Tuesday, August 30, 2011


-----lets face it. sometimes in skateboarding you gotta give a little to get a little. case in point. my buddy nards landed this sick-ass pointer to fakie. but when he kept rollin the dice. he had to pay the price. as skateboarders we now the deal. sometimes you gotta pay in blood.

-----when you land something like this, the pain and suffering are well worth it.

Monday, August 29, 2011


-----the other day the chalker chronicles had a pic on max schaaaf's site called-- 4Q. i was pretty hyped. i just enjoy the fact that he does his own thing. anyways i sent him 3 pics. he only used one, so here are the other two. i have been workin on this spot for a while. i still have a ton of crap all over the place. but you get the idea. hit me up if you are around. one of these days we might fix the 1/4 pipe too. by the way thanks again max.-----p.s. feel free to donate.

-----this is what you saw.

-----the board wall

-----over view

Sunday, August 28, 2011


-----i don"t remember how i came across this blog.....but i am glad i did. these are my kind of blokes. some older skaters overseas doin the same thing we do over here. finding some stuff to skate and having a good time. the name of the blog is scum tash. i suggest you click this. i think i am going to go skate now.

-----who wants to ride this ramp with me?

Friday, August 26, 2011


-----man, when was the last time you saw tony walker? i miss skateboarding with this dude. he has the perfect blend of old and new styles.. who knows when the next time we will cross path's? maybe at someones retiremnent party. next time you are passing by the H.Q........oh yeah, don't be afraid to drop in. it was good to see you. enjoy that forty.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011


-----so adam crew and the homies over at toebock wanted to hook up with the oulk dudes and the rats mobb to do a little end of summer jam. the toebock dudes were comin in hot off their freedom rock tour. well low and behold the van broke down and could not make it. so what happens when you got a skatepark full of skaters and some beers. well, i guess its time to make a scumday skate jam.

-----josh powner.......holy shit. when was the last time you actually saw this guy on a skateboard.

-----let's get geared up.

------where are you??????

------am i in the right place??????

-----the loach

-----oru varial heel flip backsider. if there was a best trick this should have won. not because he is old or nothing.

-----nacho, ollie

-----tony c is flying by

-----j rad wizzing by my dome while i am taking some pics.

----time to bail, no more beers

-----just some tricks that went down when i had my video camera out.

Monday, August 22, 2011


-----hooked up with my buddy stu over at the slab spot the other day. cool tricks and cold beers were goin down. that 1/4 pipe is fun and steep. i snapped a couple pics while i was there too.

-----1/4(0) pipe

-----some mood music

-----no comply to disaster

-----backsider to tail

-----stu was telling me he was going to listen to this later

------right before we left ian backside ollied the thing

Saturday, August 20, 2011


------i have never claimed to be a photographer, or a filmer, or a musician. i just like to dabble in things i have a interest in. so i bought my wife the same camera my buddy jakkerz has. the only difference is jakk'z will let me learn how to shoot pictures with his. so here are a few i got with his cannon rebel. i tried to get all artsy on a couple. the best part was just being around skateboards. cuz when you can't skate(lung surgery) at least you can still have fun doing other aspects of skateboarding. that and drinking a 40 at dan's ramp on a friday evening.

-----the loach ollie

-----sqiunts switch smith

-----U.G. back tailslide

-----one eye willie rock and roll

-----jakkerz back tail

-----tony c ollie up to disaster

-----robbie 40 ounce friday to tom broke off

-----over and out

Friday, August 19, 2011


-----i have been drinking 40's with this guy for a while. this is my brother vic chalker. for those that don't know he was in that one band, the one with the letters. now he has a double p.h.d. in bio-chem. sometimes you can find him in a garage jamming on his bass. that, or racing for pinks. just be glad that he is in his clothes for this pic.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


-----i first saw these guys on adult swim. when i heard them i just thought they were making some tunes for the channel. little did i know they were a full-on band. i know i am old and outta the loop. so cut me some slack. it has been a while since i have heard a band that made me get outta my chair. i am backing these guys. they got legendary skaters in their videos. also to boot they skate, what more do you need. they fucking rock. don't believe me listen to their song, "don't tell me what to do!"

-----the pink motel, hells yeah

-----40's, punk rock, and skateboards.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


-----i had an idea of making a little edit with a couple of songs. little did i know i had enough for a 15 min vid. it has a couple of cameo's, old guys, young guns, a dad and a son. basically the people i hang out with. none of this was planned. just go somewhere and goof off........we had a 40 ounce friday video premiere and everyone seemed to enjoy it. i hope you too.

-----this is about enough for a tall.

Friday, August 12, 2011


-----this is my buddy robbie. there is nothing worse than, getting tom broke-ff. this said, having no relation to do with tom brokaw. well at least to robbie's advantage, it is 40 ounce friday.... so to all you skateboarders out there, go skate. cuz some of us just gotta wait till we heal up.



-----hopefully by sunday i will have this up. that is if i don't have a bunch of family stuff.....if so what is a couple of days right? anyways it's about 15 mins of a good time. be on the look out

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


-----since my lung surgery, i can't skate. so,the last couple of days i have been hopping on my bike, and trying to get out and take some pictures with my crummy camera. that or try to film some shit. i forgot i had a couple of photos sitting on my camera. so here you go.......with that in mind hopefully in the next couple of weeks my little video will be done and ready to view and be heckled.

-----loach ollies's the cart

-----gone fishing

-----drew has commitment issues, so this is not a make

-----U.G. five o's the the cart

-----slobby mute

-----tony and squints riding the bull

-----mike eves, john travolta, and the bee gees

-----dan, blunt finger flip before "the incident"

-----tripping out man

-----phil.... crook'n in yet another one of my unpatented ghetto sequences

----back lip