Sunday, July 25, 2010


what do i love about summer the most? mini-ramps. i mean c'mon. you work all day long. you wanna shred. but you don't wanna get broke off to hard. just drop in and rock out. so long story short, my buddy dan made a couple changes to his ramp. and now friday's are more fun that ever. sorry i didn't film enough. but i was too busy skating.

----U.G. backside tailslide

-----tone'loc lipper

-----that gypsy ass kev on the noseblunt to switch front blunt

-----if your ramp is cool enough, some girls might wanna hang out.

-----jrod. this dude flies all over the ramp so fast. it was dark. my camera is not the hottest, and i got a flash delay. yeah this is the only one that came out. which describes my dilemma.

-----butt-a-fukko, blunt to disaster

-----dan, ramp owner. frontside 5-0

-----gypsy kev, five-o to fakes

-----cromer. actually learned backside 50-50's. this is why skateboarding is cooler than anything else. just watching your friends learn while havin a good time.

-----one eye willie, b.s.n.g.a.

-----nacho, witha blurry smith

-----tony can. ollie up to back d on the block

------a rare sighting of fogie on the deck with but-a-fukko

-----champ. the ramp dog.

-----here is a little vid from 40 oz. friday at dans.

Friday, July 23, 2010


i just got back from skating dan's ramp. nacho, fully caught in the 40 oz friday. enjoy my dudes.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


what started out as a little trip to the willits park with e-rock and crellin, turned into a adventure in the hills. this pool is steep as fuck. you better put on the big wheels to roll this one.......epic for sure. click on the top photo to enlarge it. to get a good view.

-----not yer average pool. dropping in is a trick all in itself.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


i have been workin 12 hour days. so needless to say it is hard to keep the entries rollin on the chronicles. so after work one i day i went to rosa's little D.I.Y. spot and skated a bit and also, shot a couple of photos. here is what i got. don't worry i got a few more photos on my camera from some other shit. so hopefully i can bang out a couple of more entries before the weekend. but we will see. until then i decided that it should no longer be called the ledge spot, since we are building all kinds of shit. from now on. it shall be called the slab. well at least that is what i am callin it.

-----one eye willie. i must say it's nice to see over thirty guy's stll doin flip tricks. willie landed and slammed on a few but, i liked the photos, so willie gets his photos up by being over 30 and still flippin the board.(by default)

-----he slammed on this one but, i like the photo

-----tone' loc. ski-pole-jam. this is a make, i swear. i tried to do a ghetto ass sequence but it didn't look ass cool.


-----the loach ollies off the junk ramp

-----tre bomb

-----do the math, no pole to jam? find a big ass branch.

-----the loach

----- gypsy kev, branch jammer.

-----tone' loc, super 8 feeble stylee

Saturday, July 10, 2010


it's saturday and the sun is out. what more do you need to go shred? do you need a little help? cold beer? how bout watching a bit of a video to give you a little push? well i think you got it right here.

------my kind of commercial.

Friday, July 9, 2010


well yet another 40 ounce friday is here. mexi, called me and said he had some beers. then crellin rolls thru with some forty's. pretty we drank some beers and crellin was tellin me about the new eureka park. then he proceeded to tell me about this video. check it for a wee bit of entertainment.........oh yeah i never learned how sick the park was. i heard grindline built it. maybe it's time for the chronicles to head north.

----nice fight between some frisbee disk golfer's and skaters????????

Monday, July 5, 2010


this is a little 4th of july late add-on. nuthin says freedom like jumpin yer bike over a 6ft fence, while clearing a 8ft gap from a 3 ft tranny. do the math. oh yeah the photo up top is my boy tone'loc. what else needs to be said......ammmmerica.

-----evel kenevel snake river canyon jump

Sunday, July 4, 2010


today is a day to celebrate america. it could be argued what a real american is, but who cares. this dude is a real american.

-----this is a real american

Friday, July 2, 2010


forty ounce friday's would not exist without the likes of scum-joe. i mean he has two jobs, boozes and skates. holy shit. how does he do it? i don't know. i guess he is just a scummy ass skater that's just doin his thing.

----ridin in the back with all the boards, joe gives the one fingered salute

----being featured on forty ounce friday's, joe say's "that's swell"