Sunday, May 31, 2009


so the idea was to head to sacramento to skate. but we figured it would be hot as shit. willits was on the table. so since mexi matt never had been there we decided it was a go. it was me. mexi, justin and trevor. google the willits skatepark. the place is super fun.

the chalker chronicles

oh yeah it was kinda we all decided to get some beers. see if you can figure out who drinks what.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


i have had this idea in my mind ever since i saw my dawg vince sellin them damm sham-wows(c). i always seem to have these ideas that revolve around beer. do you blame me? i just thought if i didn't do it now some other douche would try to use my idea. i wanna thank mexi-matt for welcome to another low budget-ass production. tell your friends. supplies are limited.....1, maybe i will ebay the towel? and i am gonna throw this out there. if you are in a skate company and you need some booze influenced type ideas hit me up. just leave your email with a comment. what do you think...a mini beer wow with your company board logo on it. with a purchase of a deck?

Sunday, May 17, 2009


so today the fallen dudes are doin a demo at the revohood. its hot as fukk. and i have been workin on my house all weekend. so i figured that i would kill some beers and watch some sick tricks go down. but they were runnin late(i should know by know that being a skater that we are always late.) so i had dad duty and missed the demo cuz as soon as they showed up the had to sign autographs for kids. so i cruised the coffin board back home to finish my domestic duties and domestic beers.

Friday, May 15, 2009



i just got home from work and needed to take my after work excretion. aka dump. so i grabbed my ol' ladys crap mag that comes every week. this is the ad i saw. so now what. everyone wants to look like a skater. seems we still are the coolest people on the planet. when dancers for a bigass show are rockin tony's shoe in an ad, shit must need some viewers. is this makin any sense? i am almost outta beers. or is it outta years? fukk...sorry. see how many chalkers you spot in the commercial. it's like where's waldo but your lookin for a lame-ass old skater sack of shit.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


sometimes when i am trollin the net for shit i always find funny shit. well at least to me. i was lookin for a photo but ran across this drawing of what the kids call a "hipster". but if have been hangin out with me and victor then you know we call these guys "scenesters" cuz they are always tryin to be in our scene. anyways it kinda looked like my buddy kevin. and he is the furthest thing from a scenester i know. and is on the team toebock crew, and adam wouldn't have that shit. so anyways here is a little video he made the other day. hope you like it.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


to all the babys mommas out there. and mine happy mothers day. i don't know who created this drawing but i think it's perfect for mothers day.

Friday, May 8, 2009


this was gonna start on some shit about my trip. but when i checked my emails i kinda got heated. my buddy brian sent me this link.
so when i looked i got pissed. if you have been readin the chronicles or have known me. you have known that i have had some creative ideas over the years. i am not tryin to toot my own horn, but when your married and have kids the mind wanders. i was takin a few trips when the SCUMDIE(c) popped into my mind. so imagine how i felt when i saw that shit. for the record when i rode for scarykid skateboards i wanted to do it. but we had no money for it. then when i was ridin for 84 it was gonna be a go. but they ran outta money. so i pitched it to silo boxers and consolidated skateboards, but no bites.....well not till this biter came along.

this is what i created on april 24th 2004

this is what i 09'

you make the call. those similarities are a little too close. skateboarder even gave them a review. so here it is. when you wanna product thats gonna sell. hit me up. then put it out about 3-5 years after i come up with the idea. cuz this ain't the first time it has happened. check the archives.

oh yeah and this board i made for rusczyk's pro debut for foundation, that went up for auction. back in jan 06'

Friday, May 1, 2009


what's all this i hear about the swine flu. sounds like a bunch of hogwash to me. i mean, i have had swine flew since the 90's. what i mean it was ok if you like christian punk rock. now i hear people are goin to the hospital and freakin out. they aint the fukken beatles.