Tuesday, February 28, 2012


-----i can't remember who i was talking too about wheels from the 90's. they didn't believe me when i told them how small they got. i am not gunna lie, i rocked many sets. it was all we had to choose from for a while. then 5 minutes after you threw em' on. they got flatspots. i guess it was bound to happen. skateboarding is always evolving. so at that time it went from giant wheels like the bullet 66's. then literally overnight they turned into bearing covers. so to those that picked up a skateboard after that be thank full. cuz the 90's skateboard look was just as bad..........but hey since companies are doin reissues. can i get some of them 40mm spit's for my garage. hint, hint deluxe.

*****click the pick above...and yes i know my scanner sucks. welcome to my world.

-----check out how small those wheels are. danny way still killing it.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


-----i have been doing a little landscaping around the house. so we wanted to replace all the decorative rock with something else. so i had a crap load of this stuff. what better way to get rid of it, than to build a permanent QP. i really cant wait for it to be done. but i gotta do some other crap first. i cant wait for the good times to be had.

-----good times like this.

Friday, February 24, 2012


-----so wes cruised over ion his bike for 40 ounce friday. good time were had, and forty's were consumed....for the record that shit aint, no trend speed. wes is a skateboarder.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


-----so for the next couple of weeks i will be doing some upgrades to the HQ. i will be in and and out of here periodically. as you can see by the pic above, i am doing a little facelift. gotta move some shit from around the house, then turn it into something skateable...... it sucks when you have a real job, then try to work when you get home..... so bear with me. thanks go out to all those who check into this blog on the daily.

------bout time for a upgrade.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


-----so me, justin and mexi matt heard social distortion was going to be playing in oakland. so we decided to make it a little skate trip as well. we hit up a bank spot in richmond and the berkley park on the way to the show. one of the highlights was running into skateboard legend, tommy guerrero. so tired and thirsty we grabbed some brews. checked into the room. got to the show and got out socks rocked off! mike ness is a fukking boss. 20+ years and still sounds amazing. i hope you guys get inspired and do the same!

-----justin, mexi matt and chalker.

-----our chariot, awaits....

-----east bay bound

-----bout to do some ghetto surfing in richmond. check that right hand barrrel.

-----mexi and justin. first ever double single wave carve.

-----chalker, tucking thru the barrel

-----stopped at the berkeley park

-----mexi and justin practicing for the next double contest.

-----mexi matt. pop shuv, nose to revert.

-----we didn't find animal chin. but we did find tommy guerrero

-----oakland, i can't think of a better place to see a show.

-----social distortion, about to rock this place.

-----we ran into a couple of santa rosan's while we were there.

-----good music, good drinks.

-----cruisin to the wizzer, i ran into J.B. while i was there. ukiah punks unite!

-----rockin and a rollin'

-----best show i have seen in a long time.

-----after the show hit this place up, on the way back to the hotel.

-----after a couple of drinks at that scenester ass bar we hit the streets to party with our kind of people.

----- after a shit load of beers i say "fuck it", i will take the floor.

-----i dreamed all day of a rock and roll weekend.

Friday, February 17, 2012


-----forty ounce friday is here. there is no better way to set it off, other that crackin a coldie with your friends. just look at cromer and that gypsy ass kevin. that is what forty ounce friday is about.....right? heading over to the skatepark. doin a couple of tricks, take a break and crack the cap on that forty. so what are you waiting for. grab yer beer cruiser and head to the liquor store


Tuesday, February 14, 2012


------it looks like tone loc' has got bitten by the old school bug. i mean shit. i saw him do all his regular flipity shit on this thing. he told me that this board looked like way too much fun. so peep his little run. i think skateboarding is going to get a whole lot funner.

-----even young dogs can learn old tricks.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


-----so last sunday a crew decided to go skate the ukiah park. so we all climbed in the van and headed out. lohne-star shot the pic above. pretty good times i must say. if you are someone you know has a van i suggest you fill it full of your buddies and hit the road. trust me, you will not regret it. oh yeah jakkerz shot some cool pics too. you can see them over at the oulk site.

-----ukiah park.

-----heated discussion about which hemmoroid cream is the best.

-----zappy said he hadn't skated in months. i think he lied.

-----lohne star board slide to fakie into the bank. still shredding that ron allen h-street.

