Saturday, January 28, 2012


-----after some technical difficulties. powner gave me the mini dv tape. the only drawback is some of the quality is lost, but those are the breaks. also it seems that there is a upload limit to vimeo. we cant put up anymore videos to powners channel till next sat. so i may be switching to my channel for the week then back to powners. until its all loaded. but eventually have it all on powners channel after it is all said and done.the next three parts that are up are orion mussleman, josh powner, and erik sweet. grab a tall can and meet me back here. cuz the year 2000 can be put on pause.

-----orion mussleman aka oru'. you have seen this dude many times on the chronnies. still killing it as one of the founding members of the dirty 30's crew. i still think this should have been the opener but what do i know. apples and oranges right? anyways oru' will break out the fresh freestyle rhymes in the back of the van on long trips and probably drive you to a rap battle. but that is why we love this guy. oru' flowin thru.

-----orion mussleman.

-----josh powner aka uncle josh. this guy was one of the first dudes i met when i moved to rosa. not too ashamed to admit he as well pushed mongo. i seen this dude do a nollie heelflip outta one of those bowls. i dont need to tell you were powner is now. just go pick up a board at brotherhood boardshop ang ask him "when you gunna land that sal flip outta maiden" he will now what you are talkin about. powner could manual the shit outta the park. so sit back and watch the madness.

-----josh powner.

-----erik sweet is one in a million. this guy did the longest grinds and slides. a fun dude to kick it with. skating with this guy was like a bigfoot sighting. you knew if you saw him skate it was gunna be cool. now you can find him on the golf links and if you see him skate, its just like a stated before.

----erik sweet.

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