Sunday, December 11, 2016


-----most of the time social media is a ocean of shit. but, sometimes you come across a island of awesomeness. i don't know who the gentleman is that compiled all this footage of jason monroe. but, sir. i raise a cold one in your honor. the top pic was shot by rosa shredder mr. charlie watts. so enjoy a slew of jason shredding pools, parks and ramps. miss ya homie. never forget jason monroe.

-----shrine from the goat bowl.

-----in the bible forever.

-----santa cruz. reason for living.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

1030 CLUB

-----so a few of my fellow skate-dads have started up a little crew. basically they put their kids to bed and skate at night. they call it the 1030 club. they have made some edits. check them out. old dudes and a couple of young ones out at night while everyone else is slumbering. wish i could join up, but 3:15 am creeps up way to fast. enjoy.

-----tall can's and corndogs tour 16'

-----1030 doo doo

-----no country for old men.