Saturday, December 31, 2011


-----so down at brotherhood boardshop they have been getting a ton of re-issue stuff in. its been pretty rad seeing all these boards again. kinda like seeing a buddy that you haven't seen in a while. well lohne star wanted to take a trip down memory lane. it seems that he slapped together a h-street matt what are you waiting for. you can get off the couch and grab one of these gems and slappy the shit outta some curbs.LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!

-----party time....excellent!

Friday, December 30, 2011


-----well it's the last forty ounce friday of the year. so i figured no better way to celebrate it with my two buddies that passed this year. hanging out at the H.Q. watching skate video's or listening to records wont be the same. so as you crack that cap and celebrate the last 40 ounce friday of the year, take a second to remember 2 of santa rosa's raddest skateboarders. tony evjenth and good ol' joe hyland.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


-----well i have been sick for a bit and haven't felt up to doing anything. so i figured i would just toss somethin up. kinda like the invert. one of the best looking tricks to take a picture of. so i figured i would scan this cover shot of tony and add some commentary by grosso and ta-da' easy chronnie. secret one foot FB pic here. gotta be logged in for that one......well,now that this is done i can log up a little footy and have some thing for ya on saturday....don't worry forty ounce friday is on the way as well. later skaters.

-----grosso gives a little lesson.

Friday, December 23, 2011


-----its the 40 ounce friday before christmas and i can't think of a better way to celebrate it. good ol' blair in the holiday spirit. for those of you that think santa doesn't exist click here. even though it is fun to be on the naughty list. cheers and beers!!!!!

-----santa don't need no reindeer for this sleigh.

Monday, December 19, 2011


-----all i want for christmas this year is the same thing i wanted 25 years ago.. a hosoi hammerhead.

-----now you see why.

U.S.S. where R. they now?

-----a few of the original members of the u.s.s.r. aka the united scumbags of santa rosa. chalker, juice-tiger, trujillo, and mexi-matt. if all goes well i should be able to upload some stuff from the old days, so you guys can get a good laugh. for the record, i feel weird about having back to back pics of myself on here. but lately it puts a smile on my face. to be with my homies having a good time.

-----get shreddy

-----get scummy.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


----- i first met mike rusczyk aka the ruska many years back. he moved to santa rosa from chicago. one of the most unique styles ever on a board. always down to motivate the session even when he can't skate. the ruska is a true skater. anyways, i found this interview in a box of skateboard stuff i had. i think he had referred to his first pro board as the retirement model. at the same time a bunch of us got together and hand painted some decks to raise a little money for charity. we just sat in the garage, drank and painted. i think this interview went along with him turning pro. so before i start to babble real bad. hendo shot the pic above. it was a little trip me and mike took with the hendo's. ahhhh, those were the days. if you have time to go out and skate with your buddies i suggest you do so. cuz father time ain't pausing shit for nobody. you should check the ruska's site. its called ofad. also if you wanna peep the video action that went with the interview, click here. shit, now that i think of it i should just interview this dude. oh yeah, best no comply in the biz..........i am done babbling.....enjoy

-----click on the side of the pick to read the interview. cuz if you click directly on the pic you cant enlarge it. see what i mean.

Friday, December 16, 2011


-----so 40 ounce fridays was official on the chronnies, friday, april 30th 2010. all though we have been drinking 40's since way before then, its kinda cool that we got our own spot showin' everyone the good times we have. forty ounce friday's is yet another thing to keep all the skaters together. no matter how far apart we are, on friday's we know that we can sip on a 40 and our homies are doin the same. no matter where they are.....well, i had a clip that i never used for the teen age time machine video. so i decided to make it a 40 ounce friday commercial. enjoy.

-----turn it up nice and loud to maximize your experience......all the forties featured were from one night of chillin' at the h.q.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


-----so i heard that in order to take a good picture of your subject, you need to get to know it up close and personal. that way you get the proper perspective. so that is what i have been trying to do. thanks to the app on my camera phone i can snap a pic and drink a brew all while trying to learn about my subject matter.

-----pabst collage

-----a few others

Saturday, December 10, 2011


-----i know everyone has a top five right now. i like the idea of getting the insight to a skateboarder by the things that influence them. i didn't want to bite anyones styles, so i came up with the idea of three sixes. three questions. six answers. the number of the beast. add a couple of old pics for good measure and its done. so i figured who else to break this in. none other than santa rosa's original skate hesher, fogie. i am pretty stoked on this. i hope you are too. so be on the look out for more in the future.

6. Eric Dressen. – Classic street schralper and all around gnar dog. Now old, big and fat but still has the shit in his blood and gets it.

