Sunday, February 22, 2015


-----so phil just put up a little edit of the session at the shiloh ditch from the last post. gives a better visual to my pics.

-----hit the play button.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


-----so the other day my buddy ian harper hit me up for some midget wrestling. it just happened to be on valentines day. but wait? my wife would be outta town with the kids. that means green light for me! so with stu, pierre and their perspective lady friends we proceeded to skate and head out for some good ol' wrastlin'. these dudes came out and put on a fucking awesome show. i suggest you go watch if you get the chance. those guys put in work to give you some awesome entertainment.

-----you know its gunna be a good day when it starts out like this.

-----stu, fucking with the lip.

-----marlon getting crusty.

-----dream yard.

-----pierre with a picturesque inversion.

-----here is a rundown of the night, in pics.

-----to the victor goes the spoils.

-----i only got a few clips. my battery was low and pics dont take to much outta your phone.

Sunday, February 8, 2015


-----last week i got a call from moe that he and phil were headed to vallejo to skate and get a couple of clips with the other phil. i wasnt doin squat. so, i hopped in the car and got a couple of pics and burned a couple of calories. enjoy the visual.

-----the vallejo park.

-----skatepark scrawlings.

-----phil. kickflip to fakie.

-----moe. boneless.

-----phil. over the rail.

-----skater hater.

-----phillie. cart bonk.

-----i did a street ollie.

-----moe. wallie.

-----gotta give to receive.

-----keep it on the down low.

-----scum set.

-----just a dude with a parrot on a bike.

-----got it.

-----tech powered ride home.

-----video styles by the other phil, with some clips from the v-town and other spots.