Sunday, December 11, 2016


-----most of the time social media is a ocean of shit. but, sometimes you come across a island of awesomeness. i don't know who the gentleman is that compiled all this footage of jason monroe. but, sir. i raise a cold one in your honor. the top pic was shot by rosa shredder mr. charlie watts. so enjoy a slew of jason shredding pools, parks and ramps. miss ya homie. never forget jason monroe.

-----shrine from the goat bowl.

-----in the bible forever.

-----santa cruz. reason for living.


Anonymous said...

Good post.

Unknown said...

Jason’s mom had the VHS tapes and Pete Koff, Adam “Chili’ Stern and Ben Derbidge get the credit for putting it all together for the memorial. As for the filmer? that would be mostly Taria and whoever else was willing to hold the camera. Jason was the only one with a camera and all of us thought filming was lame so having this little bit of all our road trips is pretty awesome. There’s more, but it’s mostly us partying and doing sketchy stuff at the Nude bowl. All good footage, but this kind of footage is really only worth watching if you were one of the retards doing it.