Friday, June 28, 2013


-----well it's official. forty ounce friday's has got some stickers for yer' board. i figured i would pull out the old s.a.s.e. trick like the old days. (if you clicked the link you will see what i am talking about.) the older dudes will get it. anyways i figured if you lived far away and wanted some 40 oz friday/ chalker chron sickers you could mail a self addressed stamped envelope to the address shown by clicking the pic on the sidebar...will you do it? all it cost's is two dollars cash. we all know dad is broke from paying for kids shit. this will go to another batch of stickers. thanks for the support everyone! now lets crack them caps and let forty ounce friday get rolling!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


-----well, on this little chronnie, i got lucky enough to get in the van and get some pics of the boys heading back into the west county. a shit load of clips got filmed for the up-coming brotherhood boardshop vid. it all seemed good till some undercover's rolled up on us. so be careful out there cuz skateboaders are still being profiled.

-----tone' loc. rockin like a hurricane.

-----baby boots. back tail.

-----stu. barney boardslide

-----travis. back smith

-----munz. front-crook

-----marlon. k.f.b.t.s.

-----dirty 30's ripper, o'ru showing the kids proper ollie styles over the rail


-----over the hard way.

-----dad life.

-----shane. lip skip.

-----marlon. proper chain surf form.

-----munz, over the chain and on down.

-----shane shut it down with the switch ollie.

-----so, we show up at the last spot and for reasons i will not disclose. tone' and stu got tickets from theses undercover cops. be on the look out. they are lame as fuck. it's two guys and a chick. they look like total bro's and can be seen driving a pontiac grand am like this one. looks likE it time to head back to rosa.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


-----so i got he quick clip back. i figured i would get them from rosa park from now on. so this one is of christian. this dude rips. i hope you enjoy it. sorry no forty ounce friday this week. dad has gotta do some family shit. if you are bored, check out the classic chronnies. see you next week.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


------happy fathers day to all the skate dads. i know it hard to be a dad, and try to skate in between work and all that other take a moment to enjoy just cruzin' around on the ol' board like my dude, jakkerz. dad life is in full swing!

-----brush the dust off that ollie.

-----take a little stroll thru the park with dad.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


-----so i got wind that legendary rosa ripper jason farthing was gunna be in town with his band the budrows. not only that leo romero and his band cuates was also on the bill. sounds like we got some skate rock ready to roll. so lets re-cap. you want more of the budrows, click here. if you want more of cuates, click here.

-----o.g. rosa ripper jason farthing.

-----the budrows.


-----the ruska, fogie and the juice tiger.

-----board meeting.

-----look beyond this dude in the foreground and you can see josh and amber.

-----chuck watts, kerry and his lady.

-----the nard's and his lady.

-----ian, fupa and marlon.

-----o.g. rosa park lady rippers. julia and el' reya.

-----nick the knife and crew.

-----jon miner, ready for another.

-----crew, the ruska and squints.

-----som and ashley stepped out.

----stu and leo. the other "cuates"

-----well at least its not my brother getting naked this time. after party at miners.

********sorry these video's arn't in h.d. at this time dad can't afford it. so just close your eyes and enjoy the tunes.

-----the budrows.


Sunday, June 9, 2013


-----what's up with the weather lately? it has been kinda crazy. a couple of weeks ago i wanted to skate real bad, and when i left the house it started raining. so i decided to meet up with stu and drew and skate some parking blocks under the freeway. cuz, at 40. them calories aint gunna burn themselves.


-----chalker.blunt slicer.

-----stu. curb click to finger flip.

Friday, June 7, 2013


-----some of you may have seen this pic on the gram' already. well, now it's an official forty ounce friday post/pic. this my dude skylar. if you saw on a couple of posts ago, he is heading to alaska. i guess this was taken on the ferry. i am looking forward to getting more pics of this dude sent to me. he is a ripper for sure. take care my dude and keep drinking them 40's and riding the old skateboard.

Monday, June 3, 2013


-----let's face it. the skate dad is probably not the trendiest dude on a board. we get heckled by our kids. just cuz we ain't rocking this season's latest. i mean, i don't know too many skate dads that are rocking skinny jeans and v-necks. for the most of us make do with what we got. take a look at the top pic by my homie walsh. that's why i thought it would be kind of fun to see what all the regular skate dads rock on session with the homies. so, if your are on the instagram you can use #thedadlifecollection or you can email it to me at and i will gram' it for you. so until i can figure out a better way its easier to host it, this way. i made a little button on the side bar so you can see what is going on whenever you are cruising thru. who knows maybe some clothing catalogs will take notice and give me a ring for some help..........ha! yeah right.

-----standard issue for dad life.

Sunday, June 2, 2013


----- everybody seems to think that all we do is drink and grow wine out here. not the case. so the van got loaded up to head out to the west county of the sonoma county. the purpose was to get some clips for the upcoming brotherhood video. we had a good crew. it was hot, and a lot of clips got filmed. hell i think i even scored a clip for the ol' vid. so enjoy the pics. they might make a little more sense when the video comes out. just like the old days. you see the pic and a mag, and say "what the heck?"...then when you see the video it all makes sense. ahhhhhh, just like the 80's

-----angel. little man going big. he committed so many times. but the laws of gravity won the fight. wait for the video to see that slams.

-----jon lohne. working on another brotherhood part.

-----shane schueler. this dude and his little brother killed it. switch flip over the rail.

-----travis schueler. aka little bro. backside 5-0 grind.

-----eddie munz. one of my favorites to skate with. always gets me hyped. 360 flip over the bar.

-----nick. so close, yet so far away. i am running this pic so you can see what could see the switch heel that could have almost been.

-----baby boots. back 180 the hard way.

-----stu landed this wall ride and got bucked off. to many shots the the hip and he called it a day.

-----a real crappy pic of munz, going over the bar. guess you gotta wait for the video to see it clearly.

-----damn! even the silver fox showed up. aka. forrest koogle

-----he even got a weeak vid clip.

-----this is the only pic i got of o-ru. it should be noted that the guy filming for the vid is just as important as the guy skateboarding in it. so the next time this dude is filming you in the hot sun, feel free to buy him a coldie. i owe you one orion. p.s. check out his original brotherhood part from 1999...i think???