Tuesday, April 29, 2008


so i was diggin thru some bass tabs and i came across this log from a mini trip that me, kevin mcgowan, lionel rocha aka; the loach and fellow team member brian henderson. this was another film mission bro-fest . i think maybe 4 years ago. anyways brian had an idea where all the team guys make a page for a mini zine that was goin into the shrink wrap with the boards. well everyone opted for the artsy route, my page was going to be a mini log, of a trip so here it is word for word..................
-Thurs. July 3.
9 p.m. head to hunington beach, hop in the truck. the crew is me, brian, loach, kevin and noah. lil noah was pretty sick. i think he has food poisoning. stop in marin. noah looks like the walking dead. people are staring at him like he is dunk, but he is hella sick. it doesn't help that i am holding a forty. noah calls his mom he can't make it. we head back to novato. noah bails. now there are only four left. fukk we got 7 hours of drivin left. get on i-5 theres a huge wreck. back up the clock. 2 hours later brian calls it. go to a rest stop and get out the bags. it's time to sleep dagger style. me and brian sllep on the tables, while kevin and and loach sleep in the truck. cash in the chips and take a nap.
-Fri. July 4.
wake up at 7 am and i got a load of flies on me and its already 90 degrees. hop in the truck and i become commander of the vessel. traffic is thick and there is a gnarly wreck about every 50 miles. we even saw a car straight 5 alarmin right on the side of the road......hell fire, unleashed. finaaly get to h.b. seeing danny and jeff is a godamn relief. oh by the way jeff and danny live in the old warner apts. if you don't know the story ask brian. hit up del taco and go over to mark waters animal chin ramp. it's like a hundred degrees, these dudes show up with pbr........my heros. me and loach try to do neil blender rollouts and burn our hands. we are fukkin gay. we roll over to a gap over rail that danny knows about. kevin switch ollies it . loach pop shuv's it. danny almost heelflips it. i puss out cuz i can't get enough speed to it. so i kick-flip into the grass bank and eat shit. we then hit up this skateable sign and bum a smoke off some wierd lady. eat dinner. chill . jeff takes us to these banks that MJ b.s.n.b.s. ------loach gets a tailslide, me and kev get frontside boardslides, some security tries to hassle. get some pbr and head back to jeff's. by this time its like 1 am, brian chucks 2 m-80's out the window.......apts shake, big lights, huge boom . happy 4th mutha f'rs
-Sat July 5.
wake up and head to del taco. big pappa calls and is gonna meet us at 8 to shoot some photos. this day is lookin good.go skate this school by the house . break my board doin a line and get tossed like a pile of shit. after jeff and brain figure it out, we head down to venice beach for the freakshow.. i chilled and watched the rollerskaters while brian did a half-cab nose manni on the big ledge. then kevin switched helled to fakie manni. danny also hooked up a half cab heelflip to noseslide down the escalater. night falls and we bounce. get big poppa, check some spots , drink some pbr and go lookin for the sandman.
-Sun July 6.
del taco for breakfast and we roll out. everyone is sore. head over to l.a. high. see sumner, romero, braydon, and ellington. everyone is hittin up the rail, and loach get some shit, while me and biggie go shoot photos in the front. go to another rail in korea town. danny noseslides it and brayden back smiths it.head to hooters for dinner(no hot chix) ...get to the pad have a beer, listen to maiden and pass out.
-Mon July 7.
last say no skating...........fukk. go over to sole-tech so kevin and loach can get their shit. see tony-e adn miner from rosetown. b.s. and hang out. thanks for the stuff tony and jeff. look for something in the mall for my family but they aint got shit. head over to 1984 to get some shit. thanks to shannon and scotty for keepin me clothed. finally its 5.....prime traffic. fukk this shit. head to del taco one last time.....i will miss her. stop by the goodwill. me and brian get get some space boots for the cover of love gun. its 7. blast out of h.b. 1 hour later i-5 is shut down for a gnarly ass fire. this is gonna be along haul.....out of traffic. stop at a.m.-p.m. i geta large mocha, take the wheel and drive 5 hours straight. get home at 3:30 am, hell's yeah! drop my shit, hit the floor, i am out! ---------CHALKER----------------

Sunday, April 27, 2008

DON'T DRINK THE WATER................

