Sunday, October 25, 2015

ROBBIE V. (X2000)

-----a few weeks back i was stoked to get a hand me down vx2000 from my buddy pierre. he is always looking out for me and knows i would put it to good use. the problem was the heads are smoked. i didnt know it, untill i tested it out. so i bought a mini dv head cleaner. i was stoked. it seemed to work. i recovered this footy of rob and went and filmed the homies in st. helena.....but then when went to put the footage on my computer, it glitched out again. so bummed. i cleaned the heads on more time and are hoping for the best. other wise its back to the sony trv 27. either way the chronnies will roll on. i gotta keep it dirty and stay out of the digital realm as long as i can. thanks for still partying over here.

-----glitch ass nose grind 180 out to beer chug.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


-----so, my buddy gabe aka sergio decided to do another episode of his "ftl files." he decided to do a cribs style edit with our own Mike Minard. mike bought a rv and currently lives in it. no rent, no problem. so just watch the video and get stoked.