Saturday, June 21, 2014


-----i almost forgot that i had some monte rio clips. so yeah. watch it. grab yer homies and do the same.

-----stu. skatepark skidder.

-----nards. smith.

-----video effort.

Friday, June 20, 2014


-----i have been pretty busy lately. it seems that i have skipping a few 40 oz friday posts. sometimes its easier to post a insta pic. but, the drawback is you dont get any crummy links. so back to this post. i get super hyped when dudes send me pics. i hope more of you do. so this is our resident scumbag, ian. he sent this pic all the way from brooklyn. fucks yea! stoked.

Sunday, June 15, 2014


-----well it seems like it has been two years in order to complete this task. but, the hour is upon us. the new QP is finally done. sometimes when your a working class skater, married with kids, things seem to take a little longer to get done. i put up some pics of its metamorphosis into its cocoon. so this means in 28 days its sheds and turns into a beautiful barney quarter pipe........before i forget thanks to everyone that lent a hand. this would not have happened without you.

-----og hq ramp.

----------crv. cinderblock routing vehicle.

-----ready for the party.

-----fuck it, i drive a bucket.


-----side view.

-----done deal.

-----see you in 28 days.

Saturday, June 7, 2014


-----so what happens when you send a couple of barneys to a street mission? well let me tell you. a whole lotta tricks not involving ollies. there is more fun to be had when you just dork off with your friends. leave the big tricks to the young guys.

-----stu. not even in his mid 20's. full blown barney.

-----one eye wilie. street boneless.

-----barely north of the equator.

-----drew. trying to get to the barney zone, by getting that truck extra loose.


-----willie barney drop in challenge.

-----ginger boots doesn't want to be a barney. so he takes it up a notch.

-----off the top.

-----barney frame.