Monday, December 31, 2012


-----so the word got out that some of the homies wanted to head over to the sebastopol skatepark and barney out. the crew was me, hendo, kerry, the ruska, stu, bob, and ian. re ran into some other homies while we were there. overall it was a good shred day. the sun was out and everybody had fun. so anyways enjoy the pics. also i wanna thank kerry for letting me use some of his pics. the chronnies will be back online around the 11th. sorry no forty ounce friday next week. i am gunna get some dad life in before the kids go back to school....and please everyone stay safe get a ride and thanks for tuning in! happy new years!

-----hendo. filming for his full length weeak vid. be on the look out.(kerry pic)

-----this is mikey. the funny thing about this kid, is that he is the step son(sorta) of one of my wifes friends. this pretty much shows how old i am....anyways this kid rips! pretty sure you will see footy of him on here one of these days.

-----the ruska. bringing back that 90's flair witha nose slide tail grab.

-----ruska. tailskidder. (kerry pic)

-----bob. early grab slob, low to high 50-50. (kerry pic)

-----bob. not a make. i just like the fact that he tried a 3 flip to fakie. i sometimes forget this dude can flip his board.

-----jose. fakie noseblunt

-----holland. 5-0 to 180 out.

-----ian. ollie up to 50-50

-----ian. bonless. (kerry pic)

-----stu. no comply tailslide. (kerry pic)

-----kerry. sun block.

-----kerry, pretty much closed down the day with his 40 year old behind, on this crailer. this was the make and all the skate dads went crazy!

-----later skaters

Friday, December 28, 2012


-----my dude bobby just sent over a pic of his grandma getting down on 40 ounce friday. damn!!!!! it just goes to show that you are never to old to have a good time.......aint dat right gran-ma-ma! shit if you remember that link thin your are old as shit! forty ounce friday is in full swing....later my dudes.


Wednesday, December 26, 2012


-----the other day me and the boys decided to make a little trip out to the st-helena park. everyone had a good time. i even got a chance to hyper-extend my knee. this place is too fun for words. so check the pics and video. later my dudes......

-----the boys.

-----eddie munz. crooks.

-----nick. back smith.

-----bobby. going for the the light post back to the bowl.

-----johnny f.s.a.

-----brown steve. fakie pivot, fakie out.

-----mexi matt. back smith

-----good times.

-----video fun.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


-----if you have lingered around the chronnies long enough you have probably seen this pic before. when i look back to this pic. i think of all the rad times i had riding this board. not only that but the anticipation of waiting for that new christmas complete. now as a dad, its cool to pass that same feeling along to your kids.......but lets face it. we are still kids inside. as an adult who still doesn't want a new setup for christmas?


Friday, December 21, 2012


-----my dude blair, is gunna be the forty ounce friday santa from here on out, or until someone else dresses up. so, go out and snatch up a forty. then right as you crack the cap, make that christmas wish. i already know what i am wishing for.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012


-----the sun was out and i heard some dudes were meeting over at the slab. i had just put in 10 hours at work at figured i would drop by on my way home. i heard matt kehoe was over there on christmas break. so had had to roll thru. anyways i had my cell phone and ray was getting down. i dubbed him north bay ray for some reason. not to be confused with east bay ray. kinda where i got the i rambling now? sorry. barney-itis is settling in. enjoy the vid.

-----kehoe moves to colorado for a couple years and comes back as grizzly adams.

-----phone/video camera

Saturday, December 15, 2012


-----i got another set of brents polaroids for ya. these ones are rad. the top pic is of our dude tony evjenth and kathleen. we also got a rad pic of kip sumpter and legendary skater/emerica filmer, mike manzoori. and what would santa rosa skatepark be without hearing a tale about "the hitcher."

-----kip sumpter.
f.s.a. over the jump ramp

-----mike manzoori
. tweeked japan over the jump ramp.

-----the hitcher

Friday, December 14, 2012


-----look who stopped by the h.q. on forty ounce friday. none other than o.g. santa rosa skatepark ripper, mr tony trujillo. aka tnt. if you wanna see some actual pics of his skater of the year party click here.
or the one of him airing over me eating shit on a invert. man we have had some good times.......thanks for all the b.g.p.s my dude.


Thursday, December 13, 2012


-----what i love about the slab, is we just find shit and skate it. just like ted did makeshift tranny off the block......ted lee brings you this quick clip.

Monday, December 10, 2012


-----it has been raining up here lately so when it broke, a few of us saddled up and hit the novato skatepark and the one in marin. me, marlon, ian, bob, gabe and stu grabbed our boards and headed for dry land.

-----stu. boneless to tail. looks almost like a madonna.

-----bob. slob air

-----ian. lip slider

-----couple of tricks.

Friday, December 7, 2012


-----it's official. forty ounce fridays has got a tee. the first run is sold out. so if you wanna be part of the second run let me know. thanks to everyone that helped out and scooped one up. now lets go crack a forty!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


-----are you guys ready for a few more of brents pics? i am pretty stoked on these. the first one is of brian henderson (top pic) the next two are of charlie watts and the final one is of jon miner. if you wanna see some old rosa footy of around this time click here. it's around the 2 min grab a cold one and enjoy.

-----charlie watts. kickflip on the funbox

-----charlie watts. ollie

-----jon miner. ollie. j's hip.

Saturday, December 1, 2012


-----fellow van wolf, zeke gifford found some extra clips from his earlier van wolf edit. (insert van wolf howl here.)

-----bonus van wolfing