Friday, September 30, 2011


-----last night i was hit with some pretty heart wrenching news. my buddy tony evjenth aka "eves" has passed on. he was one of the first guys i met, when i moved to rosa. skateboarding and getting old was so much fun with this guy. so do me a favor when you crack that cap, think about eve's for me. he was the fucking coolest!

----rest in peace my brother.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


-----i was gunna head out on this mission to skate the legendary glory hole. long story short. i was on dad patrol. so i snaked these photos from ian. it appears that the crew is made up of: nards, skylar, dookie trousers, and ian. you know these guys. the are on the chronnies all the time. thanks ian for the tube some previous footy here.





Sunday, September 25, 2011


-----with lil' wayne skateboarding all over the place. i figured with the picture above. (click to enlarge) we could take the time to pay tribute to the o.g. rappers that put skaters in thier video's. like the beastie boys. the little boys from kriss kross. and of course, urban dance squad. like the boys at creature say......come lurk with us. i have said it before. nothing is cooler than skateboarding.

-----weezy. gettin' hot with the boyz.

Friday, September 23, 2011


-----when was the last time you were in a three way? where you down at the shore? are you sure? cuz it has been a while for me. oh well. happy forty ounce friday. also don't forget to pour some out for that special someone while you are sippin. ash, kelly and zana show you how to get a forty ounce friday started.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011


-----if you are no stranger to the chronnies. then you know the obvious. we like to drink pabst and skateboard. i was hyped on the painting above. it was featured in the pabst art campaign. not sure who the artist is, but a tre' bomb witha pbr is pretty legit to me. as for the video i typed in "pabst skateboard. this was the coolest clip i found. besides all the chronnie shit that popped up.

-----get in line for a beer.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


-----well it is that time of year again. when the 30 somethings head out on the road and skate like it's 1995. after last years, people got stoked and hopped on this one. we added another van and some more bodies. it was pretty rad. skateboarding, beers and river rocking. i could sit here and bore you with tales of what we did, but i won't. enjoy the pic's. also i would like to thank the dirty 30's ofiicial yet unofficial sponsors. pabst blue ribbon wipes. and of course, emerica shoes. also if you missed last years trip you can click this and scope it out. before i bounce i wanna say one more thing. nothing like seeing the look on kids faces when a bunch of old dudes invade their park. we were like a pack of wolves circling the place. then outta nowhere the young guns tried to step it up. but they couldn't keep up with the oldsters. the more beer that was drank, the harder the slams and the louder the grinds. sorry kids, it's dads turn.

----best quotes.
****some random kid to jeff. "are you a skateboard team?" jeff-"no." kid-"why not."
****wierdo from grass valley. "are you guys from canada?"

-----i gotta say it was super fun. this crew of crusties partied and skated hard.. i want all older skaters to be doing this and documenting it. that way you get other old guys hyped on skateboarding. be on the look out for next years.

-----the dirty 30's crew

-----double up

-----load up

-----van lifer's

-----beer break

-----hendo's unite!

-----mandatory foot spray

-----pool side

----- i guess these gals were on a trip too

-----sacramento plaza

-----the buttska

-----roseville park



-----lake life

-----one eye willie. a true cowboy. fall asleep where you pass out.

-----two guys by the lake shirtless...not gay at all.

-----breakfast is served

-----grass valley park

-----be a follower, not a leader

-----lohne star mid donkey punch. wait till you see it on the weeak vid.

-----teto gets flippy

-----this guy thought we were from canada. i thought he was from mars.

-----over 30 guys still like to look at street spots

-----auburn park

-----ladies love the chronnies

-----beer toss

-----call of the wild

-----real talk

-----i love you man.

-----river time

=====brian hendo pic collage==

-----epic spot

*=====these are all from lohne-star=====*

-----double vision

-----van life

-----always with us

-----river action

-----see you next year

-----i wish i would have filmed more. but not skating for 2 months you kinda get amped, just to skate. so here is what i got.

-----hendo's weeak vid version.