Sunday, April 27, 2014


-----so i got the call that ian was gunna drive up to ukiah with some fellow scumbags for some good times. it was ian, bob, stu, nards and myself. with a special appearance by skylar. the day was filled with tons of fun and lots of slams. i sometimes wish that the skateboarding that you see on tv, would be more like this. just some dudes having fun and falling down. not, all makes, gold chains and bmw's. so, grab your board, some brews and your buds. cuz, skateboarding just to have fun is what it's all about. see you down the line! oh yeah, i almost forgot. pour some out for the dad style point and shoot. i got home that night and discovered it was broke. kind of a bummer. i have used it since day one i started this thing.

-----nards. make.

-----stu. make.

-----bob. slam

-----ian. slam.

-----chalker. slam.


-----last pic on the dad cam :(

-----rest in pieces old friend.

-----brews, boards, and butt bruises.

Friday, April 25, 2014


-----i was busy last 40 ounce friday, so i wanted to make sure i got one up today. so i found this pic of bob saws like shit on my computer. you know this dude, always grabbing his board. yelling and what not. so cheers! crack a cap and meet me at the phoenix theater in luma'...........cuz these dudes are playing tonight. pre-game beers over at volpi's

Monday, April 21, 2014


-----so what ended up to be a fluke saturday of the homies skating around turned into a little barney sesh out at monte rio. so as it would be it got super windy and we just dorked off for the most part. that was until the sheriffs showed up because someone had said we were shooting off a gun, i wish i would have took a pic, but i blew it. so here are some crummy pics, cuz the batteries in my video camera had died and my point and shoot is broken. so all this is with the good ol' iphone. thank goodness for technology.

-----grabbing some beers and came across this. 20 bux for a little swizzler froma one armed lady???????

-----the battery was just about to die. so no video styles.

-----stu. trv styles.


-----impromptu bar.

-----ryan fulton, made a guest appearance.

-----backside floater.

-----sole wax. i was hyped on these pics. he is a street dog. so seeing him hit some grinds was awesome.


-----eye of the tiger.

----o ru.

-----the ruska.

-----killa hoe.

-----here is my trick. the ghetto kite. stu pic.

-----beer frame.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


-----so the other day me and my dude "nards." came up with a imaginary board company called, "V.H.S." it stands for very horrible skateboards. anyways long story short, i had some footy from when i first got my trv. we were just drinking some cold ones in the garage and matt turned it up. always the life of the party. so then i had this idea of making a little edit of matt as vhs skateboards first beer flow rider. so, yea. here you go. additional apperances by the juice tiger and the other member of the ussr, tony aka t-bird.

-----beer flow intro.

Saturday, April 12, 2014


-----so the crew embarked on another trip out to the st.helena park. it was hot and we had some cold brews. everyone had their shirts off at one point and the first official h.o.g.s. pic was taken. yea, the shit you do with your buddies for fun. beers, boards, and barney's.

----moe. frontside wallride.

-----the ruska. with the buttska.

-----willie. wall ride.

-----pierre. 80's style.

-----this is what it looks like when you upload a insta clip. i kind of like it.crappy chronnie sequence.

-----for the ladies. calendar, never. H.O.G.S. hot older gentleman skateboarders.

-----so at the end of the sesh, we stopped at gotts burger stand. oh yeah, they serve hamms!

-----get cho skank on!

Friday, April 11, 2014


so, marlon sent me these pics from the 808 aka hawaii. i was pretty stoked to get em. the last time he sent me some awesome stuff from the ledendary wallows ditch. also, by the looks of it he has a drinking buddy. saftey first, i always say. thanks marika for the pic too. so, yeah hawaii forty ounce friday!........ and don't be a haole'.



Tuesday, April 8, 2014


-----so lohne star filmed a over head with the chopper cam for the final pic of the tony jam from last year. it's not that long. just long enough to see the love. miss you brotha.

-----get to the choppa!

Saturday, April 5, 2014


-----so when was the last you got to skate the healdsburg skatepark? it's been awhile since they like to hand out tickets, like its going outta style. so we ventured north anyways. well aware that the scooter factor was gunna be high. after a few hours the police did a couple of drive by's. no stopping to harass us at all. could it be? healdsburg police have finally realized that handing out skateboard tickets is lame? i guess we will never know. cuz, i am sure it will be another year or so before we head up there. oh yeah, before i forget that place used to be buttery smooth. now its rough and crustie. better hurry and get some before the surface turns into sandpaper.

-----orion aka o-ru. ollie.

-----so everyone decided to get flippy on this part.


-----one eye willie.

-----brown steve.

-----uncle moe.

-----crustie jamboree.

Friday, April 4, 2014


-----not only is it 40 oz friday, but it is my dude, casey's birthday. so lets crack a cold one for the birthday boy!

-----still one of my favorite clips. this was all filmed in a matter of 15 mins.