-----billy gabe on the jason jessee re issue

-----mexi matt, keep on truckin'

-----carli is cruxin'

-----came across this harsh bank.

-----austin funk, aka spunk slammed a crap load on this. his feet were always on the board. but the impact was way too much.

-----hendo shot this. stu boneless in the sandpaper.

-----told you that spot was rough

-----just a couple of clips. i was too busy skateboarding.

Friday, February 10, 2012


-----well it seems that i am back to working my behind off. all day i see these spots that need to get skated. mostly big red curbs. you know those ones that need a good slappy. as you can see my buddy forrest aka hector rolled thru witha 40 and a new slappy device. i suggest you go out and pick one up. sure you can still do flip tricks on them. but we all know nothing feels as good as the slappy. now go take it to whole new level.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


-----john ponts. this dude is also known as pontsarelli or depontez around these parts. his last trick is fucking hairy. i still have seen no one step to this gap. after he bailed the rosa scene for sown south. he got hooked up by dogtown. then black label but got a better gig over at creature. prior to that, dude got the cover of thrasher. so if you are looking for him now, he is probably flying over alaska still being a scumbag. miss you buddy.

-----the credits. this shit is funny. just watch and see. also read what people put in there credits. you will get a chuckle outta that for sure.....lastly there was a bonus part to this. but the d.v. tape i have doesn't have it on it. when powner puts it up in the future, i will chuck it up. until then thanks for watching a piece of santa rosa skateboard history. i hope to chuck up some more for you guys. i think i gotta work late tomorrow. so i will see you on 40 oz fri........chalker.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


-----amigos part two. we got some soon to be pro's, a skater of the year, sick filmers for video of the year, rad dads and rock stars in this next one. see if you can pick em' out. santa rosa was the place to be at this point in skateboarding.

-----danny ramirez. i have been skateboarding with this dude for a long time. dude is mega good at the flipity board thingy. his last trick is so fucking sick. watch it till the end! i havent seen this dude in a minute. danny if you read this, hit me up to shred with old guys!

-----jon lohne. aka lohne star. this dude is always on the chronnies too. what is truly crazy is jon went from riding for the shop to owning it. talk about full circle. coming all the way down here from the portland area. this dude has been killing it way back then and up until this day. dirty 30's trip. fool went bananas with a double set kickflip.

Monday, February 6, 2012


-----mike carli. i have had the pleasure of watching this dude go from little grom to full on ripper. not only does he shred on the board but on the drums as well. to many stories to tell......maybe one day.

-----brian henderson. this part is one of my favorites of all time. so tech. for some reason the line at 3rd and army will always be embedded in my brain. so proper. i think jeff filmed it. i just like watching the lines in the concrete go by. i am pretty sure i have lost every game of skate we have played together.

-----ryan fulton. this dude kills it. smooth style, good pop and all around chill dude. i get stoked when he pops up in the rosa town. skateboarding and beers are always the best with this guy.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


-----kinda stoked on this feature on my point and shoot. not as fancy as shooting a real sequence. kevin the gypsy on the kick flipper to nose manny. just click the pic.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


-----jared dupret and mike canales. you all know jared aka j-rad. he is up on the chronicles all the time. his part is nice and flowy. also, mr mike canales. this kid has a really unique ollie. check that snap. just like a rabbit. he is a current resident of utah and a kick ass barber. he is down for life.

-----kurt hurley. the old shop owner. last time i saw him he was doin some stuff with dreggs skateboards.

-----this is the various demos part. i am pretty hyped to see the old ukiah stuff in here. lots of rad faces i aint seen in a minute. i didn't get to go to the one in the school yard or in the mountains, but they loked like a lotta fun.

Friday, February 3, 2012


-----its been a long week and forty ounce friday is upon us. how to make it better you ask? by taking a beer shower, of course. our boy johnny phone numbers, shows us the proper way.


-----after a few, we are back to puttin up more of the horseshoes and handgrenades vid. this one is the road trip section. many locations from las vegas to arizona and reno. i am pretty sure sam king was the m.v.p. on this one. lets see. he broke his face. got super wasted. shreded some crazy crap. i also wanna say this dude got with some chick in an alleyway while we were in vegas. anyways its 40 oz fri too. so crack it and watch some good friends do some good skateboarding.

-----get in the van.