Saturday, January 7, 2012


-----so i hopped in the van with some dudes and headed out o the bolinas skatepark. where is bolinas you say? out in the middle of nowhere. and let me tell you the local inhabitants like it that way. so the crew consisted of ian, forrest blair, big poppa, bobby, trevor and myself. then later on a suburban shows up with one eye willie and johnny. i didnt any footage of them cuz by that time it was beer thirty. so check the vid. the place is cool as shit. no cops, no pads and no worries. just watch out for the local hippies. cuz you cant get that smell out of your clothes. no matter how many washes.

-----showed up and some guy was riding and o.g. santa cruz slasher. suck it ebay junkees. this dude is still killing it on a set up worth more than most peoples cars.

-----blair and skylar. surf style vs. skate style

-----eve's will always be with us.

-----bolinas park.


nyquil said...

why doesn't anybody ever comment on your blog, bro. It's kinda fuckin weird innit?

Anonymous said...

Here's a comment...
Skateboarding is fun- thanks for sharing.