Wednesday, May 30, 2012


-----skateboarding with hendo over the past, god knows how long, many years, has always been one of my main dudes to roll the wood with. he is one of my favorites to skate with, for sure!...... i am pretty sure he is one of yours too. this part is still one of my all time favorites. damn......pretty hyped i got this quick clip.....just keep posted for more chronnie cam of this dude.

Monday, May 28, 2012


-----somehow hendo, ruska and myself all had the same day to skate together. also on the same day we hooked up with our old luma' pals ian and holland. these two are total rippers and chill kids. so with crew in tow, we hit 3 spots in the south bay. we had a crap load of fun. hendo got some clips for his latest installment in his weeak vids series. we got some pics. had a couple of beers and the craziest was a solar eclipse. the lighting got crazy we all got nerdy and took photos. just like this one.

-----spot number one.

-----the crew scopes out some lines

-----holland. front crooks

-----ian, backside 180 nosegrind

-----had to stop at whole foods. got some quality eats. me and the ruska got some brews. brown bag not optional.

-----spot number 2

-----ian ollie up to 50

-----blunt attempt

----the ruska oliie to nose slide/credit card/crappy sequence

-----nose slide across

-----hendo, surf city

-----last spot of the day.

-----ian does the coolest trick this place has seen.

-----brian checks out the solar eclipse


Friday, May 25, 2012


-----jakkerz sent me this shot of brown steve with a homemade 40 oz beer coozie. personally, i like to have it all in my belly before it gets warm. but then again a warm beer is better than no beer. especially those ones fortified with vitimins p.b. and r.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012


-----my buddy forrest aka hector got's a little clip for the chronnies

-----dont blink.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


-----well the van set out to ukiah and willits on a whim. as you can see in the pic above it was a full crew. i am always stoked to climb on board. when i heard the legendary ron chatman was on board. plus my homie eric simpson from the dirty 30's 2.0 trip was rolling too. it was on. so long story short, if you got a chance to hop in the van, take it. cuz you never know what you might get.

-----load em up

-----van p.o.v.

-----we stopped at the h-town park to stretch the legs and stink up the van

-----stu, stretching before skateboarding

-----billy gabe sergio zavalla, got the crew hyped with this long ass noseslide.

-----for some reason after this rail thingy i kept referring to jacques as "street jakkerz"

-----jakkerz 50's this thing from top to bottom. so sick!

-----ron chatman, frontside air.

-----as the crew got some road sodas, austin whipped out a fs board

-----the official, unofficial sponsor of the over 21 van lifer's

-----pulled up to the ukiah park and claimed our spot.

-----when was the last time you saw hector do a 180 heelfip?

-----i snapped this one of eric a bit late. he was moving way to fast

-----big poppa. bowl troll

-----ian got broke off earlier in the day. i think he was about to get wrecked again

-----i was hyped to see some actual roller skates

-----austin, fly on the wall

-----steven kind of shut it down with this crooks into the bank.

-----on the way home we got pulled over for driving to slow. how fast can a van possibly go with all of our fat asses in it?

----up in the big boy section at willits park

Friday, May 18, 2012


----for the record 40 ounce fridays woudn't be shit with out this guy right here. you know this guy. its are own brian henderson aka b hendo. the majority of you know this dude is a straight edge vegan. so you say, how does he get on forty ounce friday's? cuz, this dude has drivin' all of us home wasted out of our minds at one point or another, plus on van life trips he is the captain of the ship while we are all on the party deck. so to all of my forty drinking pals. hold that shit high in the air for my main dude hendo!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


----when my buddy jakkerz put this up today i was in tears. really? skateboarding thru a mid-life crisis? first off this is from the new york times. i guess they have never heard of the dirty 30's. so lame to think that we are all a bunch of weird longboarding has-beens. there are so many problems with the photo above i dont know where to begin. all my friends are close to 40. we aint slowin down for shit. we might not be chuckin our carcasses down rails or flight of stairs, but we still can get shreddy. add some beers to this and your park or spot might get taken over with loud screams, slams and some shredding. "we are the old crew" sung to this riff right here. i know we have seen these video's before it just makes my point that much more valid.

-----is your dad still skating like these dudes.

-----still thinking your dad can do a kickflip at almost 40?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


-----doin a 360 is hard enough. but coming in fakie on a steep ass 1/4 pipe is alot of work. johnny showing you step by step. just hold on tight.

-----click on the pic to enlarge

Sunday, May 13, 2012


-----i guess taco bill headed over to hawaii for a bit. he sent over some pics for us to enjoy. jealous? i am.

-----photo incentive.

-----hawaii 5-0


-----das ventures'

Friday, May 11, 2012


-----it seems that on forty ounce friday it is my buddy saif and lulu's five year anniversary. so congrats you two. so what does one get their significant other on such an occasion? i do believe this anniversary year is referred to as the malt liquor year. so when its your 5 year, go out and get your spouse a little brown bag filled with 40 ounces of breathtaking love.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

(mini) VAN LIFE

-----brian is trying to film another episode for his weeak vids. so he loaded up some dudes and headed back out for another shot at that american canyon spot. the crew was b hendo, myself, stu, that gypsy ass kevin, nards and steven "the ninja" tran. needles to say i saw some shit go down. not for money, not for fame, for the love of skateboarding..........stay tuned.

brian filming for the latest weeak vids installment

-----steven. aka ninja. warm up boneless into the bank

-----half cab into the bank over the gap. session just got turned up a notch

-----nards. pop shuv. you now your shits tight when it looks like a kickflip in a still frame.

-----stu. wallride

-----next level shit.

-----me, chalker. kickflip to fakie. one of the last handful of flips still have.

-----hendo gets flippy

-----kevin, nollie heelflip 180

----stu, ready to bail the scene

-----found this on the way out

-----came across a pre-fab in american canyon. looks like it may have some potential.


-----limo life

-----on the way home we stopped at the sonoma park.

-----we all know nards love him some 40's of king cobra. looks like he is trying to not to get bit.

-----some experimental type shit here.

-----kevin. snake charming

-----stu. boneless

-----mini van life