Tuesday, December 29, 2009


------why lie about this shit. it is no surprise that growing up in ukiah and being surrounded by a bunch of hippies, would make me feel the disgust that i possess for them. i do have a couple of hippes that i feel don't fit with the rest of them.
1)pat gould
2)neil from the young ones.
3)richie jackson
-----which brings me to the point of this. the 180 varial kick-flip. this trick is also known as the hippie flip. i will admit i got that shit. but the best one in the game might be mike rusczyck's. anyways i think i might have figured out the derivative to the word hippie. HIP, mean's to be cool. and they all think they are cool as shit. and PY, which is pronounced PEE. is slang for urine. a smelly discharge givin off by the human body. so in lamens terms they are smelly people that think they are cool. kinda like skateboarders, but by judging by the mass market appeal i guess that skateboarders are cool,and hippies still suck!

-------for those that need the rundown this little euro-dude is gonna break it down.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Friday, December 25, 2009


-----if you are reading this and and listening to the song. then you will understand the true meaning of christmas.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


------------this is a good one. one day me and mexi-matt were headin to the santa rosa skatepark from a session over at the healdsburg park. we decided we needed beers, and as luck would have it there is a store on the way. and before i tell the rest of the story, let it be known that this corner market is a well known part of santa rosa to pick up day-laborers. and if you don't know what that is check the photo below. so i pop outta the car and mexi, decides to hang back and have a smoke in the parking lot. i get the beers and climb back in the car. matt get's in and is pissed all of a sudden. i ask him "what's up?" so matt begins to unravel his tale about how when i went in to get beers, some lady approached him about needing some work. and matt said "no thanks' i have a job." and after that i guess he was pissed cuz, he got profiled. i guess on the bright side if matt ever needs a job he know's where they are all way's hiring.

Friday, December 11, 2009


well tonite is the annual skater of the year party. and if you don't know CHRIS COLE won that shit. i would like to be there partying it up, but alas. my wife has bunco. which means my v.i.p. tickets will go unused. and i will be trollin the net after my kid goes to sleep. so if you wanna relive last years skater of the year click here. otherwise enjoy another holiday video. that i trolled upon.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


-----lets face it with skateboarding, you gotta slam sometimes. and from that you get scarred up. those are the little stories left on your body from something you love. so why not get a tattoo? same difference right? i mean you are permanently puttin a mark on the body like a skate scar. only it is a little better lookin. anyways i was in ukiah visiting the family when i realized the loach was gettin drilled on a few blocks away. it just so happened that nate, who also is a skater. was drillin on his slab. if you don't know nate works at trust tattoo.located in wonderful downtown ukiah. you should see him if you are up there. also, it just so happens that the forest club is next door.(aka the bar). so what are you waiting for?



i ain't gonna lie. i saw this shit on the 4Q SITE. so right away i had to share these. if you hav'nt seen em' before now you have. PABST+INDY=SWEET ASS TATTOO RIG.
---------for more info on these rigs, contact MIKE@IRONSTARTATTOO.COM