Friday, February 25, 2011


-----lately everyone has been meeting up at the chalker chronicles head quarters on forty ounce friday's. so it got me thinking. i have seen on facebook that you can check into spots to let people know where you are partying at. to see what i mean, click here. so the next time you are over at the H.Q., you can let everyone know on yer mobile device. this way they know that it's time to crack the cap on that 40, spray up your griptape, and maybe watch an old video or two.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


-----while most people dream of having a velvet painting of elvis or a unicorn. my buddy hector has a velvet air ratchet at his chop shop.

-----you knew it was coming.

Monday, February 21, 2011


-----where to begin on this one. my buddy forrest,aka hector has the best idea for fun right now. it's called van life. just pile your homies in a van and set off for adventure. the crew was hector, skylar, stu, eves, and chalker. so we split town and headed to the pacifica park, where everyone ripped and had a good time. i even knocked my back,... back into place. it was nice to be able to bend over again. then we hit the log shop. they got the sickest bowl i have ridden in years. not only that i got to session with vert legend jeff hedges and his buddies. so much fun. man i am gonna be 38 in a few weeks and it is these kind of trips that make me feel like the first time i touched a board. i hope that this shit makes you wanna hit the road with your buddies and have a good time. ps check out my buddy tony's clothing company and buy some shit. skater owned skater operated. its called WLLM. PSS, on the last note i wanna thank my dude, stu. this guy if fukken epic. he had a girl on lock that would send naked pic's of herself. raise a tall for this guy, cuz that shit made the ride home that much more epic. more if you notice the good photos on here. those were takin by hector. i stole em. cuz we know that the chalker is married with kids and has no money for real equipment. which is the true beauty of this site.

----pacifica park, lots of pool coping and good times.

-----hector not only chop your ride, but kill your park as well with style and speed.

------skylar floatin and grinding

-----stu, gettin all up in this...

-----hectors version of eve's rock on the upper deck.

----- my version of eve's proper ass rock and roll

-----chalker, backside boneless to disaster

-----ahhhh the van life.

-----this place has the sickest ramp.

-----chalker and the legendary jeff hedges aka Ffej.

-----time to roll.

-----jeff hedges, on yet another sick ass invert.

-----eve's shot this one of jeff. soooo sick

-----chalker on the smither's. photo by hector.

-----skylar, backside smith over the door. aka the monty grind.

-----more van life.

-----after a sick ass session. gottta refuel for the ride home. skaters don't just survive on beer.

-----finally our wish of boobs finally came true. makes the ride home that much, more fun

Saturday, February 19, 2011


-----P.G. with the switch ollie that i shot that looks crummy. but you get what you get over here at the cronnies.

Friday, February 18, 2011


-----mexi matt is no stranger to the chronicles. nor 40 ounce friday for that matter. but, alas it is his birthday. his wife decided to surprise him with some friends and beers. it was also 40 ounce friday to boot. here's to you matt. you fukken sexi-mexi.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


-----last friday night, was the pleasant and brotherhood video premiers. both video were really good. so here are some of the heads that were there. sorry i wish i knew if yo could buy either of the vids, but i don't.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


i think i may have started skateboarding in 1987 or 88. who knows. but i can tell you it started with a mark "gator" rogowski. from then on life has been a little different from that of a regular human being. so before i start to carry on in my barney-isms. let me tell you that we have been trying to get a park in that town since i picked up a board. now it is finally here. (too bad i live in rosa now). i am 37 now and i feel like i am 15 all over again. i highly recommend you hit it up. it's right across the street from the high school and it has somethin for everyone. now go shred.
*******click the photos to enlarge them. so you can see the park better.

-----the ruska. 5-0 to fakes

-----after some fun in the sun. time to head back home. gotta high five eric on the way out.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


-----so we took a little day trip in the ol' van. i decided it was a black and white day. skated some spots. got rolled by the cops. but we triumphed and ate some good food so enjoy.

-----skylar and hector dueling front blunts.

-----eves, glamor shot.

-----skylar grinds, while hector captures the moment.

-----eves, police enforced wallie

-----ended up here


-----not only is it a 40 ounce friday. it is also a b-side video premier. i will be there. stop by the chronicles h.q. for a forty. then go watch some skateboarding.

Friday, February 4, 2011


-----my buddy nards' submitted this. he shot it on his 35mmm. it's our buddy cromer.... all up, in this shit for 40 ounce friday. sometimes digital isn't always better.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


-----how is it that i never posted this video on the chronicles. me and my buddy lou-dog decided to go visit my brother. aka vic chalker. we wanted to have a fun weekend of some beers and cruising around. so we documented the barney styles of the weekend. this shit is pretty old. so i hope you get a chuckle. damn i miss skateboarding with lou. don't worry he is still alive. just married and living in lodi. that's what happens kids, so skate as much as you can. cuz soon enough you will be like me, a old ass barney with old ass barney friends. i will be 38 in two months. ahhhhhhhhhhh............... oh yeah we hooked up with my buddy tony and ashley, way before the got married and had a son. damn i am getting old.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


-----i had the idea of using a song for my video i was working on. it was garcia vegas by 11-5. so i you-tubed it to see if any one had used it. it looks like someone from europe rocked it. i was gonna just use it anyways, but this guys part is pretty good. so i guess, he beat me to the punch. check it.