Monday, September 22, 2014


-----i have been waiting a long time to skate a good mini ramp. so long story short me and a couple of the homies hooked up and skated the crap outt this this. its got some rad trannies and cement coping all the way across. no seams, no worries. so much fun or unfun if you have been keeping up.

-----charlie, tailsliding the crap outta the thing.

-----stu was learning smiths on this thing.

-----chris gots a mean fakie rock. take notes kids. you gotta extend that front leg.

-----back scratcher

-----does a screen grab count as a selfie????

-----look at that coping underneath stu's board.

-----me, backside boneless, thanks chris.

-----charlie told me he is gunna learn inverts on this.(chris pic)

-----thanks for the fun.

-----full screen insta clip.

-----the boss, even got a run.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


-----so we hopped in the van and cruised around to get some clips for lohne-stars next jam. i think we got a few clips that day but for the most part we all had fum. its hard to describe the atmosphere of the van on one of these trips. espn and energy drinks will never capture the true meaning of skateboarding. there are no timed runs, you don't need a fake can with the logo of a bull on it full of water fooling the audience. you just need a van, some homies, skateboards, and some 90s rap. yep. capture that feeling monster energy drink, i dare you.

-----load em up.

-----stu. ollie. what i love about this pic, is it could pass for a kick-flip.

-----peirre. front 3.

-----tone, nose manny nollie flippity doo out.

-----check out my shoes dawg.

-----pierre, back 180 the bar.

-----shane. hippie jump.

-----stu. frontside 180 over the bar. looks like a noseslide almost.

-----marlon. tap the rail.

----sinath. nollie flip up.


-----lohne star. noseslide pretzel out.

-----shane. front 270 to switch front board.

-----agony of "da feet"

-----gunna have to wait for the next lohne star project to see what this is all about.

-----tone' over and out.

-----i got 5 on it.

Monday, September 1, 2014


-----i had some clips that have been adding up for a idea i had. instead of doing quick clips i smashed em' all together and made this. hopefully i can get more dudes for the next one. you know who you are, you laggers! so grab a tall and enjoy.

-----tradition of the scum.