so i just got off the phone with brian when this little memory kicked in. once in a blue moon brian will get me with........... you remember that time in willits. so i here is the sketchiness. back when scarykid skateboards was rollin. it was brian henderson, ryan zapaltas, danny rameriez and me isaac kenyon aka: chalker. we had a demo to do up north in willits. so ryan and danny had stuff to do. so that left me and brian to do the demo. it was cool, me and brian skated good and we got some people stoked on the brand. it was time to bail out, so we decided to hit up safeway for some dinner. brain got the usual, hummus and bread. and i got a sandwich and a tall can. no biggie "right"? so a car pulls up next to us and the guy says " i don't like the way you guys look", "i got a gun and i am gonna shoot you both"! so me and brian look at each other like "what the fuck" so about this time me and brian are givin him, the "whats your malfunction, and whats the deal". and we seemed to get no where he was still hell bent on shooting us both. even though we never saw a weapon. although i should give you a little preface to this story on the way up to willits. i was tellin brian about a guy that murdered his dad with a ax weeks before, and he thought the whole scene up there was really sketchy, and the water had somethin to do with it. any way back to the story.it was about 20 minutes of this guy threating me and brians life. and i had enough of it. he was fucking up me and brian's dinner. so i ended up snapping either i was gonna get in a brawl or get shot. so i put down my tall and my sandwich. told this dude i don't give a fuck anymore. shoot me. i am married witha kid to support. my life is all ready over so you will be doin me a favor. lets fuckin do this.....get out of your car. and then it got kind of wierd . i really don't know how to describe it after that. the guy was dumbfounded. i really don't think he was ready for that. and after a few more words he offered to buy me and brian a beer for our troubles. we said "we were good" and he bailed out. brian looked at me and vowed never to drink the water from willits ever.

Friday, April 25, 2008

ussr losses way of the warriors contest

what the fukk. i mean no one understands the ways of the ussr. but thats what you get when transworld mag ends up judgin your shit. i bet if thrasher would have judged we would have won. i guess that we are to "real" for everyone to understand. so to the assholes that don't get it. you never will. and to all my homies of the united scumbags of santa rosa. at least we drank, skated and got some kick ass footy. so fukk i guess i am just pissed that we lost........ i hate rants

Wednesday, April 23, 2008





on down

all right here it goes, so last week i went on a skate mission down south with kehoe to meet up with rusczyk.and it was on point. i would like to thank mark for letting us skate and sleep at his house. and big ups to my boy mike for haulin my fat carcass around. and shawn needs to thank me for the hook up(shawn knows the deal) .....and of course the pizza chief aka jeff henderson for hookin it up at emerica and tony evj's for the matix gear. thefirst night we skate at marks place then head to this bar called the pit. its nice to see that underage girls still have a place to party. holy crap it is just like its name. then on thursday we hook up with jeff hendo at emerica and hop into the van and pick up tony at podium. while we are watin me jeff and kehoe have a pretty sick little sesh with mike carroll and scott johnston on the matix ramp. from there we head out to channel street, if you have never been to that place make it your mission. meet up with daewon and shred. it was rad dae did a judo to fakie, and all the over 30 year old. guys got frontside grinds on the big part of the new build. i should also mention that kehoe did it switch. so we head over to the store and i get a tall, jeff gets some water, and tone gets a porno. life hasn't changed. so friday hits and kehoe heads to az. and i head to sole tech with mike and hang with jeff. don brown keeps tellin me to do some work, but i just keep readin skate mags. that kid figgy shows up and gets giggily. that kid is a ripper youtube that shit. me , mike and jeff along with ivo(i think thats how you spell it and head to the rvca ramp. we are so amped. like 10 minutes into it these tweens come in and start ripping. it was crazy. but it was like little league one of the kids kept lookin back at his dad to make sure he was skating right, at one point i even heard one of the kids dad say"your spinning off axis". this was crazy cuz dad has probably never tried ti spin a 540. man you gotta thank the parents of these kids, i mean they are trying to get rich of the talent of thier kids. i think i came up with the phrase "scheckler syndrome" even when one of the kids took a good slam ,the dad was yellin "get up" while i was askin the kid "are you ok?" i think that jeff told me they refer to kids like this as "air babies" , all air no style. oh well at least i got to make the dads of the kids feel bad when i let them know i had a nine year old daughter, and i am still skatin at 35. so we head back to jeffs talk about how these kids have it so fukked. and get some brews and pizza. (go figure) . that night me mike and shawn go to some bar downtown and close it down, and i do all the footwork so shawn can get a call at 3:30 in the mornin.........thats my dawg. me and mike pass out and the wake up and head out to chino to skate. super fun park good times. then a kid tells us that there is another park on the other side of town. so we check it and it is a pile of shit. its rad every park has a hometown hero that does a pop shuv it tailgrab. and this place was no exception. so me and mike goof for a while and head home. then we got to thinkin you park kinda makes your scene, and these kids had a shitty park. so they must of had a shitty scene. but when mike asked one of the kids "hey there is a way better park on the other side of town." the kid replied " yeah but it has a bunch of druggies" so maybe i was wrong their crappy park was keepin em straight.........aw who am i kiddin that park was a turd. so me and mike headed over to matt hensleys bar in oceanside had a brew, mike had many brews plus some hippy shit, and since i was the sober one drove his psychadelic mind home. went to bed woke up and got on the plane and headed home back to the wife and kids and making a leap back to reality.
oh yeah i know this is gonna sound totally gay. but i already miss those guys, we skated our asses of just for the pure fun of skating with one another. dont worry the dad cam got some footy for the next barney video.

Monday, April 21, 2008

this pile of shit is the guy startin up this gig.
today is a test run for the chalker chronicles. i am workin on some of the details with this. i would like to thank mike for gettin me rollin. once i get the ball rollin then the stories will unfold.