Friday, July 29, 2011


-----what would forty ounce friday be without good friends, skateboarding and of course a 40. speaking of friends, my buddy teto stopped by. you know this guy.he had a amazing part in the sloppy seconds video. i am sure you remember now. anyways, like i said nothing like drinking a 40 and skateboarding with your friends. hurry back to rosa teto.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011


-----i couldn't just leave the drukken fight post. i was actually lookin for something on the band free beer. it had legendary skateboarder tommy guerrero in it. with that said watch below. if you need a bit more info on the band, click here.

-----free beer + pigs in space = skaterock

-----1993 tommy footy. look how small those wheels were.


-----i dont even know where to begin on this video. i was lookin for something on you tube when i saw this. what starts out as a simple gag on innocent drunks turns crazy within a minute. to quote smokey "you got knocked the fukk out!"

-----???????? just confused. i wanna know how tht guy felt the next day.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


-----this is my boy eddie munz. he is a ripper on the ol' boardski for sure. i found this footy on my phone......i love the fact that i can film random shit with it. where was this technology 20 years ago? i could have a shit load of footy of launch ramps and curbs. so anyways, we had a little gathering. there werea couple of kickers and a kids motorcycle. add some beers and dirt to the mix. watch skaters, do what they do best.

-----beers+toy harley=good times

Monday, July 25, 2011


-----it seems like more and more people are getting tattoo's just for the sake of having one. the best is when i hear " oh i can get it lasered off later." really? why would you get it done in the first place. people never cease to amaze me...... now after that ditty. when some one tells ma a story on their tattoo, i get kinda stoked. it's like getting a scar from skateboarding. you have a tale to tell by the mark on your body. now my buddy matt has a rather different last name.....kehoe. he wanted it on his body and came up with a concept of a hoe holding a key. "fucking genius" i thought. so i thought i would share a cool little tattoo tale, maybe to get someone else stoked.

-----key hoe

-----watch for the switch miller flip. when was the last time you saw one of those?

Friday, July 22, 2011


-----who here has not seen the search for animal chin? if you haven't then i suggest you google it. my buddy marlon moved to hawaii a couple years back. i always told him get me some 40 ounce pics from wallows. this place is pretty fucking legendary. well a little over 20 years later. i get to enjoy a piece of it thru my buddy, marlon. thanks. i hope everyone enjoys this 40 ounce friday. i know i am.

-----history lesson

-----new styles

----old ways

-----even the young bloods get stoked, on finding a piece of skateboard history. watch for the tribal marking at the end of the clip.

-----this is what i remember it as. looks a little less haggard.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


-----before you-tube, you had to go to your local skateshop to rent a skateboard video or if you were lucky enough. one of your buddies had a copy. i remember goin to the skate shop in ukiah and renting this. me and my brother studied all the moves. trying to figure out how to do them on a launch ramp or on the streets. the 80's were a crazy time in skateboarding. i wish every skater could get that feeling that me and all my friends had and still do to this day. this was our shit. no mall skateshop, no espn street league, no corprate sponsors. we were outcasts and we loved watch this and study hard there is a test to follow. here is a little hint. the answer to number 5 is christian hosoi.

-----the results

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


-----i will never forget the first time i saw rancid. it was at gilman street many, many years ago. still to this day, i find myself getting amped listening to them while i skate. so what could be better, a skate shop with rancid playing. hell yeah!

-----rancid playing in your local boardshop. it could happen.

-----a little jason adams with some rancid. watch and go skate.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


-----i forgot i had these pics on my camera. about a month ago was the health and harmony fest here in santa rosa. it is the yearly ritual, where some guy makes a shit load of money off those who are trying to be eco-friendly. i won't lie. i love going every year to go skate and drink some beers. watching all the weirdo's and my friends getting smashed. what could be better than that. so this year's seemed to be a little less crazy. i don't know why. may be because the headlining act was primus. that or everyone smoked way to much weed. also if you missed last years harmony, click here and get some more casual vibes.

-----wall of doom.

-----biscuit launcher

-----the boys from whiskey drunk cycles were there

-----not a whiskey drunk cycle

-----bubba and tone loc'

-----soul wax and sean

-----i hav'nt seen chris in a long ass time

-----hendo showed up to take some pictures

-----stu the intern was there.

