Sunday, January 22, 2012


-----everyone keeps askin when this video is gunna be put up on the web. i mean shit, it came out in the year 2000. i guess after 12 years, it is time. as each part goes up i will add some commentary. skateboarding has changed alot since then as well. even though it has, we are still friends and try to skate as much as we can. you may recognize many of these dudes from the chronnies. only a little older. this was also around the time when the santa rosa skatepark was poppin' off. skateboarders from all over the world came to hit this place up. it had its own scene. you never knew what team or pro was gunna roll thru. i really don't know what to add here. this video was filmed and edited by powner, the hendo brothers. i also wanna thank powner for getting this up since my computer wasn't up to the task. enjoy!


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Sean said...

Best video ever.