Thursday, January 5, 2012


-----i miss the tangable slap mag. know what i mean? the one you could take to the spot and show all your friends what was going on. don't get me wrong i aint hatin' on the internet. i just miss looking at that mag in my hands. i mean, it wasn't just all in your face like thrasher. it was more of a lifestyle vibe. so before i take a trip down memory lane. i was over at my buddy tim's house. who used to do stuff for slap back in the day, had some issues in a box. these were still newspaper style. so sick! look at the covers and see if you recognize any of them. when i opened them i havent heard many of the names in years. which sparked another idea just wait. so raise a tall for a good mag that was ahead of its time!

-----click on the side of the pic so you can enlarge to your styles.


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