-----saif from pleasant skateboards was there too.

-----mini ramp

-----the crowd wondering, where the O.G. dread locked skater was?

-----dj booth by the folks at bear witness

-----eves, workin his set.

-----time to head into the belly of the beast. click on the photos to enlarge them.

----officially licensed merch?

-----cyber stiching

-----hendo vegitative state

-----save the earth by purchasing over priced beers

-----nothing says eco logical like a semi on the lawn keepin the beer cold

-----frickles, anyone?

-----time to trip out with primus.

------beers in the sun makes me forget how to film. not that i am a good filmer and or editor......enjoy

Saturday, July 16, 2011


-----its funny, cuz now with big corporate sponsors. coming outta the wood work to get a piece of the skateboard pie. you can usually spot the lame shit a mile away. it's even better with this whole energy drink sponsor-shit goin on. you know who they are. i mean a broke ass skater aint gonna throw that money out the window. right? i would have a little more respect if skaters could get a beer sponsor. for the record they aint drinking energy drinks at the spot. even shit like gatorade and vitimin water. i welcome in,... which is shit we drink all the time. but sugar coated energy drinks? well my point is the dew(sh) tour people have been getting harshed on. and i get it. skateboarding is our shit. we don't want no one else doing it. for the record, these guys probably have been dew(ing) it before you. why am i writing about this. shit i don't know. i just ran across this commercial from 80's. it has skateboarding in it. i am a skateborder. shit, fuck.......fuck shit.

Friday, July 15, 2011


-----zana works at a hospital around the corner from my house. a tough broad to say the least. married to mexi matt and with a couple of beautiful daughters as well. i just wanted to salute her and all the folks that put in work,.... in our hospitals. they are the ones that take care of us in our times of need. in light of recent events, lets raise a 40 to these folks. cuz if they didn't care, you might be hearing the call, from the angel of death.


Thursday, July 14, 2011


-----this without a doubt has been one of the most hairball things i have ever had to endure. basically i had to get a tumor removed from my lung. it was either gonna be, lose a lobe or the whole lung.(for the record i don't smoke), so lucky for me, i only lost the lobe and a little piece of my lung. 7 days later i live to tell. so to all you guys that read this shit thank you. i got the next 6-8 weeks off from work. so plenty of time to work on the chronnies. see you out there!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


-----if you have been keepin up for the past few years, i have been doin this. i somehow always end up with pneumonia. i never knew how i got it. well, do to recent events.(coughing up blood). after they stuck a camera down my throat, it has been determined that i have a tumor in my left lung. since, i don't smoke the mystery of it's presence is baffling. the doctor said i pulled a bad card. to add insult to injury, if shit goes bad i might lose my lung. hmmmm....... fucking gnarly. i gotta go in for surgery, so i will be back soon. hopefully still intact. so do me a favor and shred some cool shit for me. maybe even guzzle a couple of 40's. see you guys in a little while.

-----makes me feel a bit better.

Monday, July 4, 2011


-----since it is the 4th of july weekend, why not get it started witha little bbq. ramp action. jakkerz got a flash for his camera and he wanted to learn how to take some pics with it and his new camera. what could be better than snappin pics of your buddies and some beer. just like to good ol' days.....i know i did a post similar to this last week. but i am just a old crustie trying to still skate and pretend i am 16. plus i gotta get surgery in a few days and want to skate a mini before i am out for a while. i wanted to have a good time just like last years.

-----U.G. backside tailslide



-----nosegind 2

-----dan up on the block

------the end of a boardslide to fakie

----one eyed willie, tells it like it is

-----eves, cruz contol


-----not a 40 year old virgin

-----johnny, bout' to land on the junk bank

-----j rad and joe

-----chalker, backside boneless

-----(v)rampire angle


-----keep on truckin

-----rob, hot doggin'

-----nacho, ollie up to 50-50 on the big e.

-----the loach, frontside ollie to finger flip. so rad.

------nose grab to d

-----stale fishing

-----nose blunt slide

-----air walk to fakie on the junk bank