Friday, August 30, 2013


-----i know its forty ounce friday. but tomorrow is the tony jam at the santa rosa skatepark. so do me a favor. grab some homies and roll thru. there is gunna be a best trick and plenty of raffle prizes. all proceeds go directly, to getting tony a much needed head stone. i hope to see you all there. NEVER FORGET TONY EVJENTH!

-----rock and roll.

-----forty ounce friday eves' style.

Monday, August 26, 2013


-----i am pretty stoked. yet, another addition to the barney lifestyle of the older skateboarder. so, i finally made some coozies for all the regular and road soda drinkers. if you wanna scoop one up from outta the area, click here. i definitely wanna keep these in regular rotation. oh yeah, this thing has it's very own hashtag on the gram'. if you get one use this. #lifesabelch

Friday, August 23, 2013

Sunday, August 18, 2013


-----so the other day my buddy matt(see above) wanted to go hit up this wall ride spot at ives park. so we scooped up our homie, som and his son sovann and hit it up. i snapped a couple of pics. so here ya go.

-----som. with a messed up foot got a piece.

-----sovann was almost there

Friday, August 16, 2013


----sometimes, its the simple things in life. just like this pic of my dude wes. it's just him and the bottle. nothing more, nothing less. so now, grab yer board and head to the liquor store.

Saturday, August 10, 2013


-----so anti-hero skateboards turned 18 last week. they had a little birthday party at the protero skatepark in s.f. and after that a art show of board graphics by dennis mcnett. needless to say, everyone had fun. no broken bones and everyone had a good time. special thanks go out to tony and ash for the accommodations and my dude juice tiger for drinking brews with me. not to mention everyone for letting me barney out and take photos. happy birthday anti-hero!

-----hecklers' hill was filling up.

-----more onlookers.

-----joe brook, has all the angles on lock.

-----this dude, pointing at that thing.

-----this thing. rickety ass fuuuuck.

-----i don't know who this dude is, but he came in hot with this back d. he got broke off but landed it in my book. raise a beer for this dude.


-----tony. nosepick.

-----andy roy. trying to bring it on in.


-----uh, oh

-----got it.

-----jesse palmer aka the juice tiger showed up.

-----tony pretty much shut it down with this 5-0. when it doubt yank it out.

------waylon was killing it all day.

-----bad shit birthday music.

-----i grew up in a time when there was no internet, no available skateparks to run into your favorite pro's. i don't normally fan out but, seeing your hero's from the 80's is a bit different. most of you know jeff grosso from the love letters, but me and all my old ass barney friends know him from the old santa cruz videos. thanks again jeff for the cool ass stories.

-----with, jason jessee

-----arco and tommy.

-----robbie russo. years ago eve's took me and jeff hendo to channel street. i remember him as a little kid killing it. now he is a full size ripper.

-----frank, max, and joe.

-----juice tiger, chillin' in a sea of legends.

-----this is a real chain wallet.

-----rosa's own lisa d, was there.

-----chrome bags sent over a truck equipped with a tap on the side and a keg of pabst.

-----this thing needs a sticker.

-----never forget tony evjenth

next up. dennis mcnett's anti-hero art show.

-----the artist himself, mr. dennis mcnett

-----impromptu team photo.

-----joe, scored a print.

-----well on the out side..........this photo reminds me, i gotta talk to my daughter about hanging out with skater dudes.

-----one of those girls had a nextlevel tatt. bald head brit cherub???

-----here is your boob pic, powner.

-----cell phone boob slap

-----left a little reminder of the good times.

-----this might shed some light on some of the pics.

-----if this were on vhs, it would be the secret bonus part.