Monday, January 28, 2013


-----are you kids ready for a old-ass story? back on my birthday in 1985,(7th grade) i got a vision, mark "gator" rogowski skateboard. so down the street my buddy mike johnson had a board too. so we started to skate the curb in front of my apartment and the bi-lo shopping center in between our homes. we had other skate rat homies that lived in the area too, but that is another tale. so anyways when. 1987 rolled around i was a freshman at ukiah high. that's when i met anthony aka tony walsh. so for the next few years we all kinda skated around ukiah. until i moved away. by the time i got back. mike was playing music. walsh had moved away and the whole small wheels big pants of the 90s took where am i going with this barney ramble. i caught word that they both would be at the ukiah skatepark. so i got a hold of the ruska and we made tracks in the early am. right before all the scooter kids woke up. it was pretty cool seeing mike on a board again. tony has never really stopped, but to think 27 years ago i stepped on a board with these dudes is pretty amazing. most of the kids i skate with now arn't even that old. so take it in kids. i hope all you make it this long and longer. skateboarding is the one thing that can never grow old. you might get married, have kids and a job. but guess who is chilling in the garage waiting for you. it knows your busy. but when you get that first push you know its like you never left. oh yeah the picture above. mike, tony and myself. barneys for life.

****** i got some pics and clips of the uk dudes as well. not all geezer footy.

-----denton. mini-bowl. mini-fsa.

-----tony walsh. doing more shit than most dads half his age. teaching yourself to do inverts at damn well 40 years old deserves a cold one.

-----the ruska. trying to surf past the reef.

-----whats so rad about this pic of mike. is that he still has the same ollie style damn near 27 years later. check the arms.

-----eric. fakie ollie to fakie backside nosegrind.

-----good times. great oldies.

Friday, January 25, 2013


-----when was the last time you two fisted on forty ounce friday? my dude saif aka pleasant boards, grabbed some gusto and jumped right in. lets face it. edward forty hands is pretty lame. the only time it is cool is when a chick has to pee...and well you gotta do your manly duty. unless of course, the beer goggles arn't strapped on. so the moral of the story is this. don't tape you shit together. just grab some 40's and go to town. just make sure you can handle the intake.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


-----well here is the final installment of brents polaroids. these are all takin' of mr. joel price. hands down this dude has the best kickflips i have ever seen at the santa rosa park. i really wish the younger dudes could have been here in the "hey days." before i get all barney'd out, with tales of yore. i wanna thank brent wick for letting me use these. i just hope that it brings back some memories for the older guys, and give a little history for the young guns. so get out and bring some life to the rosa park!

-----not only can you see some of the pics in video, but you get a nice glimpse of brent at the end.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


-----so me and the ruska headed up to the ukiah park today. on the way up we talked about the bones brigade documentary. basically, barneying the fuck out. we got on the subject of, what was next for skateboarding, from that point in time.i remember telling him that this part was the first 360 flip on street i had ever saw and knew skateboarding was gunna get harder. i also had no clue that these guys would start the next revolution in skateboarding..... anyways before guy mariano was making the best comeback ever, he rode for powell. so rad to see how skateboarding has changed since the 80's...anyways i am not sure who shot the pic above(of the ruska), but i thought it would go good with this post. thanks to whoever shot it. i also got some pics and video from today's ukiah sesh to be put up in a couple of days. so enjoy this time machine trip.

-----paulo diaz. guy mariano. gabriel rodriguez. rudy johnson.

Friday, January 18, 2013


-----my buddy saif over at pleasant skateboards just sent me a almost 360 view of the h.q. with some of the homies enjoying 40 ounce friday. ***click the photo to enlarge it....on a side note i was gunna link this trunk boys vid, but it is way to good. these dudes are my new favorites. plus its a bonus that they get a sweet theme song with these guys. FORTY OUNCE FRIDAYS!!!!!!!

------grab a cold one and go skate!!!!!trunk boyz!

Monday, January 14, 2013


-----so my buddy lohne star got a new filming rig. not in the sense of a regular video camera. but a mount for a camera. this thing is crazy. its a quad-copter. click this link to see what i am talking about. so lohne star decided to test his flight wings and take it to the santa rosa skatepark. i gotta say he did pretty good with only a couple of flights under his belt. did i just make any sense????....well, i guess i can finally say i have been filmed from the air.

-----lohne stars new filming rig.

-----hella(copter) clips.

********BONUS PICS.

-----eddie munz. nollie heel flip

----nards. blunting.



Friday, January 11, 2013


-----well word got out that the slab was gunna be demo'd. i was in l.a. and couldn't be there. but, with less than 24 hours the crew came together for one last ride. we all knew this day was coming. it was a great spot while it lasted. i found some old 40 oz pics from the slab, to put up. i also made a edit of the last quick clips i had on my camera. its kind of a bummer. but, that's skateboarding. we all know that spots don't always last. so enjoy what you got and make the most outta the session....oh, shit before i forget jakkerz put up some stuff on the oulk site. he took a bunch of pics. also, before i bail, click here for some google slab images from the chronnies. or if you want to check out some old post's here is the google link for that too. later skaters!

-----tony and waylon made it out for the last session

-----its official

-----U.G. the man who made this spot happen. we all need to thank this dude for all his hard work.


-----squints, robbie, drew and nacho.

-----brown steve.

-----this is one of the few pics i might have got over the time span. venice beach style wall ride. thanks josh

-----i didn't want to add any music, so you could hear the sweet sounds of concrete and metal.

-----lohnestar made a rad edit of the last session. watch it.