Wednesday, June 29, 2011


-----jason monroe was a fukken, rosa legend. when the park opened he was always there. everyone was doin all the flip shit. but not jason. he was haulin ass around all the bowls pulling shit you wished you could do in the 80's. long story short. it is always the guys that no one has pics or footy of that always seem to be the raddest. i got some clips of him on my digital 8 some where. as for now take what you can get. cus this guy fukken ripped.

-----i looked all over the internet for footage of jason. the credits of the freedom of choice video was all i could find.

-----recently added.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


-----damn, my buddy mike minard aka nards has been having a stellar month. first gettin put on the wllm label. then i heard thru the grapevine he got put on emerica flow. good job nards. get shreddy.

-----get nardical

Saturday, June 25, 2011


-----what would summer be without some ice cold beers and a mini ramp? i heard my buddy dan had re-sheeted his ramp and added some more room for fun. so me and willie stopped at the benton street beer store and headed over. when i got there i forgot how fun it was. not only was the new surface like skating on ice but the big crack on the block extension had gotten fixed. so i shot some pics with my crappy little camera. when your done reading this. find a mini ramp around your neck of the woods and grab some friends and coldies. let scummer vacation officially begin.

-----zeke the shiek, back d on the block

-----pick yer nose.

-----get on that smith

-----dan, ramp owner. frontside five

-----U.G. back smith slash

-----nose grab grinder

-----ruska, butt side five oh

-----tail skiddery

-----taking some pics for ofad.

-----jakkerz smith block

-----flapping them wings.

-----tony c. mystery trick

-----headin to the block

-----one eyed willie on the duece four

-----the loach gettin smithy

-----gettin' stale

-----still rolling with us.

-----to the victor's goes the spoils.

-----till next time...............

------a few hours after i did this post jakkerz let me use some pics he took. thanks buddy.

====================JAKKERZ SHOT ALL THESE================

-----zeke the shiek. ollie

-----switch crooks

-----tony c. slashin'

-----chalker smithereen

-----d up on the b

-----ruska five to fakie

-----U.G. five-0 nose grabber


-----loach stale fish

-----willie offered up 73 big ones to loach if he could do a noseblunt slide first try.

-----about 7 tries later he rolled away. at least he got 5 bux for his effort.

Friday, June 24, 2011


-----it has been hot as shit around here lately. thankfully it has cooled back down, so Marianna can show us the proper way snuggle up with a cold one. so grab a forty and head to your favorite spot and chill.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011


-----i know that jason adams aka the kid, rides for 1031 now. but i just came across this clip. it may be the digital age of insta-shit. i am still slow on gettin around to whats goin on. this footage was right up my alley. a mini ramp and some pbr's. oh yeah jason makes some sick artwork too. check out his site called
"the lost highway."

-----pabst and a mini ramp. sounds like a good time to me.

Monday, June 20, 2011


-----before jackass and the bam margera show exploded on t.v., there was a group of kids that made the landspeed video. then as time progressed along came the cky videos. more pranks and good times. it's funny, you always hold the stuff that no one knows about so sacred. plus everyone in these videos were skateboarders for the most part. it was only a matter of time before the rest of the world caught on. one of the guys in this motley crew was ryan dunn also known as random hero. i heard today that passed on. i really don't wanna know the details. it just saddens me that another piece of a good memory has faded. the first time i had ever seen the landspeed video, i was on a skateboard trip with the good friends i still have today. we were in arizona and stopped at a skateboard shop and saw this playing. it is too bad cuz he gave me some good memories with my friends. i raise one for you dunn. even though you didn't skate, you were still considered a skater to me.

-----when they are in iceland is always one of my favorites.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


-----this goes out too all the dads out there puttin in work. makin shit happen. as a father myself it is hard to balance all the shit that goes with it, plus skateboarding. so it makes it a little easier when your kid wants to go skate with you. so you tell the wife, "i am gunna take the kid out skateboarding". what is she gunna say "no?". so what could be better than that?...........watching your son carrying on the family tradition of skateboarding. maybe one day my kids will feel the passion. till then i will live thru all the others. oh yeah, i got the photo from juice magazine online. google images. credit where credit is due. i wish my dad was a skateboarder.

-----father and son together. good times.

-----alex, son of anarchy.

-----steve olson. rad dad

Friday, June 17, 2011


-----this weeks feature is eddie munz. aka eddie money. you may have seen him shredding around with the oulk family. or maybe on some video footage around the net. one thing is for sure, that 40 of pabst can sure start the weekend off right.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011


-----long story short. i gotta get surgery done in the next few weeks. i will elaborate later. so i wanted to have some fun with the wife and kids. what a better way than go tho the happiest pace on earth, disneyland. it was fun got to meet up with some homies and have a good time. i wanna thank the pizza chief for helpin a old crusty out. mr and mrs ruska for the good times, and of course my brother vic for the good times.

-----crazy light action

-----great space coaster

-----got the time?

-----jessica has a dirty little secret.

-----hangin with tinkerbell

-----disney makes boards??????????????????

-----astro blast

-----getting mauled.


-----legendary, uncle vic aka vic chalker. he wrote this song if you click the link.


-----in l.a. time waits for no one better make that power move, while wating in line.

-----dr jones. ride

-----submarine aka finding nemo. watch the video with slayer at the end. i was trying to tell my kid about the skateboarder that jumped from the top into the ride......just watch.

-----ate some dinner with the rusczyk's

-----indoor tiki

-----outdoor tiki


-----the long road home.

-----slayer in disneyland. the ender of this is crazy.