Saturday, June 30, 2012


-----so yet another van packed with sweaty ass dudes heads out on a mission. this time it was the south bay. i actually think this trip got overbooked. cuz, on the way home i was in the door gutter. but, that didn't stop the good times from going down. the only bummer was tony hurt his foot. so the next time you see that dude give him a beer, because i think he is still recovering. the video footy will be in the new b-hood video and brian's weeakvid. so keep you eyes peeled.

-----the spot list

-----austin, checks out the first spot

-----drew, backwards lip

-----tony got broke off at spot number one. bummer

------casey, hot lipping at this spot i am pretty sure that has never been in any vids.

-----tone, up and over

-----nacho, switch 180 to crooks

-----nards, working on some styles

-----lohne star feebing upstream

-----sometimes you gotta pay

-----austin payed some dues getting some weak vids footy.

------probably the most room in the van is the door gutter. austin get some daytime z's

-----we hit this spot twice and both times got the boot as we were getting warmed up. the people in this area hate skateboarders. we got the hairy eyeball by many on the streets.

-----nards, bs50

-----austin, lipper

-----evan, back smith

-----orion, boardslide

-----so after we got the boot we went across the street to this. evan, front board

-----casey, smith

-----lohne star, not to be out done by the young guns gets his carcass up on it.

-----austin, last trick on the rail. not lookin so good.(check the feet)

-----we found a little no comply gap. tone loc' gets the party started with this ski jump


-----hendo pulling out some old man styles on the no comply party

-----evan tauzer aka dookie trousers

-----this spot is in all the tilt mode vids.dookie trousers, front blunt under the bridge

-----lohne star, back tail skidder bridge styles before the sun went down.

Friday, June 29, 2012


-----normally i like to add a bunch of fun links to click on with the ol' forty ounce friday. but, i got dad shit to do. so i figured i could look back at when i was on vacation enjoying a 40. so to all the dads with stuff to do hopefully you get a little time to yourself to enjoy a swaggle.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012


-----i heard the news that jaya bonderov passed today. when the rosa park first opened i remember that dude floating over all the hips. i found this in a box of a bunch of stuff i had saved from old mags. he was always cool. raise a coldie for a fallen comrade.

Monday, June 25, 2012


-----i have been lagging for the last week. i got a bunch of pics to share but not enough time. i hope to get to it in day or two. so keep posted. until then enjoy my dude trevor bouchard.

-----steep switch pivot.

Friday, June 22, 2012


-----why does everyone think just cuz we live in sonoma county that we are all a bunch of wino's truth be told there is on one amongst us that has the gift of grape. old guy shredder, mr. ryan zepaltas. this dude hails from the town that brought us good ol' fashion pabst blue ribbon. i guess as time progressed like any skater naturally does. you progress. so ryan took it to the next level by showing all the local wine makers that skaters got some talent on and off the board. check all the goods here.

-----pretty sure carlo rossi cant 3 flip a gap

Thursday, June 21, 2012


-----i hope everyone got to shred it up today. i got to skate yesterday. dad life today. get shreddy!

-----get wild

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


----- i seriously have no clue what made me think of the swatch watch today. cuz those things are super old. the 80's were a crazy time in skateboarding, way before kids got sponsored by huge energy drinks and got to skate contests every year on t.v.......the swatch watch company was one of the few "big time" (no pun intended) companies sponsoring skateboarding at the time. not sure on what it ment to be sponsored by these guys. all i know is that they are a part of 80's skateboarding. you should be able to recognize most of the names.

-----gator "clocking" some ads

----- can you make it past all the craziness to check some 80's skate style?

Monday, June 18, 2012


-----i have been on vacation for the past few days. dad life has been in full effect. i was pretty hyped to see this get up and going while i was outta town. tony was/is one of the coolest dudes i have ever met. one of a kind for sure. i miss this dude alot. i am pretty stoked this event is going down. if you are in the area stop by and skate or just raise a tall one for our homie!

----- rock and roll forever.

Friday, June 15, 2012


-----it seems lately on friday after work i have been hitting up the slab on forty ounce fridays. good times, good skateoarding and good friends. i suggest you do the same. get shreddy! oh yeah before i forget all these pics are from my buddy marlon. thanks bud!


-----johnny amongst the onlookers

-----j rad


-----after the 40's are gone it's time to shot-gun beers.

-----the winner is?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


-----lil' moe just graduated from high school. when i saw him, he told me that he got to go to hawaii for his grad gift. lucky dude right? so anyways, i was telling him. you gotta skate wallows while you are there. it is probably one of top five places you have to skate before you die. i was telling him about the intro to the animal chin video. plus the fact that marlon sent in a forty ounce friday from there. anyways, moe sent in these pics. he told me that it was pretty gnarly. i was stoked. not to many kids these days get schooled in a spot that has been shredded some 20 years ago. congratulations moe, not only did you get your high school diploma. you got your degree in the old school arts.

-----for the rest of us old guys. here is how we remember it.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


-----i remember when this contest took place. it was the summer of 1995. at the time i was living in ukiah. i was heading on a plane to pennsylvania to work as a camp counselor for 3 months. that same weekend this contest was going off. i was so bummed. i knew not only was i gunna see the local rosa rippers, but top notch guys i have seen in the mags. oh well, at least i was bringing my skateboard out there with me.....anyways about the last couple of weeks of camp, one of the campers brought this issue for me to check out. i was so stoked. those last couple of weeks in the mountains seemed to drag on. everyday i was dreaming of getting to ride the park, knowing that the lines and possibilities were endless. once the plane landed, it was the greatest feeling. over the summer i had set up a place to stay in rosa and that's how my transplant from ukiah to santa rosa began.

-----video action