Saturday, May 18, 2019


----it was ian's birthday and he wanted to skate. joey d was talking about a little ramp he put together. so, we headed east. it was ian, gabe stu, marlon, danny d, cyrus and myself. tony and waylon would meet us over there. the ramp was fun and tight. after a bit the crew hit a wall ride spot. everyone caught a wave and some caught a buzz. we ended the day at the sonoma park for a bit and headed home. i have come to realize over the doesn't really matter what you skate, cuz when your with your friends your guaranteed a good time.

-----road soda.

-----stack em up.

-----you guys need to go that way.

-----by that way, you mean take the offramp.

-----marlon frontside rockin in the free world.

-----waylon learned frontside grinds.

-----never forget.

-----random radicalness

-----bronco sighting

-----who's board this?

-----the jetty was firing. on shore and gravely.

-----outta the wave pool turtle.

-----tony frontal slasher,

-----dan split the wave.

-----birthday boy ian.

-----blow out the candles make a wish.

-----one more spot before its time to pack it up.

-----solid day, solid crew.

-----video jamboree.

Sunday, May 5, 2019


-----so the pbr 6.5 finally made its way to santa rosa. of course i had to try it. even though the gentrifacating hipsters have kinda tarnished the label i am still a lifer. just like skateboarding its part of who i am, pabst will always be a part of my lifestyle. anyways, peep the vid we all know its gunna be lame. but hey

-----another crappy review from some lame ass old widdler skater dude.