Thursday, July 30, 2009


cellin sent in a couple of more photos. barney's unite!

----the mutha fukken glory hole.


ever call your buddy up to go skate and get the voice mail. well i called this dude up and he never picks up. so then you think maybe he is already out skateboarding or hangin with the family or workin on the house, or maybe they are too busy with their new website.what ever the reason may be just leave a message and i will get back to you........maybe i might be out skateboarding or verbally abused by my wife and kids. who am i lying to, i will be at old navy in the kids aisle.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


crellin sent in these photo's of the new st-helena park. shit is proper. made by the boys from grindline. now if we could only get em to build the new rosa park.

the bacon strip is the fukken best. i cannot wait.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


my buddy brian has always been into some pretty morbid shit. but i always end up finding it so fukkin cool the way he makes it. i really wouldn't call him artsy, but being a skateboarder you kinda already are. i would classify brian's stuff as sick ass fuck. i mean he don't drink, smoke or do drugs. so this shit is commin outta one sober ass mind. i urge all of you to peep his shit he has got comin out with some other kick ass artists. they are gonna make boards tee's and god knows what else but the name of it is WE RIDE AT NIGHT. get up on that link and see for yourself. you will not be disappointed.


i got a call from this guythe other day. sounds like he is gonna have a good time on his next trip. one day i am just gonna be a stow away. and see if anyone notices. oh yeah check out the new graphics.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


i was in the kitchen grabbin a beer when i heard ice cube on my tv. i was pumped shit sounded good by when i sat down, i noticed it was a nike sb ad. i would't normally be hyped. but you can't fade p-rod's smooth ass style with today was a good day playin. i think i am gonna get on my cruiser and go get a tall. oh yeah peep lance as one of the cops.

---if you wanna back in time when wheels were small and pants were big.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


ahhh, what can i say about college that you haven't already heard. i mean i might have walked away with a degree of some sort. but that skateboard made me quit and see the road and what else life had to offer. well when i bought my house i had no clue, who my neighbors were, well all i gotta say is i am headin back to school. beer-ology 101 that is.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


so this mornin i was watchin "the man who souled the word" the steve rocco documentary. and it was showin some ol' footy from blind-video days. it has been a while since i have seen footage of the gonz. and just in that second i realized i needed to go skate. no one will ever have this man's style. you can count all the stairs and gaps you want. but if you got no style you aint got shit. watch the gonz and you will know what i mean.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


what can you say about ukiah that you already haven't talked shit about, or at least made fun of me for. i always get to go and visit for a bit and remind myself why i left. but it is always good to go back and see all the old crew. so check out my buddy chon, made this song about ukiah california, 95482

Thursday, July 9, 2009


i am tired of this michael jackson shit. he was the huge in the 80's but if i recall it is the year 2009. twenty years ago folks. how come when rick james died he wasn't gettin all this coverage. or dare i say joey ramone. the king of punk! mj died as a broke ass pedaphile. even katt williams had some shit to say. fukk at least the people over at skate mental know whats up. try finding these boards now.

KATT WILLAMS- listen to the shit on mj about 1:18--the truth hurts.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


i know this is gonna make me sound old. but i am. so i remember when skateboarders started making their own companies. the one that appealed to me most was anti-hero. they had a do it yourself approach to everything. just cut and paste photos with some commentary for ads. and when they made videos it was cut and dry. cool music and sick skateboarding. well any ways i was on you tube and found a little clip from fucktards. it is missing the cool ass puke part with andy roy. but what i like it is it is just friends skating and traveling. which is what it should always be. i think it was from 97ish and the team was sean young, bob burnquist, john cardiel, and julien stranger. no image, no money, no worry.

Friday, July 3, 2009


rusczyk would call it a "life hammer". but i shall call it chalker's cafe. it will be the spot to check out vintage skateboard products, listen to real records, photos, mags, get a cold ass beer and if someone shows up with a tattoo gun, you can get your slab railed on. shit you can even take the grind box out to the street for your ledge styles. like i said make it happen. it took a while but it is almost here. so for all you skate dad's out there i suggest you find yourself a little spot. cuz we all know that once the ol' lady and kids take over the house, shit is over.