Saturday, January 30, 2010


i can't believe what i saw this mornin, while sippin my coffee. well i guess he is fully backin this product. have you seen this dude's hair, homie needs a professional hold. at least he didn't pull this move. i will tell you what inspires me paul......this shit. and it is still in a can.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


hendo and mexi came over to my house to watch the new slave skateboard video. for the record this video by far is the best one i have seen in along time. sorry creature, with no stu ghram footy i was bummed. anyways back to the story. mexi-matt brings some talls of red dog over to sip on why we watch the video. i thought "cool" i haven't had one of these in a while. and i told him that if you turn the can upside down it looks like batman eatin some chick out. matt was like, "what the fukk" all this time he never knew. i guess that is just one more bit of useless information to stick in your brain. so check it for yourself.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


last friday i hear my buddies are in town to play a show, and when i mean my buddies. these are guy's i used to skate with. so i had this idea of taking my 11 year old daughter to see em' play. this idea hatched when she was loading music into her i-pod. she asked me, "dad who is ai-fee?" i said A.F.I.? she liked their cover of halloween. and i went on to tell her that her uncle victor played in it at one point, and they were a bunch of skaters. she seemed kinda stoked. so i gave smith a ring, and the next thing you now were on the list, and rylie is getting a dose, first hand of the real side of being in a band, and watching a real that that is over...... lemme' also tell you that i haven't seen the boy's play for quite some time. shit i think they still brought all their shit on stage and tuned right there before the show. now they got a crew that does all that shit. man, i was blown away. i know i heard people use the word "sell out", with them.. know what i got to say to that. fukk that shit! go see them live. cuz, i was fukken blown away! so good. and i have seen a lot of bands play. i wanna thank smith for givin me and rylie a kick-ass father- daughter bonding night. and the rest of the boy's for killing it on stage. after this, i think for a brief moment rylie thinks her dad is cool. also let it be known that when we left there we a ton a chicks waitin by the bus for a glimpse of the bad the only chick that got on the bus was a 11 year old girl, and boy, did rylie get the stink eye when we left.

-----dave, chalker and mini-chalker

------smith, one of my favorite's to ever skate with. makin sure shit is runnin tight

-----jade," which way to the gun show?"

-----adam, gearin up to get down

-----fritch has a very serious question

-----rylie, too cool for the tour bus. " i thought taylor swift was in here dad?"

-----a.f.i. uses lights? man i am outta the loop.

-----5 megapixel camera's are the new hasselblads-(high end camera joke)

-----this was rylie's face after the show, shit was loud!

------fukk a u-haul, this is what is needed now.

-----dude's even got one of those buses like john madden

-----so this footy is from the camera video, it sucks ass but you can see all the lights and shit goin on.

------this one is shitty too but you get the point.

-----here is the real deal, jades last 20 seconds on the guitar are fukken amazing.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


every skater dreads that time of year when it starts to rain. all your spot's are unskateable. not to mention your backyard ramp. let's face, winter is not high up on a skater's list of cool shit. so the resourceful individuals that we are, we try to find shit that is sheltered, to roll the shred sled on. so imagine the excitement i possessed when evan and friends built a a ramp in his garage. so i grabbed my board and headed on over. (background info: the ramp is in windsor and it was about 8pm). so 5 min's into shredding, johnny law shows up. it seems that the lovely town of windsor is full of lame-asses. the neighbors were pissin and moanin about the noise. which when i pulled up i could barely hear. so what i am trying to say here, in this long ass rambling. that skateboarding is still a crime even in your own house. i guess till the ex-gaymes have a garage ramp competition in their line up, it will never be accepted. fukk em.

------this side

------that side

-----after the cops showed this was the mood.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


i have been trying to figure out how to manipulate my crappy hand me down digital camera for a while now. when you slow the shutter speed, shit gets crazy. but leave it to the ruska to figure it out in 2 seconds, for somethin i have been trying for weeks. my wife say's that all my photos suck. but being a skateboarder for over half my life, i see all the cool shit in photos. here is the final mode.

-----rusczyk caught in the mode.

Monday, January 4, 2010


if you have been following this blog for a while then you may know my buddy jesse, aka the juice tiger. the guy that looks like this GUY. what i like about jess is that he still skates.....sorry i tried to find some footy but to know avail. try to find a copy of sloppy seconds by jeff henderson for a sick ass part by him. anyways he now shreds the guitar in his band TRIAL BY COMBAT. if you like metal it is right up yer alley. shit what's the point of this article? oh yeah check out jesse's band, and while you are up can you get me another beer. mines empty. thanks man.