Saturday, March 29, 2014

JOE JAM 2014

-----so, last saturday was the annual "joe jam". where we all get together to skate and for our fallen brother joe hyland. joe was definitely one of the most original humans i have ever met. he skated unlike anyone else. he rode a zip zinger the way most ride a regular board. any grind or flip trick you could do, he did it better and with more style on that little board. the mark he left on the santa rosa skateboard scene is legendary. so, raise a tall for my man joe!

-----steven. frontside noseslide.

-----sovann. boardslide.

-----kevin. nose blunt slide.

-----moe. nose skid pop over.

-----brown steve. maiden flip.

-----lohne star. backside grab.

-----the ol' one foot.

-----ian. front board kiss.

----got it.


-----good times.

-----we miss you joe.

-----never forget joe hyland.

-----video fun.

Friday, March 28, 2014


-----its forty ounce friday. who wants to party? my buddy jebba sent this one from the east coast.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


-----so last sunday, what started out as four of us(me, one eye willie, sergio,and moe)heading out to the monte rio park, ended up into a entire barney sesh. as the time passed others showed up like, jared, bob, ian,sole wax, stu g, taco bill and captain stu albano. then outta nowhere koogle, big poppa and lohne star show up. not to forget trevor was there as well. anyways, lohne star brought his video drone which gave us some super sick air styles filming.......oh yeah, better say whats up to big poppa in the next couple of weeks, cuz he is seattle bound.

-----barney styles.

-----pierre. getting into a proper barney stance.

-----i took a pic of ian doing a boneless. then a huge gust of wind came outta no where.(note hat blowing off head)


-----tail skids.

-----bob. lien to tail.


-----kehoe and bob doubles.

-----kehoe switch feebs.

-----jared. backside ginder.

-----chronnie cam.

-----lohne star, bonus edit.

Friday, March 14, 2014


-----damn the weather in rosa is pretty fucking excellent today. i found this picture of my dude nards' on the computer. so if the sun is out in your area grab a 40 and enjoy!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


-----well it looks like the quick clip has made it back after a little hiatus. we got the mayor of rosa park, mr. matt kehoe. i am pretty stoked on this. cuz its all pretty much switch. but i also got a tutorial on my hand me down trv. cuz, if you saw my last video the colors were super dark. thanks ruska and kehoe for showing me how to use this thing. it's a total step up from the old dad cam.

-----the ol' switch a roo.

Monday, March 10, 2014


-----so the homie jack emailed me a link to a good time homie vid called "na-ma-sk8". i always hyped on a good little homie vid. just some guys having fun skateboarding. check it out. it might just spark a idea of your own. thnaks again jack for keeping a homie in the loop.

-----the visual.

Saturday, March 8, 2014


-----i have been over to the st helena park a few times in the past couple of weeks. so i had some footy with my camera and my iphone.(for the record mac and pc's dont work together, i had to get crafty trying the slo mo shit.) anyways enjoy the fun. the young guns and the old barneys had a good time.

-----lil' shculie. back smith.

-----angel kick flips the bacon strip, while sergio contemplates his life after 30.

-----the ruska. back tail.

-----mexi matt. stylers.

-----the last four pics are by my man jakkerz. to see them in the high rez, head over to the oulk site.

-----moe. lipps'

-----joel. board skidder.

----- u.g. f.s.g.

-----one-eye willie. no comply bonk.

-----iphone/trv footy.

Saturday, March 1, 2014


----- iam still trying to figure out who's bright idea it was to coin the word "hipster" with drinking pabst blue ribbon beer. as far as i can remember back it was all a bunch of scumbags that drank it. i mean who remembers when there was a time that it was nearly unattainable here in california. so, now with its come back all these cheese dick, shit stache', fixed geared, sister wearing pants wannabe's are fucking it up for me and my crew of miscreants. now, lets get to the pics. these have been on my hard drive for about two years. i also had some footy on the old dad cam in there too. so, if you wanna know what a real pabst drinker looks like and the atmosphere its contained in, look no further.

------a night at the 440 about 2 years ago.