Saturday, March 31, 2018


----so, the idea of heading out to monte rio was tossed in the hat. i got swooped up in the trujillo mobile and it was a go. we met up with kelly, jason, randy, ian, stu, cyrus adn my dude eric g. a couple of cold ones were drank. a bunch of dogs were in the way. some skateboard tricks were landed. everyone had fun. i mean thats what its about right? dad cam caught a couple of pics. enjoy.

-----we are the road crew.

-----cyrus the virus. kickflip inot the junk.

-----ian. nose bonk.

-----fucking kit.

-----jason. up and over

-----randy, grinding the corner pocket.

-----dad flip

-----mom grind.

-----kelly. frontside flipper.

-----chalker. roll on grinder.

-----dad jams.

-----eric. front 5'r

-----stu times two

-----booze cruz

-----no t bags?

-----i did a florp trick.

Thursday, March 29, 2018


-----bailey cam thru with a new edit with a ton of the homies. peep it.

Monday, March 12, 2018


-----i have had this idea for a while now. if you have been on a skateboard trip with me, then you know the deal. i fart. when i was a kid i held them in and had to go to the e.r., the doctor told me not too, otherwise it would damage my insides. i havn't ever since. don't get me wrong. there is a time and a place. and the place is now. album dropping.

-----full blown l.p.