Sunday, August 14, 2016


-----well its been awhile since i broke out both dad cams. so long, i forgot some of the settings. yeah. working 12-13 hour days will do that i guess. so, any who's the crew decided to head out to west county. monte rio skatepark was the destination. it was a family day. wives, kids, homies and skateboarding. lots of yea's and beverages consumed. but the outcome was the best. everyone had fun and went home with a smile. too bad the new state of skateboarding will never show you that. thanks for stopping by and check the video styles.

-----motivational speakings.

-----motivational fuel.

-----stealth bombing.

-----met up with the crew.

-----this is danny, your monte rio skatepark ambassador. make sure to toss him a beer when you are rolling thru.

-----teach em' young.

-----taco bill.


-----mrs. tom brokeoff aka ang'

-----jasper sighting.

-----j dubs.

-----johnny and his vegan treat.

-----taco bill doing that rock to fakie truck jammer.

-----nards. fsa.

----dad cam in full swing.

Sunday, August 7, 2016


-----man its been awhile since i have been on this thing. too much work. i need to get back. anyways, my skate buddies bertalino and tony walker formed a skaterock band. so, no better time to dust off the dad cam and make a video. the band is called streetbreaker
the song is "piners protection." its all about the santa rosa skatepark. the video is of the homies doing what we do. just hangin out and having fun skateboarding.


-----full album.

-----dad cam back in action. mini dv. no hd. 420p

-----gary o. version