5. Hosoi. – Absolute style and grace while fully bio, im talkin’ bout Holmes, the 80s hosoi, not the “accept jesus as your savior” hosoi.

4. Wade-fuckin’-speyer. I saw him do a head high FS 180 stalefish/Method in Pleasant Hill over a tranny to tranny funbox, No easy flat bank landing. Santa Rosa bomb squad Thrasher issue? Yeah we were there.

3. Jason Monroe – Natural ability to kill everything in his path, including padless full cabs 12 beers deep at 1:00 am, 9 1/2 foot trannies and 11 feet high in the dark. Nor Cal legend who was always cool as shit.

2. Alan Petersen – straight outta the armpit of California, dude laid the groundwork for All Terrain rippers everywhere. Seen his footy at Marseille? Ive been there, so I know how gnar his lines are. Regular down to earth guy too.

1. Tony Evjenth. Funnest guy to sesh with. Ever. There are hundreds who feel the same, and I’ll miss skating with him forever.

6. death angel. SF teenage Filipino heshers blowing metallica off the stage? Yep. River theater shows in the 80s were fucking epic meatgrinders.

5. Black Sabbath. Anywhere, anytime, any song and I’m stoked. Cant believe paranoid came out in ’71. Forefathers to it all.

4. Iron Maiden- all of it up to fear of the dark, although I celebrate their entire discography. Google world slavery tour, truly a religious experience.

3. Mercyful fate – every second of every song is pure genius. I loved the sing-a-longs in the pit back then, with a bunch of hessians squealing along with king. Fav. Song…evil. Ill include all of the King diamond here as well.

2. The haunted – so aggro, the pinnacle of Swedish metal with an all star cast. Havent missed them yet and live, they are even better. No false pride, no fashion, no fake set of values. See also: At the gates, witchery

1. Slayer – yeah, no shit. You knew it all along. Being a slayer freak is cool cause people see cool things associated with them and hook you up. Here, I got this slayer thing for ya. I made my wife go see them before we were to be married, she rather enjoyed the sundown set, opening for the resurrected Judas priest.


6- 101 devil worship. I remember seeing it at great skates and gatley was all hey I got something for ya. Shoulda never skated it, they go for thousands, and satan rocks.

5- ben Schroeder, lucero skateboards crash test dummy. Loved how it was all about wrecking yourself and feeding off of that. How many slams do you really remember?

4- santa monica airlines Julien stranger lowrider. Some boards ridden define times of your life, and when we were all riding this board, we were killing it. Classic classic steez

3- black label wade speyer flannel and slayer warbird model. Evs gave me this one, see what I mean? Chalkers got the reals

2- zorlac metallica. 1987 Metallica nerd, metallica board. Id like to bootleg these TO sell online aND SEE IF LARS WILL SUE ME. PUSHEAD HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE MAN, UNDENIABLY.

1- FOGTOWN BEAST. Mo fo classic. Please help the fogey needs a mint black dipped with white screen foundation and locate one today.

-----classic fogie. look how gnar/jacked this set up is. no shirt and a hip sack to boot. stylee as fuck.

Friday, December 9, 2011


-----with winter setting in. the days are getting shorter. the nights are getting colder, its nice to know we can gather in a warm spot and celebrate 40 ounce friday. as you can see lohne-star is all geared up with a jacket and a beanie. this is called "gearing up to get down." bundle up next your favorite beverage and call it a night.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


-----so my buddy stu, picks up me and som to head over to the skatepark. we all have a good time. when we are done, stu is telling me about his room. basically like this. he has a lazy-boy with a cooler next to it. on the other side is a table for skate mags.... i am jealous. i remember these days. now i am married with kids. i wanna have a room like this. one where you can watch skate videos in the chair and pass heed my advice all you young guns. hang on to this shit as long as you can. cuz you never know when it will all be taken over by some female.

----so proper

-----did i mention there was a fridge in there too?

Monday, December 5, 2011


-----anti hero tuxedo shirt bachelor party. see if recognize any of these dudes. this pic is from about 9 years ago. i may have to hit up mexi-matt for some others.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


-----its sunday morning. what goes good with that cup of coffee. a little dash of neil blender outta do the trick. sorry kids no starbucks here. just good ol' fashioned slow roasted goodness aged to pefection.

-----coffee break

Friday, December 2, 2011


-----well it seems that december is upon us and so is the first 40 ounce friday for the month. i am pretty hyped! my buddy chris(pictured above) has moved back to rosa. you know this guy he goes by the alias big poppa, not only is he fun to skate with he takes some cool pics as well. so what are you waiting for???? grab your beer cruiser and come celebrate with us