17, 2011


-----happy st. patty's day. i went to the store to make some half and half's. aka the black and tan. so i grab some guinness and went for the harp. i can't find none. so i ask the clerk. "where is the harp?" he tells me. "some lady just bought all 18 cases." so bummed. so i mixed guiness with coors light. i know if a irish dude were here, he would slap me. but a true irish drunk would praise me for not giving up. oh yeah, if no one has done this yet. i am gonna call it the blacklight.

-----did you catch him, and get his gold?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


-----being trapped indoors by the rain sucks. it can almost drive one to go crazy. not crazy to kill. but a little crazy like the gonz. this is in, the top 10 best all time video parts for sure. plus run d.m.c. for the song. fuck yes! be careful though. watching this may have some serious side effects of gottgoskatenowseeyoulater.

Monday, March 14, 2011


-----this is my buddy mike. skateboarding with him is always fun.. cuz when you are trying to do something regular, he says " i will try it with you, but switch." gee thanks for making a guy feel like crap cuz he can't do it regular. well besides that, you can find him working the grounds at the mortuary, or beating on the drums in his band. this was in a old thrasher. i found it the other night rummaging thru some crap. this is the time i wish i had some video so you could see what i am talking about. click the pic below for a good chuckle.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


------i decided to do this on a whim. sitting in the passenger seat and asking random skateboard questions. so i decided to test the waters with my buddy hendo. i hope you enjoy.

-----like you didn't wanna watch some hendo skate footy after that.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


-------i was lucky enough, that the cool people i work for gave me a droid. all the apps i have found are super fun. but the one i like best is this photo app. you can blow out all the colors and make it look super artsy with out gettin all your gear out. plus, the simple fact i have no good camera gear. so at least i get the satisfaction of thinking i can take a decent photo. this might turn into a regular segment,if i keep finding cool shit to take pics of.

-----richmond brige

-----richmond bridge 2

-----surfs up

-----rockabilly truck

-----c'mon you knew i was gonna have a beer pic.

Friday, March 11, 2011


-----you know what i like about this pic. casey is drinking a 40 of country club. i have seen many forty's go around. but the country club, seems to be the rare one.
p.s. click on casey's name for a pic o' trickery.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


-----so a couple of sundays ago i ended up at the rosa park here is what went down.

-----yet another patented chalker chronicles not so sequence, of nacho's fakie noseblunt to nollie flip out.

-----nacho on a big ass ollie north.

-----juice tiger not only shreds on a board but a guitar as well.

-----drink, puke, jump, slam.

-----yea!!! more good times at the santa rosa park. where were you?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


----i was in oakland last week when i came across a fucking legend. yes it was the general lee. i couldn't get a pic of the roof, cuz i didn't know if the guy would get pissed. so i snapped these two and bailed.

-----get your copy

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


-----be there. get some shit to better your lifestyle, not to mention the beer-be-que.

Monday, March 7, 2011


-----if you missed the last 40 ounce friday. it was your bad. might have been the most epic one to date. so here is a little 3 pic recap.

-----bet you thought 40 friday was gonna be a sword fight. think again. chix love a cold one too.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


-----normally i wouldn't do a post like this. since it is my birthday and i have a lot of friends comin over and watching skateboard video's from the 80's. i figured i would do a little time traveling to show them their future as a older skateboarder. 24 years ago i got my first skateboard. it was a mark "gator" rogowski. since then it has been the one thing that was always there. skateboarding has gone thru some wild changes over the years.fools that were broke are now millionares. and fools that were millionares are now broke. with that note, i have had friends and girlfriends come in and out of my life. as for my skateboard it was the one constant. that piece of wood has takin me places that regular people would never dare. it has also inflicted the worst pain i will ever endure. but one thing is for sure. if it wasn't for my skateboard i wouldn't be where i am today. i got the coolest friends. not to mention that's how i met my wife. now look at me. 38, married kids and some backfat. oh yeah, and my skateboard.

-----the 80's. who knew what was to become of skateboarding.

-----do i look like a street skater?

-----early 90's. look at how small those wheels were.


-----2000 maybe?


-----at 38, this is what you get.