Tuesday, March 30, 2010


1) you skate
2) you and or your friends are in a band
3) skate rock
this is why skateboarding will always be cooler than anything else. you skate and you and your friends play music. put em' together and make one of the best video intro's ever.

----wheels of fire, clause grabke's band.(old santa cruz pro)

-----hightower, everyone in this band skates.

-----bad shit, you should know these guys

Monday, March 29, 2010


i found these photos on the camera i used to use. i figured why delete them when they can hang out here. basically we found this gap. it was rough ass hell, and you could hit it from two different angles. so a couple of dudes went fishin for some tricks. nacho and tony c were the winner's. and soulwax was a winner in my book for blacking out the night before. also eddie munz put in more work than anyone else and missed the heelflip. but no worries the video will end up in the commercial, so keep an eye out.

-----nacho, big spin lander.

-----eddie munz put in some work on a heelflip but came up short.

-----if you look hard enough you might get a glimpse of tony can's switch frontside flip.

-----soulwax kickflip atttempt, hours before this he woke from blacking out from raging all night. i know it's a bail, but points for showin up.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


my buddy lohne over at the brotherhood boardshop, has a pretty good idea goin on. it's called bag of tricks. basically what trick's you got and them film them with his sick-ass slo-mo cam. words cannot describe it, so just check it.


to start out i got a new point and shoot camera, so you are gonna be seein alot more photos on this thing. which by the way, the ones of ginney's backside miller flip were the first ones with my camera. also i want to add i am workin on a chalker chronicles commercial for the new revo video. so the little videos i make will be put on hiatus just for a bit, while i amass some footage for the video. so the photos i post will be little insight's to what will be seen. lastly my buddy mike who helped me get started on this. has decided to help me give the chronicles a little face lift. i have all-ways kinda wanted it to look a certain way, so hopefully the ruska will make it cooler. so enjoy some ramdom photos that will soon follow and as soon as the commercial is done, there shall be more lame-ass videos.

-----ginney pig, reverse stage dive to backside miller-flip

-----almost there

-----dive bomb

-----water, check. wax, check. pabst, check.

-----soulwax checks the spec's

-----ryan fulton made a guest appearance

-----look out for the gator's

Monday, March 15, 2010


so my lady decided to toss me a party for turnin 37...... anyway's since we both are fans of the trainwreck, known as the jersey shore. what a better way to celebrate with bro'd out douche-ass party. i took alot of photos. some didn't make it cuz, i wanted to show all the nonsense, so you could laugh. and if this kinda makes you uneasy then click here. cuz those guy's over there take that shit very seriously.

-----chalker #1 guido for life.....aka doucha-sorus-rex

-----mexi matt aka el doucho'

-----mrs.chalker and denee

-----mr. and mrs. loach

-----loach and chalker

-----brian and aylissa

-----the coopers

-----the ozzy's

-----powner and chalker

-----the werby's

-----jersey girls love the billygabe

-----shit biggie and his lady even made it.

-----party's over.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


one of the main reason's i created the chalker chronicles, was so that all my friends even though no matter how far apart life takes us. we could at least meet here. skateboarding will always be in the blood. but somewhere in that time you meet girls and soon enough life evolves. you get older, have kids, buy houses, and pretty much get disconnected. one of my favorite people to cruz with is my buddy louis. aka lou-dog. we have been on some epic barney jouneys all over the map. but as the sands of time fell he got married and moved to lodi so his wife could follow here dreams to work as a lawyer in the state municipal system. so the town lou lives in is pretty crappy for skateboarding. so what did he do? well after he bought his house he did what every barney does. built a ramp in his garage so when the time calls. you can grab a beer and do some lip tricks. so to all the barney's out there that think you can't skate anymore cuz of where you live. just follow the path of our fellow barney lou-dog. just make it happen.

Monday, March 1, 2010


beauty is in the eye of the beholder. and lets not forget this one. don't ask me how it got there but it did. probably the best piece of art i have ever laid eyes on.