Tuesday, January 24, 2012


-----the next part up is.... the one, the only. adam bulger aka the bulge. one of the younger guys on the squad. he was he the master of the duck fart and the only guy to beat me and big poppa, back to back at arm wrestling in taco bell. (did i mention he was still in high school.) i miss kickin it with this guy.i am sure the others do too. nowadays you can find him behind the lens shooting photos of famous people down south. hopefully one day he will bless us with more than a 24 hour visit.

-----adam bulger

-----99 percent of skate vids has a homie part. without your buddies skateboarding would not be as fun. right? you should be able to recognize a bunch of these guys from previous chronnie posts. big poppa is up in here gettin all tech. killa hoe, the pizza chief and zappy just to name a few. also some of the seattle heads pop up in here as well.

-----the homies part one

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lil isaac said...

Fuck internet and computers. Shit is hurting skateboarding. I still watch this on VHS.